In Today’s Public School Environment Can You Even Be A Christian?

I don’t think there is a question that our public servants often get the least amount of public appreciation. Today we are going to talk about public school teachers. Teachers often get paid okay but their work environments can be tough. Being an educator means dealing with Administrators, School Board members, Parents and the least of their trouble – the kids.  In today’s public school environment can you even be a Christian?  It seems like there is a large outcry about people sharing their Christian faith in schools.  Martha and I are here today to let you know that there are lots of Christian educators and we are going to hear from one today. Craig Olsen and I grew up in the same youth group 35 years ago. We lost touch after Martha and I got married and moved away. A couple of years ago we connected on Facebook and recently we actually had a conversation on Zoom. Craig has a great story to tell about how God is using him in his position in the public-school system in MN.