Stewarding Your Investments To Make A Positive Impact On Our Communities & The World Around Us

They say that money makes the world go around but I am not sure who they are. Money is a think that can be used for evil and can be used for good. But money often leads to heart issues. There is likely not one person listening today who hasn’t struggled with the incredible pull and influence money has on your life.  Money may make your world go around. You can let money manage your life or you can manage your own life using money but either way, without money, life is hard to live. So what do we do with this powerful influence that money has on our lives. Can we use that power for good?  Biblically responsible investing is one way you can use your money to make sure it is being used for good. Luke Andrews is here today to make sure that we all know how to make sure our money is powering positive impacts on our community.