NCF Tampa Bay – Plan To Give Conference

As working Christ Followers, we are constantly looking for ways to be great stewards of our money. Sometimes we need help in stewarding well. Many of us have utilized the skills of Christ following financial advisors in planning out our saving plan and spending plan for retirement.  But who do they go to when they need help stewarding a clients portfolio well. Many Christian financial advisors in the United States rely on the National Christian Foundation and their skilled advisors who help Christ Followers be great stewards of their money while maximizing giving and minimizing taxation.  NCF Tampa Bay feeds into their financial advisor clients on a yearly basis through the plan to give conference. IF you are an advisor out there, I highly recommend that you attend on 11/4 at armature works in Tampa. Today we have David Parsley and Jazmen Draper with NCF Tampa Bay and Kristine Hartland, a longtime friend and cutting edge Christ Following advisor to advisors in the Tampa Bay area.