Equipping Executives For Living Out Their Faith In Their Work

Today we head off to Wisconsin.  Now you know I have an aversion to anything Cheesehead because I grew up in Minnesota but When God starts doing something great in the kingdom that has to do with work, even if it is in Wisconsin, we need to cover it!  Now, all kidding aside. Paul Neuberger saw a need. A need for executives on Linkedin to be encouraged and equipped for living out their faith in their work. These are not just the people at the top of the organization but people with executive position throughout an organization. Paul saw a need and said, I am willing Lord. Two years and 30,000 followers later, Paul Neuberger and www.CSuiteforChrist.com are on a mission to bring hope, friendship, encouragement and equipping to executives across the country and around the world. For the rest of the story, we will let Paul Tell it.