Discipleship For Christian Small Business Owners

When you are out in the Marketplace, you may notice something, a change. When I first entered the marketplace, Christians didn’t make themselves known. With one exception. In MPLS where I grew up, there was a trend for people to use Christianity as an inroad to close business deals. However, most of the people who did that were people you wouldn’t want to do business with. 34 years later, that is changing on a large scale.  People don’t claim to be Christians unless they really are. And the real Christians in the marketplace rarely use Jesus to sell something, it is Jesus in them that attracts people to buy from the Christian business person.  That is a remarkable change. How did it happen, it started with guys like Howard Oakes from Garden Grove, California. He saw a need for discipleship for Christian Small business owners. Instead of asking his church pastor to do it, he started Christian Network Groups. Lets hear the story from Howard Himself.