Discipleship For Christian Small Business Owners

When you are out in the Marketplace, you may notice something, a change. When I first entered the marketplace, Christians didn’t make themselves known. With one exception. In MPLS where I grew up, there was a trend for people to use Christianity as an inroad to close business deals. However, most of the people who did that were people you wouldn’t want to do business with. 34 years later, that is changing on a large scale.  People don’t claim to be Christians unless they really are. And the real Christians in the marketplace rarely use Jesus to sell something, it is Jesus in them that attracts people to buy from the Christian business person.  That is a remarkable change. How did it happen, it started with guys like Howard Oakes from Garden Grove, California. He saw a need for discipleship for Christian Small business owners. Instead of asking his church pastor to do it, he started Christian Network Groups. Lets hear the story from Howard Himself.

How To Live Right “On Mission”

What do you do when you are fed up with the higher education opportunities that are available for a field you are passionate about? You start your own higher learning platform. Sarah Sumner did just that.

After having served for 17 years as a seminary dean (A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary), chair of ministry (Azusa Pacific University) and church staff (Willow Creek Community Church; New Song Church), and having walked with the Lord since age 3, Sarah established a brand new business model, assembled a top-tier team, and developed a Culture Chart to encode the DNA of Right On Mission.  Right on Mission is a new business model for Christian higher education that teaches ministry-minded believers, including those in the marketplace, how to live Right “On Mission.”

Resilient: Women, Work, & Calling 2020

What does it look like to thrive in a season of uncertainty? How do you follow the path God has for you as a friend, colleague, leader, or mother when you’re pulled in more directions than you can count? When circumstances leave us tired and discouraged, what would it be like to feel…resilient? Well, The Denver Institute for Faith and Work is holding an online conference for you, the Christian Working Woman, and its called “Resilient: Women, Work, & Calling 2020.” At this conference, you will hear from women who are leading with significance in a variety of roles, from the corporate world to politics, culture, and the home. At the end of the day, you will be able to sharpen your vision for the ways God is using you in your own areas of influence. And learn what it takes to develop resilience as a beloved daughter of Christ.  Here to tell us all about the upcoming conference is Joanna Meyer, Director of Public Engagement from the Denver Institute for Faith and Work, online at Denver Institute dot com.

Getting Connected To This Year’s Workmatters Conference

Workmatters dot org is an organization that was created with you in mind. The everyday believer in their workplace. Workmatters holds an annual conference focused on bringing excellent speakers to the platform that can convey practical tactical factual and biblical truths for living out your faith in your work. This year’s lineup is fantastic. For the last several years you have heard us interview many people from the conference. IT is a happening place to be.  Catherine Gates has been with Work Matters for many years and is an often guest on iWork4Him. Catherine is here to give us all the information we need for getting connected to this year’s Workmatters Conference.

Eat Well, Be Well, Feel Well And Serve Well

It’s simple, eat well, be well, feel well and serve well. Just like that you can change your life…okay, maybe in your own power its not that simple but with Gods power and the wisdom found in all the places God has passed down in the bible and in nature, you can live well and feel well so you can daily serve well in your work.  Not that I know anything about this because I love mountain dew and I am pretty sure our guest would say that isn’t a “Be Well” drink.  Ginger Hill joins us today from www.GoodHealthforGoodWorks.org to share what God is teaching her and she is teaching others about nutrition and living so that they can serve well in their work.

Using Fishing For The Kingdom – Huh What An Idea

Jesus said we were to become fishers of men.  Did he mean that literally? I don’t know but I think so but fishing.  Some people take their passion and their calling and they mesh up perfecting and “Bam” everything falls into place. For the rest of us, it is a  rocky road for 15 or 20 years until we find our God given sweet spot.  Our guest today grew up in the swampy areas of Florida.  He grew up loving fresh water and salt water, both for recreation and for fishing.  He was wildly successful in the insurance world and now is wildly successful in the fishing world. Fishing for men, you bet, the unchurched kind. www.SaltStrong.com  is his Biznistry and Joe Simonds is his name.


Ever tried “Mental Toughness, Extra Effort”? That would be when we rely on ourselves to muscle through the valleys in life vs. relying on and following God. Find out what happens when our Texas business owner learns a BIG lesson.

Do You Use Your Cubicle For Christ?

IT happened to me and it happened to our guest. 20 years out there in the workforce and no serious direction or instruction from my church on how to connect my faith and my work. So, for those of you listening, you are not alone. You are part of an army of millions awakening to the idea that God loves your work and wants to unlock His purpose for you in your work. For Kelley Johnson, it was to share her heart and new understanding of living out her faith in her professional life that led to www.CubiclesandChrist.com and the www.SheisCalled.org conference.

Make Your Money Walk And Talk The Way Jesus Intended

We spend our days working hard and earning money. We spend our time at work hoping for opportunities to love people the way that Jesus loved others. We pray for opportunities for our communities to be healed and our land to be at peace but what are we doing about it? Are we actively trying to bring the kingdom of God down here on earth, one human being at a time?  Are we utilizing every gift, talent, asset and ability for God’s glory and for the betterment of all those around us?  I would guess that you try really hard. Today we are going to give you one HUGE way you can help bring healing to you community and to this land. We are going to help you make your money walk and talk the way Jesus intended. We are going to talk about investing our money where it is multiplied for good. Luke Andrews with Inspire Investing is here to tell us how.


Do YOU need some generational reconciliation? Find out by listening to Brian & Gabrielle Bosche, Millennial consultants, and hear how they are solving the workplace problems of multiple generations working together.