Helping Employees Be Part Of Shaping Government

The other day I got an email from iWork4Him Friend Mike Sharrow, CEO of He writes…On the topic of voting, one of the powerful areas is to encourage co-workers or teams to vote.  MANY are not even registered or ever equipped to vote.  We helped our friends at create a new platform called which has tons of resources for employers, and then an employee web tool that helps folks register, find out when/where, etc.  would be a perfect resource to reference on the program.  We had a C12 Member, find out MOST of her employees had NEVER voted.  So she made it a ministry focus this summer to educate her team, equip them with resources, make a “let’s vote day,” and has a goal of helping her 200+ employees be part of shaping government for the first time rather than just complaining about it or experiencing the effects of it.

I found this story so compelling because it connects faith work and country all into one, so we invited Rachelle Reigard, President of Grade A Construction on the show to tell her story and Chris Sadler from the board of Directors for My Faith Votes dot org to fill in the blanks about how you can get this going at your workplace.