The 7 Mountains Of Cultural Influence

At iWork4Him we love to vary the focus of our shows into all 7 spheres of culture – some would call them the 7 mountains of cultural influence. The 7 mountain designator comes from a God appointed meeting between Lauren Cunningham of YWAM and Bill Bright from Cru about 46 years ago.  God revealed to them that our culture is broken up into these 7 categories: Church, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Business & the economy, Education, Media and Government. Rarely do we take time to highlight the story of someone working in the Government sphere. Today we have the privilege of talking with Debbie Wuthnow from She has a story to tell and an organization you need to connect with in order to vote your biblical values in the next election.


Hear about a “for-profit” ministry disguised as a junkyard! Learn more about this father’s junkyard wisdom with Christ at the center of it. And the invaluable lessons he handed down to his son.

Featured Guest: Roy Goble
Ministry/Workplace: Junkyard Wisdom

Helping Employees Be Part Of Shaping Government

The other day I got an email from iWork4Him Friend Mike Sharrow, CEO of He writes…On the topic of voting, one of the powerful areas is to encourage co-workers or teams to vote.  MANY are not even registered or ever equipped to vote.  We helped our friends at create a new platform called which has tons of resources for employers, and then an employee web tool that helps folks register, find out when/where, etc.  would be a perfect resource to reference on the program.  We had a C12 Member, find out MOST of her employees had NEVER voted.  So she made it a ministry focus this summer to educate her team, equip them with resources, make a “let’s vote day,” and has a goal of helping her 200+ employees be part of shaping government for the first time rather than just complaining about it or experiencing the effects of it.

I found this story so compelling because it connects faith work and country all into one, so we invited Rachelle Reigard, President of Grade A Construction on the show to tell her story and Chris Sadler from the board of Directors for My Faith Votes dot org to fill in the blanks about how you can get this going at your workplace. 

7 Pillars For A Zooming Ahead Mindset

When you have been doing something for almost 30 years straight, it’s easy to get lazy and unmotivated. It’s also easy to get sloppy and unintentional.  Doing the same things over and over again, even if you are very successful can sometimes lead to boredom and disconnectedness. But not for one Tampa Bay Kingdom franchising company. Todd Hopkins is more motivated than ever to build up his teams and encourage and equip them for the decades ahead with a fresh vision with 7 pillars for a zooming ahead mindset. AS always, Todd is a deeply committed Christ Follower, so these pillars are based on Todd’s walk with the Lord and the scripture he feasts on each day.

Jim & Martha With Major Digital Update For iWork4Him

They say that if you are growing, your contracting. If you aren’t advancing, your retreating, if you are cutting edge, you are about to go over the edge. You all know that iWork4Him was originally launched as a radio ministry, over the last 7 ½ years we have morphed into a media organization focused on unlocking Gods purpose for you in your work. Our media organization is about to enter some new media formats and we wanted to let you know about all the new resources we have for you, so stay tuned for a quick iWork4Him update.

Health Care Issues In The Coming Election

We think elections don’t have significance but here’s one for you. The workplace of the 4 walls church is under attack in Washington state. In Washington state the legislature there decided that every workplace which provides health insurance has to pay for abortion surgery – the killing of a young life. A church in Seattle is fighting this now in the 9th district court of appeals. Abortion should be ended in this country not forced to be paid for by the very people fighting for the lives of children.  Tony Dale with Sedera Health is with us today to talk about health care issues that he sees coming up in the November 3rd election and its impact on you and your workplace. More reason to get out the Christian vote this fall. We need to stop the 50 year genocide of our children. No wonder our country is tearing apart at the seams.

Remaking The Pocket Testament League During Covid.

When Covid hit and your ministry or business was solely built on face to face communication, then you were either in trouble and in danger of disappearing or you had to pivot. The Pocket Testament league had to pivot. The 127 year old organization had to change the way they were doing things and had been doing things since its inception. How do you do this? By the power of God using the blueprints of solution He has available for your problem. I wanted you to hear it here first on iWork4Him as David Collum and Mollie Yoder share the amazing story of the remaking of the Pocket Testament League.

Thanking God For The Work He Has Given You

Labor Day comes but one time a year, this year our pastor is celebrating Labor Day by interviewing us to let us talk about the mission of iWork4Him. Labor was given to us by God and we should celebrate it every day. When every church in our country celebrates Labor Day and thanks God for the work he has given us, we will be a nation reformed and on fire for him. Enjoy the podcast.

Taking On The Goliath’s Of The World

Jesus called us to be shrewd stewards. What does that mean?  He also told us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. How do you do all this and still maintain a high level of marketplace penetration?  Take for instance the health insurance world. Their powerful lobby influences the minds and hearts of many in local state and national office. How do you fight their billions and trillions when you only have you, God, and a budget for tens of thousands?  Seems like a losing battle but with God on our side, nothing is impossible. Today on iWork4Him we are going to talk about the role of public affairs and strategy and how you can be a Christian fighting a battle among a whole field full of Goliath’s and you are David with one stone. The story of Sedera Health – Tony Dale joins us today and he has brought a powerful guest with him.

Biblical Leadership For Excellence

Sometimes it’s the basics that catch us off guard. Listen in today as we spend time with Joe Carroll from Biblical Leadership for Excellence. Joe and his members in San Antonio Texas take some time to hear from our hearts on the Practical Tactical Factual and Biblical ways of living out our faith in our work…and you will hear some stories too.  Enjoy our time of conversation with an old friend.

Being Active In Our Political System

Did you know that many out there listening are called to be active in our political system. Politics is not just evil – it is neutral – it depends on who is the politician in order to tell whether it is leaning evil or towards good. But I digress. Today we head into the deep south eastern United States of America to talk with AJ Swinson. She felt the call on her life to be active in the political arena and in bringing truth to her African American brothers and sisters. Stay tuned to hear about how AJ is living out her faith in her work in the political arena.

The Faith & Work Movement… Where It’s Going & How It Impacts You

The faith and work movement really started 500 years ago with The protestant reformation. About 100 years ago a guy named R G Letourneau dedicated 90% of his profits to the Lord. Stanley Tam in the 60’s gave his company to God. What’s the history of the faith and work movement and where is it at today? Join me in a conversation with Rick Boxx as we go through the history of the faith and work movement and where it’s going and how it impacts you in your work. 

Women in the Marketplace

IF you are a Christ Follower and a woman and working  – life is complicated. What are some of the unique struggles facing the Christian Working Woman? Well you know I don’t know personally but I have witnessed the struggles and heard from many women including Martha. We learned earlier this year about an amazing Christian Working Women focused ministry called Women in the Marketplace. Kathy Book is here to tell her Christian Working Woman story and the story of Women in the Marketplace.

Become An Authentic Success

Do you know yourself? Really do you know who you are? Do you know those who work around you? Deeply – how they think and why they act and respond a certain way? How would knowing yourself and knowing those you work with make it possible to bring a higher level of success in your organization? Are you a leader worth following? Jeff Dorman joins us today to break down for us what it means to become an Authentic success.

Leading With Excellence In A Covid 19 World

iWork4Him is a non-profit organization. Because of this we have a board of directors that we have invited to walk alongside us in the mission of iWork4Him. We invite people from all over the US in all types of work to share in helping iWork4Him to impact millions. You are one of those millions. Today we wanted to get personal with a couple of our Board members. Sue and Jeff Wilson. They are both leaders within their organization Driessen Water. Jeff leads a local Culligan franchise in Owatonna MN and Sue works in the Franchise HQ. Hear their story of leading with Excellence in a Covid 19 world.

Luke Andrews Talking Lottery Or Sensible Investing With A Biblical Perspective

Ever bought a lottery ticket?  You hope and pray and then the Powerball numbers fly by on the screen and you lose once again.  Where does that money go? How is it invested?  Is playing the lottery really the best way to build wealth?  Hopefully you just said no.  Investing in well run businesses is the best way to grow your money and get a good return. But how will they invest the dollars you give to them?  That’s what biblically responsible investing is all about.

At iWork4Him we believe that Biblically Responsible Investing is a huge win for the Kingdom of God and Luke Andrews is here to help us invest our dollars the best way, to honor God in the Process.

Be Salt Strong

Jesus Said in Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”  Joe Simonds and his Salt Strong podcast, unchurched edition, lives this out in a huge way. Joe understands that we as Christ followers in our work need to be salty – we need to be tasty – people need to be attracted to our being, because of Jesus living in us. We need to be Salt Strong because that brings out the best flavor in life and when we add flavor, we experience more of the life that God intended.  Joe Simonds joins us today to interview us on why is it important for us to be able to say iWork4Him.