It’s Not Either/Or It’s AND

Is your workplace a safe place. A place where all are treated equal? A place where a human being regardless of their looks, gets treated as an image bearer of God? IS your workplace known for justice or injustice? Do certain customers get better treatment than others?  Social justice can be highjacked by the media or filled with truth and bring peace to a nation which results in redemptive justice. Are you someone that fights for justice or looks the other way because it doesn’t impact you?  Christ Followers need to be leaders in bringing healing in this nation. We’re talking with Kathy Branzell with and President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force along with special guest, Justin Giboney, committed to bringing justice and healing to our culture.

How Critical Are Your Friendships?

Many of you have friends you have grown up with and have continued to hang out with well into adulthood. How critical is that friendship?  Is it important to your faith, your work, your marriage, your family?

Growing up together, through teenage years, college, first jobs, marriage, kids, more kids, buying a house, it’s super important to have friends by your side. We’re talking with two ladies who have grown up together and are holding each other accountable as they grow in their faith and work and raise big families, Cara Willems and Cassy Vos join us to share a little of their story and talk about their contribution to the new book we are releasing this fall, sheWorks4Him.

Where You Put Your Money Makes A Difference.

For too long and way too often, we, the church, have invested in companies that give to organizations that are completely against everything we stand for. These companies take their profits and fund non-profits who are actively trying to destroy Christianity. The voice of the everyday believer is in danger of being silenced forever and most of us are funding it through our investment dollars.

We’re speaking with Luke Andrews with Inspire Advisors and about biblically responsible investing which is storming the nation as Christ followers move their money to great investments that aren’t funding the opposition plan of destruction for Christianity.

Marketplace Mission Trip

How many of you have gone on a short term mission trip to some remote part of the country or a different country. How much time did you spend planning for the trip?  Did you raise money in order to go?  Did you prepare what you were going to do and say?  And how long were you there?

Short term missions trips are great for the right reasons, however, we spend a ton of time preparing for 1 week of our life, but for our daily trek to our workplace, the largest unreached people group in the world, we spend almost no time preparing for the ministry that could happen every day.

We introduce you to Marketplace Mission Trip dot org and their program of helping you prepare for your daily missions trip. We’re talking with Mike Henry, founder and Laurenda Reynolds, a trip participant to tell us what a marketplace mission trip is all about.

“Justice, Righteousness and Racial Reconciliation For All”

Super Man said “Truth Justice and the American way” Jesus demonstrated “Justice, Righteousness and Racial Reconciliation For All”. Who is right?  Jesus of course. Jesus lived for all to see, died for all to be saved, rose from the dead to release all to freedom in Him. The United States is the most free country in the world but we still have issues. We’re talking with Kathy Branzell, President of the National Day of Prayer task force and Gary Frost about Justice, Righteousness and Racial Reconciliation in the workplace, which is our premier mission field.