Thank You Jacksonville

IF there is one thing that is certain it’s that Change is inevitable. Over the past 15 years we have studied the movement to equip people like you and me to live out our faith in our work. The number of Ministries focused on this has gone from 100+ to 3000+. The country is alive with Jesus Followers who are now beginning to understand that their faith in Jesus has a lot more to do with Monday through Friday than just Sunday Morning.  When we went on the air 7 years ago, Christian Talk radio was a steady reliable medium and podcasts were an up and coming trend. Today there are almost a million different podcasts out there and hundreds specifically about the faith and work movement.

Our platform and our focus are changing and our medium digitizing.  For now, iWork4Him is on the move and we wanted to share with you the incredible things that God has us working on.  Everything comes to an end but often an end leads to a beginning and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Thank you Jacksonville for being an amazing audience, you have a special place in our heart and we love you and hope you will stay in touch.