Touching The Hearts Of Small Town America

Small Town America. It’s unique and challenging but definitely a place of ministry and a mission field. How about planting a vet clinic and a mobile coffee shop in the town to touch the hearts of the residents. We’re talking to Brian and Carol Thompson about their story.

Community Matters Café

The Homeless and drug addicted are all around us. Most of them are looking for hope and a solution. We’re talking with Ed Price from Charlotte Rescue Mission about Community Matters Café and how this business is transforming the lives of those who work there and eat there.

National Day Of Prayer Is May 7th

The national Day of Prayer is coming up on May the 7th. This year it will be the second official day of the year dedicated to praying for our country and for the leadership of our country as well. Kathy Branzell joins us from Love2020 to talk about this incredible upcoming day.

Connect Your Faith And Your Work

Marketing Like Jesus, Marketplace Christian and Theology of Business – what do these all have in common – Darren shearer.  We’re talking with Darren Shearer about the Theology of Business Institute and the many classes you can take to help you connect your faith and your work.

NE Christians At Work

In the northeast, they call themselves New Englanders, I call them a hardy bunch.  The weather is tough and the culture even tougher ,but there is a light rising in the east and it’s NE Christians at work. We’re talking with Drew Crandall on all God is doing in the NE.

Our Work Is Our Worship And Really Our Workship

There are dozens of Christian Business Round Table discussion groups around the country but only one that will teach you Avadah. We’re talking with Mike Sipe from 10X groups about how our work is our worship and really our workship.