How To Build A Winning Team

Get a glimpse of what God revealed to our special guest about how to surround one’s self with a crew that will help lift a mission to the highest of heights. Tons of Scripture-based advice in this podcast on not only building beyond yourself, but also how to be that Bible-based builder.

Recruiting For The Kingdom

Amplio Recruiting is a multi-city staffing agency connecting companies with the dependable refugee workforce. They work with the most fluent and well educated members of the refugee community to bring dependability and efficiency to industries including, but not limited to: light industrial work, hospitality, and construction. Hear about it NOW!

Another Halftime Success Story

Regular listeners know full well about the impact that the book, Halftime, has had on your humble hosts, and today we had a chance to hear how this incredible, life-changing work has moved a fellow Christ-follower’s life: Darren Moyer. It’s yet another powerful interview we grabbed at the God@Work TV Studios. Hear how he’s using this book’s principles to mentor the younger generation.

Faith: A Key To Success

Richard Fuqua is a franchise owner with Office Pride, and he joined the Brangenberg’s to share how he came to be a part of this burgeoning cleaning operation – why he did it, how he went about setting himself up for commercial success, and how his Faith played a major role in HIS entire operation.

Leadership Values For Women

Deep within the Workmatters Conferences in Rogers, Arkansas earlier this year with the privilege of capturing stories from myriad business leaders on how their work matters to Him, which was the focus of our chat today with Ellie Nieves, who shared how she’s helping high-achieving women to show up, speak up and step up in their careers – all with the help of Him.

Let’s Rethink Retirement

Is your current view of what retirement looks like a mindset that aligns with Biblical values? The answer may surprise you, and that’s why this show exists. Sit in with Jim and Martha as they talk how we should be viewing this stage of our lives – and how we can move the Kingdom forward with our late-stage movements and actions.

Law And Order And Him

Judge Jeff Conrad was able to carve out some time from his busy, Judicial schedule to chat with us – LIVE from Lancaster, Pennsylvania – about how he holds the Word close to his heart, and his judgments. Take a few minutes to hear from this Jesus-following Judge and get his thoughts on the Ultimate Judge.

The Sedera Solution

Tony Dale from the Karis Group and Sedera talks the God-led, God-focused and God-centered healthcare solution for a Nation that truly needs one. Rooted in The Word, Tony’s answer to this sprawling problem will give hope to those who think there’s no solution to this issue. Fret not, there is!

Nationwide Prayer-Gatherings

Are math and science useful tools for the Kingdom? You betcha! And that was our focus with Cyril Rayan, an electrical engineer and prayer evangelist, who sat in with us at the God@Work TV studios and detailed how he’s using his God-given gifts to not only Work4Him, but also make school campuses safer for students.

LIVE From Sight And Sound

A conversation about how arts and entertainment can be used to bring the Word of Jesus to the hearts and minds to the viewing masses was our focus today as we continued our broadcasts in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and today we had the CEO of this illustrious operation, Matt Neff, detail how they’re bringing the Bible to Life in hopes of transforming the lives of audience members.


Jim and Martha work on shifting your future financial focus as they brought on a very special guest – and newly named National Brand Ambassador for the iRetire4Him Movement – to talk about why it is of the utmost importance to think about how we invest in our future. Why? Because it can have some massive ramification for the Kingdom.

“The Wheel Of Balance”

Former Chairwoman and CEO of Neighborly Brands – trust us, you’ve heard of their products – Dina Dwyer-Owens was our guest today as the flurry of iWork4Him interviews at the God@Work TV Studios continued, and Dina talked about how we can deal with flat tires in this amazing thing we call L.I.F.E.

Creating Clear Messages

Explainify is a company that works with the world’s top companies to simplify and explain their story using video, and we got the lowdown on this innovative outfit from their Founder and CEO while at the Workmatters Conference in Rogers, Arkansas. Clear messages to the masses? You know we’re all about that! Get the clear-cut skinny in this podcast now.

Implementing iWork4Him

In today’s show, Jim and Martha flew guest-less for a program on how to utilize the tools offered by our Mission Statement in your day-to-day. Over the years and many, many episodes we’ve amassed, we’ve learned a thing or two from our interviews about being Him in the workplace. And we break down some of those bigger lessons in our handy dandy “Field Manual”.

What Are Christians Called To Do?

Orlando by-way of Denmark Pastor, Christian Hedegard, sat in with us today as we continued our interview barrage at the God@Work TV Studios, and Pastor Hedegard gave his impassioned story on how God’s purpose brought him to O-Town NOT for their famous mice, but to spread the Word of a man much more famous…

Love With No Holds Barred

And that mean even WITHIN the bars of prisons, which was out focus today with Kathy Branzell of Love2020 and Nick Meyer, a prison Chaplain who’s ministering to the least of these. His come-up is a story full of a man following God’s plan, and his current status is overwhelmed with LOVE.

Making Inspiring Films

That’s EXACTLY what Paul Griffin is doing, and we had an opportunity to introduce our audience to the life and works of this God-led man, who is the COO of “Inspiring Films”. This podcast highlights how Paul got involved in starting and building numerous businesses from design and construction to art and media, and led him to being involved in multiple capacities with the film industry since 1999.

Ministry In The Theatre

Ministering from the Big Stage is Johnathan Bauer, who was our guest today as we continued broadcasting from Pennsylvania – courtesy of our good friend, Don Hoover – and Johnathan work as the local community theatre in Lancaster where he operates within stage productions that offer myriad entertainment and, above all, a heartfelt feeling of Jesus’ Love.

The Investments We Make Matter

Luke Andrews – the Inspired Advisor himself – was back for some more hard-hitting financial advice; specifically, he broke down the importance of paying attention to how we invest. Your invested money can make a Kingdom impact – and also the converse. Learn how to make your money matter.