The Formula for Solving Problems

Our conversation with Susan Gibson resulted in the beautiful solution for solving problems, big and small. Her story, heard here from the God@Work TV Studios, is an example of what happens when we place our ills and issues into the hands of Him. Learn about it now from this Jesus-led scientist.

Faith And Work And Office Pride

Tom and Julie Brown talk about their marriage, their faith, their successful work as Office Pride Franchise owners – and how these three things work in tandem for a full-on portrayal of Faith-infused living. It is hard work? Certainly. But the rewards are numerous. Hear about it now.

The Power Of Personal Branding

Who better than the Vice President of Marketing Strategy & e-commerce for DaySpring, Stephen Bos, to chat with us about how your personal brand can impact your ability to act out your faith at work? As you’ll hear, his knowledge and insight are second to none. Get it NOW in yet another broadcast from the company’s headquarters in Arkansas.

The Ministry Of Coffee

A little pick-me-up as this year’s Workmatters Conference as we had our broadcast LIVE from their site in Rogers, Arkansas for interviews with business folks and insiders. This episode, we had the owners of Seven Brew Coffee, who brought their minds, hearts and delicious coffee to your humble hosts for a show on the shop’s beginnings and how Workmatters has helped bolster their work-journey.

Are You Missing Opportunities At Work?

Mollie Yoder with The Pocket Testament League, our esteemed sponsor throughout these special broadcasts in Virginia, came through with another amazing interviewee with Mr Mike Cook, the Founder of “Strategic Doers”, who gave the outline for helping our co-workers see the Truth of Christ.

A Study In Authentic HR

We interviewed business owners and leaders from across the spectrum at this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers, Arkansas; and this episode, we delved into the workings of the Human Resources Department at Walmart – hear how this guest is using the skills and tools offered by Workmatters to make a real, human impact in her workplace.

Media Matters

Forty-year plus radio and media personality, Joe Battaglia with Renaissance Communication, popped on with us at the God@Work TV Studios to share how he’s using his multiple platforms to re-frame the God conversation – and how he’s offering this platform for others to share the amazing Word and Works of Christ.

Editing DaySpring

Behind the curtain and under the stage at DaySpring today as we offer more from our time at the company’s headquarters in Arkansas, and this show features Senior Editorial Director, Matt Anderson, and Editorial Director, Erin Helmer, who talk about the nature and feel of their respective positions, the Gift of being creative, and “Holy Jealousy”…

The “Living Room”

More from Lancaster in this show as we had some more air-wave time to broadcast from this Pennsylvanian city and hear another Jesus-filled testimony with, today, Bryce Taylor, who’s God-journey went from pastoral to…agriculture machinery. Here this story from a man down under with a Love for Christ that is over the moon – and how he’s working to spread this Love.

From “Hair”, To There

Another great introduction in Lynchburg, Virginia – courtesy of Mollie Yoder with the Pocket Testament League – as we had the chance to chat with Salem Hicks, who’s work in Haiti will inspire you, and her current marketplace mission with women is pure, Kingdom BIZ-nistry.

Tony Dale Is Leaving A Legacy

The leader of Sedera Health and the Karis Group was back for his monthly visit to share with the iWork4Him Nation about how God is using him to touch the hearts of his employees and co-workers. Today, learn more about Tony’s “Wisdom Journey Bible Study” and how not only participants’ lives have been impacted by this program, but also the company culture.

Sweet Salvation

From our time at this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers, Arkansas to grab a bevy of interviews to highlight how Jesus is moving within the hearts, minds and workspaces of all sorts of workplaces. Today, we heard how this exceptional millennial found faith in a very sweet place.

The Offerings Of DaySpring

What is Amelia Nizynski’s favorite DaySpring item? That is a tough question for the Product Marketing Business Leader of this company – it’s like picking a favorite child! And she has over 700 “children” within the heavenly confines that offer the plethora of products that are perfect for every occasion. Hear her story and understand why it’s such a tough choice!

Bring Some LOVE to 2020

This year is the Year of the Bible, so says Kathy Branzell with Love2020, and she broke down how this New Year can be one filled with the Love, Touch and True Meaning of Jesus. Also, get an incredible glimpse into Israel with Kathy’s special guest who shared about his years spent there – and why you, too, should consider just such a journey.

Power Couple vs Power Couple

Another interview at the God@Work TV Studios, and today the Brangenbergs talked with Gilbert and Mary Ann Markarian; one’s a chart-topping singer, and the other’s an accountant-turned-business owner and ministry leader. Their stories are pretty cool – and how they found Christ is so much cooler.

Ryan Haley Offers A Better Way

Jim and Martha had a chance to chat with this God-driven podcast creator who dropped a delicious nugget: “our lives should demand a supernational explanation.” Yup! Dive into this podcast with us and learn what exactly this means – and how its meaning is life altering.

Money Matters

The Inspired Advisor himself, Luke Andrews, made massive money matters digestible, understandable and, well, kinda fun! Learn about retirement, required mimimum distributions and IRAs, PLUS get a healthy dose of insight on Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) with Luke as he helps you save time, money and, believe it or not, our World.

The Dawn Of A New Day(Spring)

More from our time at the National Headquarters of DaySpring as we delved deep into the workings of this Christ-centered gift sanctuary. Dawn Stanford, their Business Development Manager, joined us today to talk career changes, control freakiness, and why one should never say”never” – especially to the Almighty.

A Champion In Arkansas

Corporate Chaplains was our highlight today as we ran into our friend, Chris Champion, as this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers (AR). He sat down with Jim and Martha to give a wide-ranging update on how their mission is impacting owners and employees across the Nation.

Learn How To Turn Your Workplace Into A Mission Field

Follower-Of-One, Mike Henry, detailed how you can turn your workplace into a mission field THIS MONTH (Jan 20-31). Learn how you can join Mike, Jim, Martha and the iWork4Him Nation as we turn our workplaces into areas of Mission. Give your thinking a Jesus-sized shift in this podcast.