A Ministry For Working Women

Our road trip continued with a stop in Minneapolis to chat with the amazing TJ Tison about her ministry work with “Working Women of Faith”.  Press play on this podcast to learn the ins and out of TJ’s impacting ministry and how you can get a branch started in YOUR neck of the woods.

Lunch With Purpose

We kicked off our 5-week road trip with a stop in Atlanta to chat with Doug Hurley from “Life Lessons Over Lunch”.  Tune in to hear the amazing beginnings of this ministry, and find out how you can start an introductory Bible study in your office.  A little salvation with your steak…?

“Enter The Ring”

It was a special “Together-on-Tuesday’s” Edition on WEDNESDAY as Jim and Martha talked with DA and Elicia Horton about their latest book – “Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel Saturated Marriage”.  Learn how to saturate your marriage and relationships in this podcast!

“Avoiding The Greener Grass Syndrome”

Our “Together-on-Tuesday’s” offering this week featured acclaimed speaker, TV host and author, Nancy C. Anderson, and a conversation about her latest book – “Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome” – and learning  how she and her husband, Ron, overcame Nancy’s adultery.  Powerful podcast.

Cynthia Ruchti Work4Him

Jim and Martha invited in friend and author, Cynthia Ruchti, to not only talk about her latest book – ‘As My Parents Age’ – and have a conversation about our roles as kids of aging parents, but also to learn about Cynthia’s life, love and journey.  Tune in to learn all about this amazing Christ-follower!

Tony And The Wisdom Journey

Join us for a quick pit stop in Austin (TX) today as we have another conversation with Tony Dale of Sedera Health to learn how he’s furthering the Workplace Revolution. He details his “Wisdom Journey Bible Study”, which offers an opportunity for his employees and managers to have God-conversations for the greater Good of his company, his city, and our world.

Ministry In Jacksonville

We wrapped up another workweek by highlighting two great ministries who are making a HUGE Kingdom Impact in the Jacksonville – and beyond!  Check out today’s podcast to learn how  LikeWork Leadership and The Potters House International Ministry are saving souls.

LIVE From The Impact Summit

Today, we were broadcasting LIVE from our nation’s capital at the Impact Summit – This summit is a gathering of over 400 leaders in the faith and work movement to build kingdom focused collaboration. Check today’s podcast for more insight from Bobby Mitchell & Chad Merrill.

CoPassion And C12

We got an in-depth look at two ministries working hard for the Kingdom and discipling Christ-followers to be ready to live out their faith in their work as we brought in Ray Strickland with CoPassion and Bob Shallow with the C12 Group to detail the impact of their faith and work ministries.

Bobby Albert Works4Him

It’s okay to make a profit with your business…isn’t it…?  Well, that was the focus of our discussion today with Bobby Albert of Albert Companies and he and Jim talked about Bobby’s latest book – “Principled Profits”.  Tune in to this podcast to get a heaping helping of leadership lessons from an expert.

The Power Of BRI

Tune in for some wisdom from the Inspired Advisor himself, Luke Andrews, who taught us more about the merits of Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI). Do YOU know what’s in your portfolio? What you don’t know may surprise you… Take the guess work out and get the real deal info to make your finances thrive. Oh and learn how you can get some FREE Chick-fil-A!

The Squires Give It Another Shot

We continue spotlighting Office Pride Franchisee success stories, and this month it’s Lyle and Sara Squires – a married couple with a TON of experience managing their own business, and who decided to have another crack at it. Their time at Office Pride highlights so many great facets of why this company could be a brilliant move for your employment goals.