Thanksgiving in Arizona – Part II

Today’s show was all about giving thanks as the Brangenbergs – LIVE from Marana, Arizona – pulled in the whole family to talk about thankfulness as members from all four corners of the country came to celebrate and share their hearts on what they’re thanking the Lord for this year.

Thanksgiving In Arizona – Part I

It was a special broadcast as Jim and Martha were LIVE in Marana, Arizona prepping for Turkey Day. It was a family affair as the duo brought on Jim’s mom and dad and the rest of his siblings to talk about marriage – what works; what doesn’t; and how Jesus changes EVERYTHING.

From The Bottom To The Top

We had the pleasure of having Jamie Vrinios share her faith story of going from utter poverty to the highest levels in a national MLM organization.  Check out today’s podcast to hear what the Lord is laying on her heart now as she faces her halftime and seeks Him to find “What’s Next”.

Marriage Ministry Vs Marriage Ministry

It was an epic battle to the end (ok not really…) between two marriage ministering TITANS as Jim and Martha, marriage ministry experts, brought in Alan and Jule Colvin, themselves ALSO a pair involved in marriage ministry, and the four swapped stories, tips and anecdotes about marriage and the marriage ministry lifestyle.  They laughed.  They loved.  They brought the house down.  Tune in for a truly transparent show.

An Intro To The Barnabas Group

It was Day 3 of our expansion in Jacksonville (!!!) and today we brought in Becky Turner to detail her ministry that is focused on matching our God-given natural gifts, talents and abilities – the ones we use all day long – with a local, Christ-centered non-profit in YOUR area of the country.

Living Out Faith Through Roofing

With Jim and Martha back from their Marriage Cruise (yaa!), the duo invited another couple in studio, Arry and Becky Housh from Arry’s Roofing, to talk about how their living our their faith in their work – and demonstrating it for almost three decades!  They’re a roofing company giving glory to Christ.  Now THAT is a story worth hearing  Do so in THIS podcast!

Can You Escape…?

Our Tampa focus continued today as Jim and Martha were on location at “Bet You Can’t Escape” – an escape room put together by some Christ-following men and women who have full time jobs but waned to touch the heart of their community – so cool!  Check out today’s show and hear from Jason Gaston and company about how their escaping and soul-saving!

Let’s Ride!

We took our bikes out today (figuratively speaking, of course!) as we invited the leaders of two great bicycle-centered ministries in studio to detail how they’re using wheels to talk about Jesus.  Super cool!  Patrick Simmons with Bikes for Christ and Jon Dengler with Well Built Bikes are hopping on the saddle and riding for Him!  Grab your helmet and roll with us!!


Author Will Meier shared with our audience the thoughts in his book, “Leaders for Life”, which lays out the idea that Principles, Process and Power can result in Profitability. Our conversation with Will, LIVE from the God@Work TV Studios, focused largely on the “Power” portion of this formula and how it can pay dividends in every aspect of your life.

The Formula for Solving Problems

Our conversation with Susan Gibson resulted in the beautiful solution for solving problems, big and small. Her story, heard here from the God@Work TV Studios, is an example of what happens when we place our ills and issues into the hands of Him. Learn about it now from this Jesus-led scientist.

Media Matters

Forty-year plus radio and media personality, Joe Battaglia with Renaissance Communication, popped on with us at the God@Work TV Studios to share how he’s using his multiple platforms to re-frame the God conversation – and how he’s offering this platform for others to share the amazing Word and Works of Christ.

Cars And Christ

Do you need to give up your job once you’ve found Jesus so that you can spread the Good Word to the masses? Obviously not, as you within the iWork4Him Nation know, because we believe you need to be Him everywhere – especially your workplace. Terry Borcheller understands that principle, and this retired race care drive spills how he changed tracks from driving over and about them – to getting folks on the Right one.

Be. Quiet.

The Power of Silence is REAL, and Blake Fry knows it. He sat down with us today at the God@WorkTV Studios for this interview about the power of “simply” being quiet and how God can use this ceasing so that you can hear, more clearly, His words for you. Listen to this podcast first, then carve out some time to have a day of silence.

“The Wheel Of Balance”

Former Chairwoman and CEO of Neighborly Brands – trust us, you’ve heard of their products – Dina Dwyer-Owens was our guest today as the flurry of iWork4Him interviews at the God@Work TV Studios continued, and Dina talked about how we can deal with flat tires in this amazing thing we call L.I.F.E.

Another Halftime Success Story

Regular listeners know full well about the impact that the book, Halftime, has had on your humble hosts, and today we had a chance to hear how this incredible, life-changing work has moved a fellow Christ-follower’s life: Darren Moyer. It’s yet another powerful interview we grabbed at the God@Work TV Studios. Hear how he’s using this book’s principles to mentor the younger generation.

Nationwide Prayer-Gatherings

Are math and science useful tools for the Kingdom? You betcha! And that was our focus with Cyril Rayan, an electrical engineer and prayer evangelist, who sat in with us at the God@Work TV studios and detailed how he’s using his God-given gifts to not only Work4Him, but also make school campuses safer for students.

What Are Christians Called To Do?

Orlando by-way of Denmark Pastor, Christian Hedegard, sat in with us today as we continued our interview barrage at the God@Work TV Studios, and Pastor Hedegard gave his impassioned story on how God’s purpose brought him to O-Town NOT for their famous mice, but to spread the Word of a man much more famous…

A Story About the Uniqueness Of God’s Work

Where does God have YOU right now…? In your personal life, spiritual life – and your work life. That’s the conversation we had during this interview during our time at the God@Work TV Studios as we featured the incredible story of Chris Mikkelson, who’s life was flipped, turned upside down by Him. Grab this tale of an amazing,God-sized awaking NOW.


Dr Bruce Cook was our esteemed guest today as we feature interviews from the time we spent at the God@Work TV Studios, and the good Doctor chatted with us about how we, as Jesus followers, should act within our World – and how our God-driven passion should influence EVERYONE.

God’s Awesomeness In Austin

Tony Dale and his team at Sedera Health and The Karis group brought us amazing stories out of Texas today! Tony joined us to share the latest stories of his faith and work experience, and how his companies are impacting families across the Lone Star State – and beyond.