“Go Disciple”

Discipleship. It is something we all have been called to do, but where do we even get started? Chad Hood with “Go Disciple” has those answers. Find out how Chad got the call to help fill the ranks of believers who were ready to be called to go – and find out how you can be a disciple!

iWork4Him In 2020

We went transparent today and laid out the plans for iWork4Him for our January 2020 relaunch. Hear our hearts on the vision God has placed on our hearts and how we are planning on impacting a nation by turning the workplace of every Christian into a mission field.

Managing With Soul

How do you live out your faith and impact culture when you are not the sole culture influencer? Steve Ramseur from San Antonio (TX), a manager of over 4000 people, and who is essentially part of upper management but not the sole influencer, broke it down. Hear about it NOW from our new Brother in Christ.

Entrepreneurship, God & You

Have you ever noticed how many of us have the drive for innovation and independence? Imagine that this is being driven by God in you! The “Kingdom Powered Entrepreneur”, Matthew Bell, enlightened us on just that idea in this powerful podcast.

Saving Souls Through Sales

Renowned author and speaker, David Kahle, shared about having the heart of a Christian Salesperson.  We all know there should be a difference in our behavior because of Christ no matter our job; but in Sales, there is always that temptation to compromise. How can we avoid this mindset not only in sales, but also in all other areas? Tune in NOW to find out.

Giving Changes EVERYTHING

Back in Sarasota (FL) to highlight more from Helping Hands Ministries with Dan Baker and Bryan Green in a conversation about how creative giving can change lives within your organization. Tammy Daum also joins us to talk about how she mentors leaders to be the best they can be with God at the helm.

Gen Vs Gen

We sat down with Hans Finzel and Patrick Kelly to learn about the 5 areas of conflict that tend to show themselves between the millennial generation and the boomer generation.  Tune in and learn how we, as Believers, can be leaders in resolving these conflicts and impact organizational culture.

Cards For Humanity

From our friends at Love2020 came an intro to James Barnett with DaySpring. Learn how DaySpring is providing the visual and written tools we need to keep Christ at the center of our everyday conversations. How is James doing that in his work as well as the president…? Find out NOW!

A Mother’s Mission Field

We had the chance today to chat with Karen Stubbs from “Birds on a Wire Moms”, and focused on the hard work of moms and the difficulty of living out their faith in their daily grind – and how moms can encourage each other by seeing God’s work in their daily mom assignment

ACU & You

We stopped at Arizona Christian University to hear from their President, Len Munsil, and several students and graduates about how they are being prepared to live out their faith in their work – no matter what that work may be. Hear Kingdom Intentionality on the College University NOW.