Custom Blended Faith

More from CO with our friend, Dan Anderson of Kingdom Way Ministries, to hear stories of God’s movement in the Centennial State, and boy did we get a delicious offering today from “Custom Blending”, who are bringing taste and innovation to food – all with a healthy pinch of Redemption and Truth.

“Turning Sunday’s Inspiration Into Monday’s Perspiration”

What’s up in Colorado with the Faith At Work Movement? We got a taste today via Dan Anderson and Kingdom Way Ministries, who are “Making Work and Ministry One” and introducing us to a slew of workplace missionaries of all shapes and sizes; today, it’s home building with Baessler Homes and their story of manufacturing abodes and abiding by Faith.

An Intro to LifeCare

Our stop in Austin with Tony Dale at Sedera Health brought with it an introduction to area business owner, Andy Schoonover, and a look into is work, LifeCare, who are transforming lives through education and services that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy; all with the the compassion of Christ.

Summer Vacation With The Brangenbergs – Part III

The thrilling conclusion from our time hanging out in Kentucky at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. What’d Jim, Martha and the crew learn? What were they blown away by? How was their Faith increased? Find out NOW as they share their thoughts from their time in KY!

Summer Vacation With The Brangenbergs – Part I

Jim and Martha brought the whole fam to Kentucky for some gold old-fashioned summertime fun at the Ark Encounter in an effort to avoid “Summer Faith Drought Syndrome”. How’d they fare? Find out now in this podcast recorded LIVE at the Ark!

What’s Up Down Under

A special treat from Australia as we had the chance to talk with SJ Meeson about the ministry of “Christian Women in Business”, who look to build a large, intimate community and directory of Christian women in business to help encourage, strengthen and unite them so they feel equipped for their business journey.

Be An Ambassador For Business

A quick trip to Minnesota netted a visit from Bob Willbanks with “Ambassadors For Business”, who are helping you connect your faith values and your work. And Bob introduced us to a couple of business people who’s workplaces have been transformed by AFB – hear about it now!

Why Office Pride?

Office Pride franchise owner, Kate Blondell, shares how she balances being a wife, a mom (of a toddler!) and her own boss with this incredible organization that truly have hearts for Him. But why was Office Pride the perfect fit for her and her family? Find out now – and how you can be next!

The PK Experience

A quick snippet from our July 10 (2019) show with a feature from Ken Harrison of “Promise Keepers” and an invitation to their upcoming event on July 31-August 1, 2020, where a projected 80,000+ men will join together to raise the roof at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys! Get all of those details NOW in this mini-podcast!

The Time To Search Is NOW

Paul Sohn, the millennial author of the book , “Quarter-Life Crisis”, offered insight from the younger generation on how to find clarity within the journey towards finding sweet-spots in your job, your relationships, your life and your faith. PLUS we featured some BONUS COVERAGE of an upcoming event via “Promise Keepers” at AT&T Stadium in Texas!

Kingdom-Minded Investing

This packed podcast features some fielded questions thrown at our investing buddies, Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management (BWM), who then introduced us to Geoff Youngblood with “Tools For A Time” in JAX, who shared how BWM reshaped how he thinks about investing.

Find Your “Soul Purpose”

Author Craig McAndrews talks about his new book – Soul Purpose, Inc. – a practical Guide to living your Faith at work, and explained how we can escape the perplexity of life and the pursuit of worldly desire to gain knowledge and inspiration towards our “Soul Purpose”.

Thoughts On Summer, Retirement and Ethiopia

We had the treat of having a listener from Jacksonville, Courtney Gullett, share her ministry – Love for Ethiopia – and how they care for the orphans of Ethiopia by providing them with an opportunity for a quality education. Plus, Jim and Martha waxed philosophically on activities near and far 🙂