Be Eager, Be Ready

Tony and Felicity Dale with longtime show sponsor, Sedera Health, took a break from their Austin activities to parse through their journey, which has not always been easy, yet they continued to remain grateful and faithful, leading to exponential growth in both their faith and business.

Helping the Trafficked

Brittany Dunn from the Safehouse Project in Norfolk, Va was our guest to talk about how her mission is becoming a part of the solution for the 300K kids being sexually trafficked in our country. Learn what the church is doing about this crime – and what we should be doing about it.

Be Andy, Not Barney

Stick around early in this Podcast feat. Dr Steve Green for his God-story involving him sneaking out of his house to meet his grandmother for Church; stay to learn how he’s reshaping the faith community with his Podcast Network, new magazine, and brand new book, “Love Leads”.

Leadership Lesson with Ellie

Our “SheWorks4Him” Radio Series rolled on today as iWork4Him National Brand Ambassador, Caroline Mendez, and Martha powered the hour with guest Ellie Nieves to learn about Ellie’s lessons on leadership and to get her thoughts on women in leadership roles.

Online With the Word

We learned how to step up your online presence with a pretty cool domain registry that offers you the ability to create a website with the URL of .BIBLE – which allows you to immediately let the online world know who you are and what you believe. Learn about it – and how you can grab one! – in this Podcast.

“Lead Like Jesus”

Another day at the Outcomes Conference, sponsored by the Christian Leadership Alliance, and another opportunity to highlight a world-changing ministry. “Lead Like Jesus” was our focus today, who’s mission is to glorify God by inspiring and equipping people to lead like Jesus.