How The Church Can Help The Workplace

We were in Jacksonville to learn how “Better Together” are creating workplace solutions; and not just training up Christ-Followers to live out their faith in their work, but actually training them to work and finding them jobs. Hear Leah Hughey’s and Lance Sellon’s story ASAP.

Legacy is a Baton

Jeff Rogers popped by to talk about sharing wealth and wisdom to our children and grand-children in an effort to create a thriving family legacy.  Learn how Jeff’s grandmother taught him to pass down love, life, faith and money so he could avoid massive pitfalls in squandering these gifts.

One Incredible Kidney

Today’s show highlighted the inspired, life-saving journey that saw Jim’s kidney give his buddy, Bill, new life – and this show was spent bringing in Bill and his wife to talk about their experience, along with the talented and compassionate medical professionals that made this dream a reality.


A new feature with Martha taking the reigns to chat with Kingdom-driven women about how they’re advancing the iWork4Him Mission in their respective workplaces.  Today, along with National iWork4Him Brand Ambassador, Caroline Mendez, it was CEO of Belay Solutions, Lisa Zeeveld.