“Igniting Vibrant Cultures”

Local San Antonio entrepreneur, Sergio Luna with Rojo 032, was our focus this afternoon as we held our broadcast from the C12 HQ in the Lone Star State to learn how God’s movement is changing lives – and workplaces – in Texas.  Hear how Sergio and his team are helping businesses develop and grow by empowering them with digital and brand strategies, awesome websites and visual communication assets.

Pocket Power, and Praxis

We learned about some incredible ministry work being done in NYC as Henry Kaestner with Praxis Labs joined us to share how he’s working through his faith; then, David and Beth Collum popped on to describe their story that led them to lead the Pocket Testament League.

Tony Dale Talks Generosity

Friend of the show, Tony Dale with Sedera Health, was our esteemed guest this afternoon and helped us draw out the importance of being generous this holiday season.  We also spent some time describing the role of a Christ-Follower in our giving and why their leadership is paramount.

The Ministry of Convene

Ric Green, an original founder, along with Bob Brumleu, Chairman of the Board at Convene, had a wide-ranging conversation with Jim and Martha at FCCCI’s 2018 International Summit to dig deep into the how and why this Christian CEO Peer Advisory group operate – and why they’re essential to the marketplace.

A Millennial Love Story

Jim and Martha – LIVE from this year’s FCCI International Summit in California – brought on power duo, Brian and Gabrielle Bosche, the married couple and brain children of “The Millennial Solution”, to share how they’re reshaping the working world through inspired speaking engagements, podcasts, books and workshops.

Two Great God Stories

Chris Conlee with Leadership Works talks his move from Atlanta to join FCCI/Ergon 412 during our first half of the program; then, Dan Anderson, the President & CEO Kingdom Way Ministries, details how his ministry is transforming the workplace culture with the Gospel.

Raising the Standard of Leadership

Co-Founders of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek & Steve Cockram, hopped on the program to detail how they’re helping companies grow by developing their people, implementing a Leadership Operating System to help build better leaders, increase team performance, and create a thriving organization where everyone can bring their best.

Workplace Chaplaincy

A couplet of ministries, whose work focuses on bringing chaplains to the workplace, were our focus this afternoon at this past year’s FCCI Conference as we brought in Larry Griffith with Corporate Chaplains along with Marketplace Chaplains member, Doug Fagerstrom, to chat about how true ministry in the workplace can change lives and souls and hearts.

Learn about Creative Generosity

A double dose of giving in this podcast from our time at the FCCI Conference earlier this year where we interviewed a TON of folks doing some great Kingdom Works, and today features Dan Baker from Helping Hands along with Bill High from the Signatry.  Learn how there two ministries are using “moldy” Christian assets to forward the Good News.

Two CEOs, One Vision

A couple of heavy -hitters from this year’s FCCI International Summit on this show with Chad Merrill – CEO of FCCI – and Greg Leith – CEO of Convene – who gave some great insight on their respective on organizations, and why they’re imperative to the Workplace Revolution.

More Speakers from the Workmatters Conference

We continued getting an insider’s look at this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers, AS as we had another chance to hear from some more speakers at this World Changing Event; today, it’s Loriann Biggers with Bella Vaughan; then, Catherine Gates & Steve Blair operating with The Harvest Group.  Grab these words from these speakers at this event!

An Attendee’s Look at the Workmatters Conference

So you’ve heard a TON about the inner-workings of this year’s conference, but what of the perspective of those who were in the crowd?  That’s the look we got from interviewing four folks who were in the audience this year.  Hear their experiences, and how it’s shaping how they operate at work.

Workmatters in Rogers, Arkansas

Workmatters in Banking and Manufacturing

It’s Jim and Martha for a very “iWork4Him” laden gathering in the Workmatters Conference in Rogers, Arkansas.  And we had a chance to hear from Chris Thornton of Arvest Bank , & Mark Scabarozi with Central States Manufacturing.  How is Workmatters working for them?  Find out now.

Workmatters at Sam’s Club and JB Hunt

From our time in Rogers, Arkansas for the Workmatters Conference where we had the opportunity to talk with business workers and leaders about why WorkMatters to them, and their respective companies.  Today, some heavy hitters:  Kristina Distler with Sam’s Club; and, later, Steven Hill from JB Hunt.  How is God working withing their companies?  Tune in to find out. 

Ministry Highlights

Back in the Windy City this afternoon at the Faith and Work Summit in an effort to highlight some more folks doing HUGE Kingdom Things!  To that end, we had Tom Nelson and Charlie Self with “Made to Flourish”, Chuck Proudfit with “At Work On Purpose”, and Nancy McDonnell with “Value Of The Person” share how they’re benefiting the Faith at Work Movement.

Luke and Dave and (more) BRI

The financial investment dynamos from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, were mic’d up for a special guest-hosted edition of the program to talk more about the idea of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) and why it could prove fruitful to your portfolio.

LIVE at the Faith at Work Summit

LIVE from Chicago at the Faith at Work Summit to meet some new friends and hear how God is operating in workplace across the Nation.  Today, we talked with Ethan, Larry and Charisse about the Body of Christ creating wealth in the black community.  We also had Sandra Richter to chat about the role of a shepherd in any organization – and especially in business.

Spread the LOVE in Your Workplace

We had the chance to get with Kathy Branzell on location in North Ga to get an update on the Love2020 Movement, and how you can be a part of it.  Learn how you can be a local representative of this sweeping change in the marketplace to bring a touch of Jesus to your place of employment.