“Vision – Value – Voice”

It was the Stallards, Michael and Katie, to talk about their book and movement, “Connection Culture”, which seeks to build a culture inside of an organization that is based on emotional connection.  Novel, right?  But it’s not only great for employee relations, it also helps the bottom line…

This Summit Will Change EVERYTHING

Os Hillman – along with a very special guest – joined Jim and Martha to delve into the happenings of next year’s “Culture Shapers Summit”, which takes place in D.C., and get a look at what will be happening, who will be speaking, how they perceive the change we need, and why YOU should go!

Fixing America’s Problems

Kelly Monroe Kullberg with American Conservancy was our guest to talk about how we can best love Americans and strengthen the Nation we’re leaving our children.  Tune in to this podcast to learn about their mission of advancing a strategic plan for America’s renewal in the 21st century.

Jim and Martha and #GivingTuesday

How should a Spirit of generosity flow out of us as Christ-followers on the DAY that the world says it’s time to give?  Find out in this podcast as the Brangenberg’s gave a detailed description of what it looks like to partner with iWork4Him and help the Workplace Revolution move from local to national.

“The Good Book on Business”

Our guest today, prolific author Dave Kahle, popped by to chat us up about one of his supreme mastepieces; “The Good Book on Business”.  Tune into this podcast and hear Jim and Martha uncover some new ideas on why God created work – and how He uses work to get us to know Him better.

John O’Leary Inspires

A special privilege at FCCI’s 2018 International Summit as Jim and Martha had the honor of having a conversation with Mr O’Leary to hear his truly inspired story.  Some call John a survivor, but he is so much more than that. He’s a beacon of hope, and he’s ready to share his message with you.


It’s 17-year-old Jack McConnell with 20/20 Hearing who’s helping fit children and adults with hearing aids, and his story is an inspiration.  Tune in to hear how this High School Junior is doing some massive Kingdom Things – and what he wants to complete in the future.

TURBOCAM is Honoring God Through Work

Marian and Suzie Noronha were some more guests we grabbed from the FCCI 2018 International Summit, and these two are with TURBOCAM; a global turbomachinery development and manufacturing company that specializes in 5-axis machining of flowpath components.  Hear how they’re using this work to help progress the Kingdom.

“Leadership By The Book”

It was Clair and Katie Volk with us at FCCI’s 2018 International Summit to share how their ministry, Leadership by the Book, works as a community of leaders who are passionate about being the leader God wants them to be and leading the way He wants us to lead.

The Story of Steve Bell

We got a deep dive into the Faith journey of amazing musician, Steve Bell, at this year’s FCCI 2018 International Summit.  Tune in to hear how God moved within his life and brought him from playing night clubs to hosting retreats and gigging all over the place.

The Dales Talk Small Churches

Back in Austin (Tx) to chat more with Sedera Health’s Tony and Felicity Dale about “Small is Big”, Tony’s book about unleashing the power of intentionally small churches.  The Dales are on the front lines of bringing back the power of community to church – and the World.  Hear about it now.

Transforming the Workplace with the Gospel

Our time at the 2018 International Summit with FCCI continued with a conversation about CBMC International by way of Lee & Lisa Truax.  Hear how this association of Christian business & professional leaders in 96 countries are sharing their passion to impact the global marketplace
by the life they live as Christ-followers.

The Life of a New CEO

More from FCCI’s 2018 International Summit as the Brangenberg’s talked with the newly placed CEO of His Way At Work, Chris Patton, and his wife, Kim, about how their life got turned upside down when he got offered – and accepted – the position.  It’s a story of faith, trust, movement and triumph.

Some Insiders at Convene

At FCCI’s 2018 International Summit, Jim and Martha had a chance to talk with a pair of Convene Members; Tom Ferguson, President & CEO AZZ, and Vincent Huang, business owner of Concentrus.  Learn how Convene is revolutionizing the workplace, and how they’ve shaped these two leaders.

PAX Financial is Banging the Gong

More from our time at the C12 HQ in San Antonio as we went in depth with PAX Financial Group, who believe in the principle that everyone is entitled to quality, unbiased financial advice – all with hearts4Him.  And we got that insider’s peek by way of Co-Founder and CEO, Darryl Lyons, who shared from his heart about why they do what they do.

Words from the Top of C12

Not only from the HQ of C12 in San Antonio today, but with the President and CEO of this ministry, Mike Sharrow; along with his awesome bride, Jacqueline, as this power couple described how they’re reshaping the world by reshaping workplaces locally and globally.

Making Higher Education

Brent Fessler with Hallmark University out of San Antonio was our guest this afternoon as we continued our broadcasting from the C12 HQ, and Brent delved deep with Jim and Martha about how they’re reshaping the education arena with Jesus at the forefront to reshape collegiate academics.

Words from C12 Employees

We got a behind-the-scenes look at the happenings and goings-on of the C12 HQ in San Antonio by way of a trio of employees to hear how they came to C12, what they’re doing within the company, and what it looks like to be Lights for Christ in the Workplace.

“Igniting Vibrant Cultures”

Local San Antonio entrepreneur, Sergio Luna with Rojo 032, was our focus this afternoon as we held our broadcast from the C12 HQ in the Lone Star State to learn how God’s movement is changing lives – and workplaces – in Texas.  Hear how Sergio and his team are helping businesses develop and grow by empowering them with digital and brand strategies, awesome websites and visual communication assets.

Love2020: An Update

Our great friend, Kathy Branzell – National Director of Love2020 – linked back up with us to fill everyone in on how their mission of bringing an authentic touch of Jesus Christ to every workplace and every coworker in America by the year 2020 is moving along.  Grab that update NOW – and learn how YOU can be a part of this inspired movement that’s sweeping the Nation.