“Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve”

Still in the Music City and still learning more about some local business leaders that are leading their work with their Faith.  Today, we were with the President of Enable Resource Group, Scott Smith, whose operation is a social enterprise that was formed with the specific intent to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.”  And yes, we do love that!  Learn why now!

Humans Thrive Through Movement

Another day in the Music City and another look at a business doing work for The Kingdom.  And today, we talked with Brandi Brinkley of Physiofit.  Tune into this podcast to hear why Brandi believes greatness is only attained through our service to others.  Get fit in every facet via this podcast.


LIVE from the Music City in Nashville, Tn was the iWork4Him Radio Program as Jim and Martha brought on Jason Sain DeAngelis with DeAngelis Diamond to give us an insider’s look at how this company operates in their business with their Faith at the forefront.