Crowd Hoppin’

The fastest one hour in Christian Talk Radio got a bit faster moving as Jim and Martha skated around the audience of the Kingdom at Work Conference in Lubbock (Tx) to talk with:  a builder, an engineer, a culture guy – and a few other folks for a show featuring different perspectives on how this Conference is reshaping workplaces.  Hop on and tune in!

Miracles in the UK

Marketplace miracles, to be exact, which we heard all about when we caught up with some new friends at the Kingdom Leadership Workshop to get a glimpse of what’s happening across the pond.  You’ll want to hear what’s God’s doing in Europe via these two amazing stories.  Do so now!

The Fruits of Kingdom Leadership

Some post-script action as we had a chance to get up with some Betenbough Homes employees to hear their thoughts on what they experienced at the Kingdom at Work conference.  If you run a business as a Christ-follower, then this is what you want your employees to sound like.

Mission Lazarus

A very special hour from our time at the Kingdom Leadership Workshop – take YOUR team to  the next Workshop! – as we got to chat with the team from Mission Lazarus and learn how they cultivate dignity and purpose so that individuals can live better lives now and for eternity.

An Intro to LifeCare

Our stop in Austin with Tony Dale at Sedera Health brought with it an introduction to area business owner, Andy Schoonover, and a look into is work, LifeCare, who are transforming lives through education and services that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy; all with the the compassion of Christ.

Faith and Work and Government

A great discussion today with some amazing Pasco County (Fl) government leaders about how they’re living out their faith in their work as they serve the local community.  It’s a MASSIVE show with great insight on how some amazing servants are working with their Faith at the forefront.

Our Final Day in Lubbock

Jim and Martha wrapped up our time in Texas at the Kingdom Leadership Workshop with Andrew & Jeanna Roach, Cal Zant to hear what they learned from this workplace-transforming experience.  Tune in to hear how they have – and are planning on – reshaped their Workplace to strive more towards a Kingdom Mindset to change the WORLD!

Called To Clean

God uses circumstances to bring us to where He needs us to be, and this Office Pride Franchisee success story is a pure example of that movement. Dive into Sheri Marshall’s Jesus-driven journey that led her and her husband to become entrepreneurs for this Faith-loving outfit.

The Christ-Centered Entrepreneur Needs Help

A bit of a different twist during our monthly Office Pride highlight as today we veered from our usual franchisee spotlight and, instead, chatted up Shane Coleman, Director of Operations, and Alma Ruiz, Operations Supervisor, for an area owner in Tyler, TX – these two ROCK STAR managers opened their hearts about their Faith at work.

From Teaching To Preaching

Well, kind of… Hear how former teacher, Mark Worstell, took the leap to become a franchise owner with Office Pride Commercial Office Cleaning. His story is a relatable one that involves lots of prayer and hard work – and resulted in success with a company that lives the Faith-At-Work mantra.

Guests at the KLW: What’d They Learn?

More from our time in Lubbock, TX at this year’s Kingdom Leadership Workshop (KLW) as today we had a chance to sit down with some home builders from Missouri to hear what they learned about advancing the Kingdom of God via a Kingdom Style at this amazing event.  Check it!

Becoming a Kingdom Company

Another day at the Kingdom Leadership Workshop in Lubbock, Tx as Jim and Martha immersed themselves more in this Workplace Revolution gathering by way of being at the center of it all and bringing on folks who are experiencing it in real time.  Grab hold and hear the power of God NOW!

More from Lubbock

What does it mean to have a Kingdom Style? And what does that look like?  Well, today we got an insider’s look at how this Workshop in Texas – the Kingdom Leadership Workshop – is working to help those, and network with others, who are pining for the same thing.

This Workshop is for The Kingdom

And we’re here all week!  It’s the “Kingdom Leadership Workshop” in Lubbock, TX where we’ll be broadcasting from LIVE this week, and we kicked it off with return guests, Rick and Holly Betenbough, to get their take on this amazing Workshop, and hear how God’s been moving them.

LIVE @ The Summit

It’s our show from the floor of the Faith and Work Summit in Chicago as Jim and Martha had the chance to be a part of this event that’s connecting Marketplace Revolutionaries, and we mixed and mingled and interviewed a few folks showcasing their ministries at this year’s gathering.