The Johnsons and CNT

Jim and Martha brought in Ken and Ardie Johnson, to showcase their hearts4Him and spotlight their mission, Christian Network Teams (CNT), which looks to enhance the spiritual and professional development of today’s business leaders by facilitating an environment where practical business applications are combined with solid biblical values.

God’s Movement in Austin

Back in Tx (virtually) with our great friend, Tony Dale of Sedera Health, to highlight the Kingdom Works from a local business doing incredible things for Him.  Of course we heard more about Tony’s tale of faith and work, but we also got a peek at how God is moving in other arenas across the area, as well.  Take a God-filled trip to the Lone Star State NOW!

The Life of a Franchisee

Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Office Cleaners popped back in studio to highlight yet another success story from one of his thriving franchise owners.  This time, it was Chris Middleton, who talked extensively on how Office Pride is not only a great job, but also a HUGE platform for ministry.  Is it the right for you?  It could just be…  Tune in to learn more.

Jim and Martha Take a Trip Back Home

Check out this very special podcast that has the Brangenberg’s back home and talking with some old friends, Merlyn and Lisa Meinerts.  It was an eye-opening conversation featuring laughs, love and a huge amount of Jesus.  Pop play on this one to hear some amazing stories from yesteryear.

About Matrix Design

Back in the Windy City were Jim and Martha to delve into the work of Matrix Design with Patrick Bertsche and Ivette Franco.  Matrix works closely with end users to develop, build, and install robotic automation systems; and, of course, they’re doing it with hearts4Him.  Hear their faith backgrounds, what they are up to now, and how they’re furthering the Kingdom via business.

4Word Across the Country

It was the final installment of our deep look inside and around the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, as we closed it out chatting with Pat from Dallas, Donna from Colorado and Maelyn from the Windy City.  Hear how each of these women are connecting their faith and work w/4Word.

Raising the Standard of Leadership

Co-Founders of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek & Steve Cockram, hopped on the program to detail how they’re helping companies grow by developing their people, implementing a Leadership Operating System to help build better leaders, increase team performance, and create a thriving organization where everyone can bring their best.

Two CEOs, One Vision

A couple of heavy -hitters from this year’s FCCI International Summit on this show with Chad Merrill – CEO of FCCI – and Greg Leith – CEO of Convene – who gave some great insight on their respective on organizations, and why they’re imperative to the Workplace Revolution.

The Ministry of Convene

Ric Green, an original founder, along with Bob Brumleu, Chairman of the Board at Convene, had a wide-ranging conversation with Jim and Martha at FCCCI’s 2018 International Summit to dig deep into the how and why this Christian CEO Peer Advisory group operate – and why they’re essential to the marketplace.

A Millennial Love Story

Jim and Martha – LIVE from this year’s FCCI International Summit in California – brought on power duo, Brian and Gabrielle Bosche, the married couple and brain children of “The Millennial Solution”, to share how they’re reshaping the working world through inspired speaking engagements, podcasts, books and workshops.



The Impact of 4Word

Day IV of our all-encompassing look at the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, and today we brought in Patty Ross, Lauren Millsaps and Virginia Prodan to get their respective takes on how this working-woman Ministry has effected their lives and the world around them.

Meet Another 4Word Woman

Another day dissecting the profound works of the women’s ministry, 4Word, as we had a chance to chat with Kelly Thurman, who shared about the transformation that took place in her life when she dedicated herself to pouring her heart and soul into other working women via this ministry.

TURBOCAM is Honoring God Through Work

Marian and Suzie Noronha were some more guests we grabbed from the FCCI 2018 International Summit, and these two are with TURBOCAM; a global turbomachinery development and manufacturing company that specializes in 5-axis machining of flowpath components.  Hear how they’re using this work to help progress the Kingdom.


It’s 17-year-old Jack McConnell with 20/20 Hearing who’s helping fit children and adults with hearing aids, and his story is an inspiration.  Tune in to hear how this High School Junior is doing some massive Kingdom Things – and what he wants to complete in the future.

A Faith-Driven Entrepreneur

Henry Kaestner was able to break away while we were at FCCI’s 2018 International Summit to talk about his faith and entrepreneurial work, and this gentleman is doing some amazing things.  He’s got his hands on a TON of different operations – hear how he’s using his faith to shape all of his work.

“The Pocket Testament League”

David & Beth Collum were our esteemed guests – yet again from the FCCI 2018 International Summit – and the Collum’s detailed their ministry, the Pocket Testament League, which looks to motivate Christians to read, carry and share the Word of God.  And, it’s Martha’s Dad’s favorite!  Hear why NOW!

Pat Asp Talks 4Word

Day II of our week-long deep dive into the great works of the women’s ministry, 4Word.  Pat talked with Jim and Martha about her workplace experience as an executive, and how the ministry of 4Word is touching her life.  Learn how this ministry can be a Light in your life, too.

Two Great God Stories

Chris Conlee with Leadership Works talks his move from Atlanta to join FCCI/Ergon 412 during our first half of the program; then, Dan Anderson, the President & CEO Kingdom Way Ministries, details how his ministry is transforming the workplace culture with the Gospel.

The Story of Steve Bell

We got a deep dive into the Faith journey of amazing musician, Steve Bell, at this year’s FCCI 2018 International Summit.  Tune in to hear how God moved within his life and brought him from playing night clubs to hosting retreats and gigging all over the place.