Scale the 8th Mountain

We caught up with Dr Bruce Cook and John Anderson at 2018’s Hub Nation Summit to learn all about their ministry, The 8th Mountain, which serves to build a global community of “IdeaLeaders” whose God–Breathed, God–Sized ideas are solving perplexing problems.  Hear how this idea came about – and how it’s changing the world – in this heady podcast.

James Autry is Serving Neighbors

More from Hub Nation 2018 as Jim and Martha went in-depth with the “Marketplace Coalition” member to break down their mission of shaping leaders and helping those leaders have a Kingdom mindset.  James also touched on his work with “Serving Our Neighbors”, which acts to raise up leaders and build bridges towards a better, more thriving community.

Talking Christian Retail

Kick back and learn about the incredible story of Mardel, a faith-based company dedicated to renewing minds and transforming lives through the products they sell and the ministries they support.  It’s like if iWork4Him  Radio were a retail store!  Head to the register and “check out” this podcast.

Understanding God’s Calling

Another powerful one hour today as Jim and Martha had a chance to pick the brain of prophetic minister, Michelle Seidler, who gave us a great glimpse into understanding the calling that God puts on our lives.  Our conversation with Michelle was truly eye-opening – tune in!

On Prophetic Mentorship

We scored an interview with author, teacher and prophetic mentor, Garris Elkins, who had some inspired words across our 60 minutes. This impactful man of God is dedicated to “raising up a prophetic generation to speak with the empowered voice of Heaven.” Hear his thoughts in this powerful podcast.

Ending Monday Morning Atheism

Long-time supporter of the iWork4Him Mission, and multiple guest – Doug Spada with WorkLife – was with us this afternoon to talk more about his mission of helping folks bring their Sunday’s to their Monday’s. Get some great advice and learn how to THRIVE at work in this vibrant podcast.

What’s God Doing in Jacksonville?

Great stuff from one of our favorite locales in Florida – Jacksonville!  And we had a chance to delve into three great area ministries: Lifework Leadership, Live the Life and Marketplace Chaplains.  Hear three great testimonies, and learn how this trifecta are working well for JAX with some huge Kingdom Works.

The Collective

Brad Stinson, CEO of the Collective Global, was our guest for another trip in Nashville, Tn as we got yet another peak at a Music City business owner connecting their Faith and Work.  The Collective enhance performance, improves satisfaction and increases profits.  How?  And how for Him?  Tune in to learn all about this as Jim and Martha go deep within the Collective.

“Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve”

Still in the Music City and still learning more about some local business leaders that are leading their work with their Faith.  Today, we were with the President of Enable Resource Group, Scott Smith, whose operation is a social enterprise that was formed with the specific intent to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.”  And yes, we do love that!  Learn why now!

Humans Thrive Through Movement

Another day in the Music City and another look at a business doing work for The Kingdom.  And today, we talked with Brandi Brinkley of Physiofit.  Tune into this podcast to hear why Brandi believes greatness is only attained through our service to others.  Get fit in every facet via this podcast.

About Matrix Design

Back in the Windy City were Jim and Martha to delve into the work of Matrix Design with Patrick Bertsche and Ivette Franco.  Matrix works closely with end users to develop, build, and install robotic automation systems; and, of course, they’re doing it with hearts4Him.  Hear their faith backgrounds, what they are up to now, and how they’re furthering the Kingdom via business.

An Intro to Lipscomb University

We were super honored to’ve been doing this show – and other shows –  LIVE from Lipscomb University’s College of Business and their Center for Business as Mission.  Rob Touchstone, who created the Center, gave us a bird’s eye view, then when in depth, of how the Center is training business leaders how – and why – to live their faith within their work worlds.

Faith and Work and the Justice System

All rise for local judicial candidate, LaShawn Strachan, who joined Jim and Martha in studio this afternoon, along with her amazing and gregarious campaign manager, Dr Al-Akhir Rogers, for a chat on the justice system, how her Faith helps her in her work, and a look at her campaign.

All Things Austin

Our monthly visit with Sedera Health’s Tony Dale and his introduction of an Austin-area business leader doing Kingdom Things had us meeting Jonathan Patton wih Trivium Strategic Capital.  Tune in for the first half that’s full of Tony’s praise report; stick around for the second half and hear Jonathan’s moving story – and get a feel for why he truly works4Him.

A Franchisee of the Year

Our good friend, Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Office Cleaners, stopped by to chat with Jim and Martha and introduce our audience to a very special guest:  Jason Courtney.  Jason’s a franchisee with Office Pride and he broke down his truly inspiring story of going from guns to grime.  Get your ears on this podcast to get a feel of what Office Pride – and their franchisees – are all about.

Faith at Work in the Windy City

We got an insiders-looks at this Fall’s “Faith at Work” Summit in Chicago.  And YES we’ll be broadcasting from there LIVE!  And so today we got a sneak peak of this conference that’s for anyone looking for a firm grasp on connecting their faith and work.  Join us in Chicago, won’t ya??

Teeth and Jesus

It was a NEW SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT as Jim and Martha broadcast LIVE from the offices of Comprehensive Dental Care in Palm Harbor, Fl.  Tune in to hear how Dr Oscar and Denise Menendez are living our their faith at work while cleaning chompers!  You’ll LOVE this dynamic – and loving – duo.

Higher Education

We took a trip to Massachusetts for a visit with Alexander Lowry from Gordon College to learn about their Master’s in Finance program where they SPECIFICALLY train their graduates how to live out their faith in banking, finance, financial planning and accounting.  Financing 4Him?  Yes, please!

Workmatters in Arkansas

We took a virtual trip to Bentonville, AR to learn about this year’s Workmatters Conference, an annual event that draws thousands of folks who are living out their faith in their work to get encouragement and be inspired.  Get an in-depth look at the event from perspectives of participants and those intimately involved.  And learn how to enjoy the conference on location OR remotely!