Stories from the FCA

We were action-packed on a Friday as Jim brought on four (4) young people to talk about their time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  Each brought a unique perspective, but the undercurrent for them was the same as they are all well equipped for spiritual battle on campus.

The Holy Spirit in Austin

Back with Sedera Health’s own, Tony Dale, as our buddy introduced us to Pete Hayes and Chief Outsiders, who are helping companies market, profit and grow.  Pete’s vision is inspiring; and his heart for Him shines through.  Tune in for an impactful 60 minutes of working4Him in the Lone Star State!

Andy Mason’s God Conversations

We had the honor and pleasure of having the Director of Heaven in Business, Andy Mason, on air with Jim and Martha to talk how, exactly, to bring Jesus into your workplace.  The origin story of Andy’s ministry is fascinating – almost as fascinating as him and his story.  Check out this very special podcast to learn lots about Love, Life and Workplace Ministry.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”

Our final installment – for this year – at the Hub Nation Summit wherein we had the supreme honor of highlighting ministries doing massive Kingdom Works, and we closed out those interviews with the Abbleyards, Mark and Julie, from Anothen; a global community of Christian influencers who intentionally seek to love and lead.  Learn more in this powerful podcast.

Dr. Ivy is Educating the Masses

Powerful stuff from Dr Ivy Bonk with MyTIS.  What’s that?  They’re a resource and training site that provide and coalesce resources and training, while being intentional about bringing everyone together around the challenging and rewarding work of trauma-informed education.  Her story is powerful and poignant.  Tune in.



Our Time with Ben in Bend

We closed out the week with a bang as Jim and Martha brought in the electric Ben Lim to talk his faith and ministry.  Ben is a dynamic international speaker, a self-published author and CEO of Ben Lim TV – and he is a powerful man of God.  Get his story in this podcast.


We had a profound discussion today with Deborah Tilden about abortion.  Specifically, SMART – Science Matters in Abortion Related Trauma.  She broke down the two goals of her mission; offering a clear message and dialog, and adding to the healthcare plank in the platform.  Tune in for some truth.

Os Hillman is a Marketplace Leader

We had the honor of having our good buddy, Os Hillman, back on-air with us for a lengthy chat on Life and Faith – and how to put God first in both.  Os also gave us a primer on next year’s “Culture Shapers Summit in D.C.  Grab a hold of this podcast for a powerful message from a spiritual phenom.

James Autry is Serving Neighbors

More from Hub Nation 2018 as Jim and Martha went in-depth with the “Marketplace Coalition” member to break down their mission of shaping leaders and helping those leaders have a Kingdom mindset.  James also touched on his work with “Serving Our Neighbors”, which acts to raise up leaders and build bridges towards a better, more thriving community.

Ending Monday Morning Atheism

Long-time supporter of the iWork4Him Mission, and multiple guest – Doug Spada with WorkLife – was with us this afternoon to talk more about his mission of helping folks bring their Sunday’s to their Monday’s.  Get some great advice and learn how to THRIVE at work in this vibrant podcast.

Scale the 8th Mountain

We caught up with Dr Bruce Cook and John Anderson at 2018’s Hub Nation Summit to learn all about their ministry, The 8th Mountain, which serves to build a global community of “IdeaLeaders” whose God–Breathed, God–Sized ideas are solving perplexing problems.  Hear how this idea came about – and how it’s changing the world – in this heady podcast.

Understanding God’s Calling

Another powerful one hour today as Jim and Martha had a chance to pick the brain of prophetic minister, Michelle Seidler, who gave us a great glimpse into understanding the calling that God puts on our lives.  Our conversation with Michelle was truly eye-opening – tune in!

The Haabys at Hub Nation

Back in Bend, OR for some more iWork4Him interview ACTION as Jim and Martha had the chance to talk with the Haabys, Bobby and Becky, about their business – Eagle Mountain – their faith within and outside their work, and what they’re doing and learning at this year’s Hub Nation Summit.

On Prophetic Mentorship

We scored an interview with author, teacher and prophetic mentor, Garris Elkins, who had some inspired words across our 60 minutes.  This impactful man of God is dedicated to “raising up a prophetic generation to speak with the empowered voice of Heaven.”  Hear his thoughts in this powerful podcast.

Is “The Church” Invisible?

Such a thorough and inspired conversation with Mike Sipe of Crosspointe Capital as both Jim and Martha had the honor of chatting up this amazing man of God about his faith walk and what brought him to this year’s Hub Summit.  Find out his thoughts on a bevy of faith-topics, plus the Summit – and World Changer – in this podcast.

The Kramer’s are World Changers

An integral part of our time and interviews here in Bend, Oregon are through the amazing efforts of our friends, James and Anna Kramer with Pneuma33 and the World Changer Network.  Check out this podcast to hear their incredible vision, mission and hearts for Him.

An Intro to Hub Nation 2018

We kicked off yet another road trip; this time, we’re in Bend, Oregon for the Hub Nation Summit – sponsored by the World Changer Network – and the Brangenberg’s opened up the week with an introduction to the conference.  What IS it?  Whose’s going to be there?  Why are WE here?  Find out NOW!

The Young Professionals of CBMC

Friend of the program, Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Commercial Office Cleaning, graciously popped in the hot seat as our guest host this afternoon to highlight the ministry of the CBMC Young Professionals.  Tune in to hear some incredible testimony from young men who are Kingdom building.

From Cars to Christ

Chris Patton from Raleigh, NC was our guest this afternoon to highlight is incredible ministry, “His Way at Work”.  Learn about Chris’ vision for this ministry, how he’s using Christ’s vision for His Way, and how Chris is building companies with a “Kingdom-carrying culture” in today’s podcast.