Working With Your Spouse

Experts on the subject – and your humble hosts – Jim and Martha Brangenberg took time on this Edition to tackle the issues that can arise from working together with your spouse.  It’s not always “happily-ever-after”, but it doesn’t have to be opposite of that either…  Catch this podcast to learn the Ins and Outs of working with your partner.

A League of Believers

A Business League, to be exact – “The Believers Business League” – and that was our focus this afternoon as Jim and Martha chatted up Baron Wiley IN San Antonio to learn how this group is fostering “the growth of the Christian marketplace” in their amazing city.  Check it out in this podcast!

Serving and Saving

Ignite Chiropractic’s own – and great friend of the program – Dr Raul Seranno closed out our week of guest-hosted programs with a show featuring “power couple”, Jeff and Liza Ford.  Tune is to hear the trio talk faith and work…and mountain climbing 😉

Marriage and Mental Health

It was our amazing friends – and an even more amazing couple – Taiwan and S’hnai Simmons with Inside Reach Ministries for a very special “Together-on-Tuesday’s” Edition of the show as the dynamic duo took on mental health and its effects on our marriages and relationships.

Connecting Sunday’s Message to Monday’s Madness

We kicked off our week of guest-hosting with Tammie McClafferty and Leah Hughey highlighting the Kingdom works of LifeWork Leadership and FlourishNow – two great ministries that are helping the masses connect what we hear on Sunday with what we do in our nine-to-five.

Learn About These Biznistries

Our final stop on what can only be described as an EPIC ROAD TRIP was in Naples, Fl to hear from John DeAngelis with DeAngelis Diamond, Mike Oppedahl of Giant Worldwide, and Russ Johnson of The Table Network to learn how these Kingdom-driven businesses are Working4Him.

Dr. Jim’s Unfair Advantage

Our road trip took us back to our home state of Florida where we stopped in Pensacola to catch up with our good friend, Dr. Jim Harris, to hear about how the Lord has been moving in his and his wife’s personal and business lives – and to learn about gaining an incredible unfair advantage.

A Conversation with Dr White

Our stop in Kansas saw us with an opportunity to chat with our friends, Dr Paul and Kathy White, about how Christ is moving in their lives and business.  We also talked with Dr White about his series of books and how they can help you flourish in your workplace.

More from Dallas

As we continued our iWork4Him Roadshows, our time in Dallas, Tx this hour was spent with our faithful friends at Sedera Health to talk with Tony Dale, his wife and some of their employees to hear real-world examples from Christ-Following Business People and about how their faith is impacting their work.  And a bit on house churches, too 😉

Marketplace Chaplains in Action

One of our favorite ministries is “Marketplace Chaplains” because their mission is basically a manifestation of the iWork4Him Nation as they bring the Gospel to cubicles across the country.  Tune in to hear real world examples of this incredible organization changing lives and saving souls.