A Conversation with Betenbough Employees

We stuck around Lubbock, Tx to hang out with our friends at Betenbough Homes to find out how the folks who work within and throughout their friendly confines are being transformed by the mission and vision of their management staff.  Tune in to hear the iWOrk4Him Nation in action!

Day Five in Lubbock

Our week-long stay in the Lone Star State attending and broadcasting from the Kingdom Business Workshop ended today as we invited some more Workshop attendees to talk about their experiences and what they’d be taking away to their businesses with a rejuvenated spirit for working for Him!

Day Four in Lubbock

With the Kingdom Business Workshop wrapped up, Jim and Martha stuck around for a post-game report from a handful of attendees to learn about their respective experiences and what they took away from this year’s event.  Tune in to hear transformations of businesses to biznistries!

Day Three in Lubbock

More from the Kingdom Business Workshop LIVE on location in Lubbock, Tx and today we brought in Cal Zant and Jeanna Roach to detail their experiences working with the amazing folks at “Kingdom at Work” Ministries and how they – and their work – have been transformed.

Day Two in Lubbock

It was Jim and Martha for a “Together-on-Tuesdays” Edition of the Program at the Brangenberg’s welcomed Dr Jack Taylor and Dr Marcus Murphy on-air to talk about why they are here in Lubbock to participate in the Kingdom Business Workshop – and why YOU should join the next one.

Day One in Lubbock

We kicked off the week in Lubbock Texas today and talked with Rick Betenbough and Casey Brewer from “Kingdom at Work” Ministries to learn more about their Kingdom Business Workshops that kicked off this week!  Get a primer on the upcoming event in this podcast – and be sure to listen all week as we broadcast LIVE from this very special event.

Breaking Down Money Myths

Our iWork4Him Road Tour took us to Indianapolis today with a stop at the Center for Family Conversations to chat with Todd DeKruyter about the Eight Money Myths that impact Christ Followers.  Whether you’re rich or poor or somewhere in between, you won’t want to miss this episode.

A Ministry for Working Women

Our road trip continued with a stop in Minneapolis to chat with the amazing TJ Tison about her ministry work with “Working Women of Faith”.  Press play on this podcast to learn the ins and out of TJ’s impacting ministry and how you can get a branch started in YOUR neck of the woods.

iWork4Him is Five Years Old!

Join Jim and Martha along with Michael Miracle as the trio take a look at the five years that were – and what’s to come.  Today’s podcast is chock full testimony on how the iWork4Him Mission is shaping lives and saving souls.  And all broadcast from the Twin Cities in Minnesota!

C12’s Ministry in the Marketplace

Our good friend, Ross Harrop – area chair with C12 Tampa Bay – was behind the mic to highlight a local business doing Kingdom Works, and today’s show featured an incredible and powerful testimony.  From front to finish, Ross’s time in the hot seat was overflowing with inspired witness.

Transformational Leaders Change Lives

We were back in Cincinnati today to talk with Ford Taylor of Transformational Leadership to learn more about how his organization is reshaping the leadership landscape.  Check out today’s podcast and hear from folks involved in the program and how they’ve been completely transformed into totally different leaders – all thanks to TL.