A Good Friday Celebration

Jim and Martha invited Liza Marie from Now SC Press to highlight how they’re getting great stories to print AND to introduce the newest author in their lineup – Stephanie Costolo.  Stephanie talked about her latest release with the publishing outfit, then the conversation turned to an in-depth look at how they each view the eternal ramifications of this Good Friday.

Bringing the Word to Work

Nationwide, the statistics of people NOT going to church are skyrocketing, so we thought it important to highlight a ministry that’s bringing the Word to you – at work!  Check out today’s podcast to hear how Corporate Chaplains are bringing the Gospel to work in workplaces nationwide.

The Theology of Business

We took a virtual trip to Houston, Tx to talk with Darren Shearer about his awesome website and ministry – “Theology of Business”.  Check out this podcast to learn how understanding our workplaces as our mission fields changes EVERYTHING.

“Enter the Ring”

It was a special “Together-on-Tuesday’s” Edition on WEDNESDAY as Jim and Martha talked with DA and Elicia Horton about their latest book – “Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel Saturated Marriage”.  Learn how to saturate your marriage and relationships in this podcast!

“Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome”

Our “Together-on-Tuesday’s” offering this week featured acclaimed speaker, TV host and author, Nancy C. Anderson, and a conversation about her latest book – “Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome” – and learning  how she and her husband, Ron, overcame Nancy’s adultery.  Powerful podcast.

God’s Movement in Los Angeles

We kicked off the workweek with a trip to the Left Coast (via the power of radio) to chat with some folks at the Center for Faith & Work in LA – and to learn about their upcoming conference next month.  Check out today’s podcast to hear how they’re reshaping the workplace with Him at the center!

Cynthia Ruchti Writes4Him

Jim and Martha invited in friend and author, Cynthia Ruchti, to not only talk about her latest book – ‘As My Parents Age’ – and have a conversation about our roles as kids of aging parents, but also to learn about Cynthia’s life, love and journey.  Tune in to learn all about this amazing Christ-follower!

Numero One Thousand

Yup, that’s right!  Show number ONE THOUSAND!  And we made it count as the whole team – Jim, Martha, Connie and Mike – were all in studio to reminisce on past shows and guests, play some episode highlights and talk about what He has done for the show – and what we hope He will do in the future.  Sit back and enjoy this fun-filled, love-filled podcast – #1000!!

LIVE @ the Impact Summit

Today, we were broadcasting LIVE from our nation’s capital at the Impact Summit – This summit is a gathering of over 400 leaders in the faith and work movement to build kingdom focused collaboration. Check today’s podcast for more insight from Bobby Mitchell & Chad Merrill.

CoPassion & C12

We got an in-depth look at two ministries working hard for the Kingdom and discipling Christ-followers to be ready to live out their faith in their work as we brought in Ray Strickland with CoPassion and Bob Shallow with the C12 Group to detail the impact of their faith and work ministries.