A Conversation about Abortion

A powerful and moving episode today with  Jim & Martha featuring Susan Layer of Passages of Hope and a discussion on abortion recovery.  Over 60 million children have been aborted in the United States since 1973.  How is this reality impacting those we work around?  Susan answers that question, and many others, while also detailing how we can use their ministry in our workplace.

A Peak at Kingdom Works in Jerusalem

We were honored to have the USA Director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Susan Michael, check in with us to talk about how the Lord is moving in Israel.  It was a truly inspiring hour!  Susan also shared the significance of current events happening in the Holy Land – and how these instances can – and will – impact our faith.  Give it a listen!

Help Us Ignite the Light

It was Maddie Miller with “Spark the Way” Ministries in studio with Jim and our brand ambassador, Connie Smith, to detail how her organization is helping young adults struggling with cancer get the treatments and support they need.  Maddie’s story is such an inspiration (as was the special guest she invited!) and their upcoming Gala is not to be missed.

Luke and Dave and Love

Our boys from Belleair Wealth Management (and the best in the business), Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, were back with Jim to talk about the “L” word as “V” Day draws closer, but the trio didn’t keep their conversation to just adoration – they also talked life, Jesus and, yes, finances.  For a show brimming with laughs and insight, give THIS podcast a listen.