Bobby Albert Works4Him

It’s okay to make a profit with your business…isn’t it…?  Well, that was the focus of our discussion today with Bobby Albert of Albert Companies and he and Jim talked about Bobby’s latest book – “Principled Profits”.  Tune in to this podcast to get a heaping helping of leadership lessons from an expert.

The Solomon’s are Saving Marriages

Quite possibly the most fun we’ve had on the radio, as you’ll hear in today’s podcast, as we welcomed Keith and Kimberly Solomon with Keepers International – a marriage ministry that’s doing great work for relationships.  Tune in and gain another perspective on how we can fight for marriages all around us – and have a blast doing it!

From the Bottom to the Top

We had to pleasure of having Jamie Vrinios share her faith story of going from utter poverty to the highest levels in a national MLM organization.  Check out today’s podcast to hear what the Lord is laying on her heart now as she faces her halftime an seeks Him to find “What’s Next”.

The Biznistry of the Karis Group

We took a virtual trip to lovely Austin (Tx) to welcome the president of the Karis Group, Mike Martin, as he introduced two of his team members to our audience to talk about their work and mission; and to detail how they’re changing the face of Corporate Healthcare – one business at a time!

An Intro to the Barnabas Group

It was Day 3 of our expansion in Jacksonville (!!!) and today we brought in Becky Turner to detail her ministry that is focused on matching our God-given natural gifts, talents and abilities – the ones we use all day long – with a local, Christ-centered non-profit in YOUR area of the country.

Let’s Ride!

We took our bikes out today (figuratively speaking, of course!) as we invited the leaders of two great bicycle-centered ministries in studio to detail how they’re using wheels to talk about Jesus.  Super cool!  Patrick Simmons with Bikes for Christ and Jon Dengler with Well Built Bikes are hopping on the saddle and riding for Him!  Grab your helmet and roll with us!! [replay]

LIVE in Jacksonville @ 5PM ET

Yet ANOTHER introduction of the iWork4Him Mission to the radio airwaves, still in Jacksonville, but a bit later and on a different frequency – 100.3 The Biz – as we bring this Workplace Revolution farther and wider.  Give our historic introduction to the business station affiliate a listen as we push forward towards global domination 😉

A Conversation about Abortion

A powerful and moving episode today with  Jim & Martha featuring Susan Layer of Passages of Hope and a discussion on abortion recovery.  Over 60 million children have been aborted in the United States since 1973.  How is this reality impacting those we work around?  Susan answers that question, and many others, while also detailing how we can use their ministry in our workplace. [replay]

What’s Customer Services Got to do With It?

We closed out another workweek with Jim and Martha celebrating where God has taken us and to highlight some of the great things He has done as the iWork4Him Nation walks along side of Him!  We also hit one of our Hot Topics from our recent marriage cruise – Treat Me Like A Customer – and how that applies to every one of our relationships at work AND home.

NOW SC Press & Matthew DeRemer

It was Mrs. Brangenberg behind the mic today as she took over hosting duties to introduce our audience to Liza Marie Garcia from NOW SC Press and to host the authors of a brand new book, “Finding Level Ground”, which is the story of Mike and Julie DeRemer after losing their son, Matthew, in a horrific traffic accident.  Stick around, too, for a very special guest…

An ‘iWork4Him’ Valentine’s Day Special

Happy Valentine’s Day from iWork4Him!  And today’s episode was loaded with LOVE!  We heard about a brand new children’s book (about LOVE, of course), then talked to a company that LOVES to help people and write books, and we closed out the show by learning about a new devotional that will help you discover the LOVE that God has for you!  Listen!  You’ll LOVE it!

Living Out Faith Through Roofing

With Jim and Martha back from their Marriage Cruise (yaa!), the duo invited another couple in studio, Arry and Becky Housh from Arry’s Roofing, to talk about how their living our their faith in their work – and demonstrating it for almost three decades!  They’re a roofing company giving glory to Christ.  Now THAT is a story worth hearing 🙂 Do so in THIS podcast!

“I am NOT a Feminist!”

It was our good friend, Chelsea Drinkard with Office Space Brokers, behind the mic as our guest-host for the still-cruising Brangenbergs, and Ms. Drinkard brought her “A”-Game!  Her unique Millennial perspective was on full display and she shared some great insight on how businesswomen, with Jesus, can rise to the top of their fields.  Get it all in this rousing podcast!

The Story of Digital South

It was local C12 Group leader, Ross Harrop, in the hot seat this afternoon for his monthly highlighting of an area business doing Kingdom Works, and today Ross brought on the folks from Digital South to talk how the Lord has moved them – and their company.  Give this podcast a listen to hear how the iWork4Him Mission looks in real life!

Mark Graham gets Back 2 Basics

It was the first of a few guest-hosted editions of the program as Jim and Martha  are on leave for their Marriage Cruise (catch next year’s!) and Mark Graham with the Christian Business Men’s Connection [CBMC] did not disappoint.  His time behind the mic was a rousing success as he brought in a ministry buddy doing incredible Kingdom Works to detail how he’s changing the world- one soul at a time 🙂  Tune in and be inspired!

Be a Biblical Entrepreneur

Patrice Tsague from the Nehemiah Project was back with us, along with Debra Schlaht, do talk about how their organization is teaching the principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship across America – and around the world!  Hear how the Lord is using these principles to transform lives and nations in today’s podcast.