Music ‘N Exercise in Tampa Bay

…and beyond!  Our show was focused on our home area, but really our two guests spoke to folks from across the country, too.  First up, it was the uber-talented Alan Curtis Tripp, whose God-story is miraculous – and his musical talent is out of this world.  Next, we had Michelle Spadafora detail her upcoming St Pete event, Re-Activate.  Keep an ear out for her chosen verse 😉

iWork4Him in 2018

We had Ross Harrop stop by for our first show of the brand new year and he did not disappoint!  Along with Jim and Martha, the trio reminisced on how the radio show has grown over the past four years, and where the Lord is leading iWork4Him in the new year.  How does all of this impact our relationships, our marriages and our faith?  Listen to find out!

iWork4Him Gets Legal

It was David Gibbs III from the National Center for Life and Liberty with Jim today as the duo cleared up a few things for all of us regarding the legality of sharing our Faith.  So many times we think it’s illegal to share our Faith – whether we’re business owners or leaders, or someone within the ranks.  We got the legal scoop from David.  Tune in for enlightenment.