Learn about this MASSIVE Conference

Many of you have heard about Right Now Media, but have you heard about Right Now Media @ Work…?  This breakout ministry is equipping Christ-following business owners, as well as organizational leaders, with video tools for discipling, encouraging and equipping the people within their organization.  And on February 23, they’re holding a conference simulcast at over – get this – SEVENTEEN HUNDRED locations…!  Learn more NOW!

Could Your Marriage Use Some Wise Counsel?

It’s a bit of a play on words, this podcast title, as you’ll hear when you crack it open and hear a bit on marriage, and a bit on wise counsel…!  First, we delved into this year’s National Marriage Week USA and learned about upcoming happenings at this year’s festivities; then, John Beehner from “Ask Wise Counsel” joined in the second half for a chat with Jim and Martha on his ministry and Kingdom Work.

iWork4Him in Austin

Our virtual trip to Texas today took us to Austin where Tony Dale with Sedera Health is doing some great things for the Kingdom.  And it was his testimony that kicked off the program, but we also had the chance to hear from a few other folks with Tony’s group who shared how they’re living the iWork4Him lifestyle, too!  Great testimonies abound in today’s episode.

Elizabeth Bunbury is Answering Prayers

We closed out a busy week of programming with a jam-packed studio featuring the folks from “Answered Prayer Cross”, helmed by Elizabeth Bunbury, who is leading this ministry that trains women from across Tampa Bay to sew and then sell their goods in order to give these women a set of marketable skills – and some cash!  So cool!  Check it out!

On Location @ Aqua Plumbing

Skip Stanton and his crew were gracious enough to host us for yet another LIVE remote at their sprawling HQ in Sarasota (Fl) and the entire team at Aqua Plumbing and Air shared from their hearts about what is going on all around them as they minister to people while fixing ACs!  Dive into today’s podcast and learn all about this incredible “BIZNISTRY”!

iWork4Him Goes Underground

A ministry serving ministries – pretty novel, eh?  And that was our focus this afternoon as we invited Lucas Pulley with “Tampa Underground” in studio to not only detail how his outfit is equipping area ministries to broaden their scope and focus, but he also invited the leaders of three local ministries who’ve been blessed with Lucas’ efforts to tell their stories.  A truly inspired ministry, Tampa Underground are doing HUGE things above ground for the Kingdom.

Marriage Ministry Vs Marriage Ministry

It was an epic battle to the end (ok not really…) between two marriage ministering TITANS as Jim and Martha, marriage ministry experts, brought in Allen and Jule Colvin, themselves ALSO a pair involved in marriage ministry, and the four swapped stories, tips and anecdotes about marriage and the marriage ministry lifestyle.  They laughed.  They loved.  They brought the house down.  Tune in for a truly transparent show.

A Slight Detour

With the flu knocking yet another employee out of commission for a bit (our guest!) we had to make alternate plans, and our pinch-hitting guest did not disappoint as we invited Joel Atkinson of Atridge Landscaping to talk how he’s living out the mission of iWork4Him at work – pretty sweet!  The Brangenberg’s also had an opportunity to break down what it truly means to be a part of the iWork4Him Nation.  Get in and get involved!

A Conversation with David Maus

Maus Nissan’s own was back in studio to talk with Jim about how he’s living the iWork4Him Mission at his car dealership.  David brought a buddy along, too, and the trio highlighted how to live your faith at work.  Give today’s podcast a listen and hear for yourself the power of this workplace revolution!

Can YOU Escape…?

Our Tampa focus continued today as Jim and Martha were on location at “Bet You Can’t Escape” – an escape room put together by some Christ-following men and women who have full time jobs but waned to touch the heart of their community – so cool!  Check out today’s show and hear from Jason Gaston and company about how their escaping and soul-saving!

Let’s Ride!

We took our bikes out today (figuratively speaking, of course!) as we invited the leaders of two great bicycle-centered ministries in studio to detail how they’re using wheels to talk about Jesus.  Super cool!  Patrick Simmons with Bikes for Christ and Jon Dengler with Well Built Bikes are hopping on the saddle and riding for Him!  Grab your helmet and roll with us!!

Jim and Martha and Marriage

It was a “true” Together-on-Tuesday’s as the Brangenbergs flew solo for the show to talk about a subject they’re so passionate about:  Marriage.  The two went deep and gave some great advice (and a few eye-opening statistics) on marriage.  And don’t think there’s nothing for the single folks out there in here as it’s truly a show on relationships – learn more NOW

An “ARCW Insurance” Showcase

We had the privilege of broadcasting LIVE at the HQ of ARCW Insurance to learn more about the inner-workings of this great company that truly Works4Him – and we got to hear about it from the man himself, Chuck Wasson, along with his great staff.  Check out today’s show to get a feel of what our Mission looks like in action from the folks who are working it!

Let’s Welcome “Smile Faith Foundation”

We were honored to be a part of the Grand Opening of New Port Richey’s own Smile Faith Foundation, which was launched out of our partner business, Healthcare National Marketing.  Our team was on site to talk with Sherri Paules and friends about their brand new veterans dental clinic and hear how their team is making a Kingdom Impact in their community!

CBMC in Action

We were jam-packed on the radio today as Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Office Cleaning joined Jim to invite four young men who’ve been moved to action by the mission of CBMC Young Professionals. Check out today’s show and hear how the Lord is moving in these young men’s lives.  These guy’s faith is impacting their work in a HUGE way.  Listen how now!

Soul Food for First Responders

Our focus on Tampa Bay continued this afternoon with Dan Middlebrooks of Chaplaincy Care, Inc and a highlight on how his soul-saving organization is giving salvation to First Responders.  We also heard from a handful of these heroes who shared how Dan’s mission helped them through some harrowing times.  How does Chaplaincy Care, Inc recognize – then remove – the “smoke from the soul”…?  Tune in and find out!

The Brangenberg’s on Marriage

It was Jim and Martha on a Together-on-Tuesday’s Edition of the program as the two shared from their hearts about marriage and marriage mentoring.  The Marriage Mentoring Duo gave a TON of great advice on what makes for a happy marriage – and even shared a bit about their own marriage! Get all the marriage advice you can shake a stick at in this show!

An Army of Women

This one’s for the ladies in our lives.  A show highlighting the incredible work of ‘For The Girls International’ and how this growing group of strong, beautiful and brave women who are passionate about making the world a better place are achieving their mission.  Hear from some truly inspirational women in today’s podcast and learn more about FTGI.

Defend Your Faith

We closed out the week with a powerful and important conversation with Rachel Shockey with “Women in Apologetics” about the power of being able to defend your faith in your workplace from a women’s perspective.  Defending your faith and using it as a weapon to defeat the enemy of the souls of our co-workers and employees – THAT’S Women in Apologetics!

Luke and Dave and Basically Everything

We had the financial planning pros from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, back in studio to break down finances and retirement; but, as it goes with these God-loving pros on air, they bounced around topics with Jim and not only dropped financial nuggets all over the place – they also had a ton of fun talking about all sorts of stuff!  Listen!!