Our Time in Austin

It was the bookend to our series of ‘iWork4Him’ Road Shows with our final stop in Austin, Tx to meet with Tony and Felicity Dale at Sedera Health.  We also talked with some folks who work under Tony – and if you thought he was great on-air, wait until you hear what his employees have to say!  It was the perfect close to an amazing trip.  Check it out!

Building Businesses for the Kingdom

Our road shows continued with a second tilt in Lubbock, Tx as we were LIVE at the HQ of Betenbough Homes with Casey Brewer and Rick Betenbough to talk about their Kingdom At Work business workshops, held earlier in October.  We learned how the Lord moved inside those workshops – and how hearts (and minds) were transformed.

Take a Birdseyevu of Your Marriage

A special road edition of Together-on-Tuesday’s with Jim and Martha LIVE from Lubbock, Tx to chat with Rich and Allison Smith about their incredible marriage ministry, Birdseyevu.  The Smith’s ministry operates via family and marriage retreats in their area and they have a story you NEED to hear.

Let’s Talk Movies

It was Jim and Martha, back on the road, for a LIVE remote at one of the premier Christian Movie Makers in the country – PUREFLIX.  These folks made ‘God’s Not Dead’, ‘The Case For Christ’ and ‘Same Kind Of Different As Me’, and we got a behind-the-scenes look at their outfit with PUREFLIX COO, Steve Fedyski and CEO, Michael Scott – plus a peak at what’s in store for 2018…

A Conversation with Carmen LaBerge

We had the honor of having conservative-Christian radio talk show host, Carmen LaBerge, with us this afternoon to hear how she works daily to diligently make sure that we ALL see God in the details of the current events.  She also showcased her latest book – Speak the Truth.

A Different Type of Healthcare

It’s called Samaritan Ministries and it’s saving folks a TON in their healthcare costs.  It really is a better way to control premiums and doctor care, and we learned all about this amazing healthcare ministry with Anthony Hopp.  Tune in and change your healthcare paradigm! [replay]

Thanksgiving in Arizona – Part II

Today’s show was all about giving thanks as the Brangenbergs – LIVE from Marana, Arizona – pulled in the whole family to talk about thankfulness as members from all four corners of the country came to celebrate and share their hearts on what they’re thanking the Lord for this year.

Thanksgiving in Arizona – Part I

It was a special ‘Together-On-Tuesdays’ as Jim and Martha were LIVE in Marana, Arizona prepping for Turkey Day on Thanksgiving Eve.  It was a family affair as the duo brought on Jim’s mom and dad and the rest of his siblings to talk about marriage – what works; what doesn’t; and how Jesus changes EVERYTHING.

Ward Brehm is Making an Impact

What happens when the Lord gives you the world and all your dreams and wishes by the time you’re 40 years old…?  We found out exactly that with Ward Brehm and his brand new book – ‘Bigger Than Me’.  Ward got super transparent in our conversation about how success left him empty inside.  And how our Lord laid on his heart a mission that would impact a continent!

How to Understand Your Kingdom Calling

We had the honor of having Dr Amy Sherman talk  about how we can go about understanding our Kingdom calling.  And her new book, ‘Kingdom Calling’, is a great place to start!  Dr Sherman wants us Christ -followers to cause rejoicing in the city because of how God is using us.  Tune in to today’s podcast and hear her passion for getting churches on board with sending us ALL out on mission – each and every day.

Network, Network, Network

Have you ever thought about apartment complexes being mission fields…?  That’s the goal of ‘Apartment Life’,  which puts apartment dwellers at the center of our Mission, and we learned all about it with Sean Bailey.  We also talked with Deneen from ‘Grow From Your Overflow’ about her incredible networking ministry in the Detroit area.  Tune in and network!

Diane Paddison Wants You to ‘Be Refreshed’

It was Jim and Martha with the acclaimed author listed in the title as the Brangenberg’s brought in Diane to talk about her latest book, ‘Be Refreshed’, which is a 365 day devotional specifically for women in the workplace.  And her ministry, 4word Women, was also highlighted.  Calling all ladies!  Listen to this podcast! And guys…y’all can learn something here, too…!

A Book from Karen; A Story from Amy

A nice one-two punch this afternoon as Jim and Martha first introduced author Karen Whiting to talk about her new material (including a GREAT teen devotional); then, it was the inspired story of Amy Spain and how this single mom started all over in a big city where she surrendered to Him and got her degree.  Great stuff abounds in today’s episode.  Listen!

A Peak Behind the Curtain

We got an insider’s look at how the C12 Group is changing the lives of its members when two wives of these members joined Jim and Martha to talk about the impact the ministry’s personal impact- good stuff!  Then, author Christa Hernandez stopped by to share about her new upcoming book; and Mark Kober closed us out with a tale about his adventure in a field in Largo…  Check out this action packed podcast!

The Life and Times of Tom Chapman

It was the aforementioned local business man in studio with Jim today to talk about his recently released book, ‘Make All You Can, Give All You Can’, that details Tom’s story with Jesus at the center.  Tune in to hear the impact of that call on his life and the life of his family and business.

Tragos Law Works4Him

Hanging out with criminals all day – that doesn’t sound like a very “Christian” thing to do…or is it?  Listen to today’s podcast featuring Peter and George Tragos from the law offices Tragos, Sartes & Tragos as they share about their ministry in the courtroom doing criminal defense work!

“Step Out of Your Comfort Zone”

It was Kathy and Chris from Love2020 with an incredible and super inspiring update on the Love2020 Challenge – and some insight on what’s in store with their mission for the future… And you’ve GOT to hear Chris’ story on what the president of Full Sail University relayed to him in Orlando.  So great.  Tune in and learn the Prayer-Care-Share Lifestyle!

How Much is ‘Enough’?

We got to pick the brain of author – and speaker at this year’s “Plan To Give” Conference – Karen Guess about God, money; and God and money!  If you want to learn how to be a good steward of your wealth, then you need to listen to today’s podcast.  Tune in to learn a TON about money.

The Kirk Blank Takeover

It was Mr Christmas himself, Kirk Blank with MTL Magazine, hosting Jim and Martha at the sprawling HQ of MTL for a show chock full of tidbits, giveaways and a very special guest… The trio broke down the latest edition from MTL – their Holiday Edition – and gave away all sorts of goodies!

Ross Harrop Gets Sharp

Bob Sharp, that is – with Family Ministries of Florida and local C12 member as Ross Harrop took over hosting duties, per usual on the first Friday of the month, to highlight local businesses doing Kingdom Works.  And today, it was Mr Sharp.  Hear how he’s putting Him first in today’s podcast.