The Story of WIT Ministries

A powerful hour with Jim and Martha as they brought on the founders of ‘Whatever It Takes’ Ministries, Paul and Jenny Speed, to talk about how the Speed’s came to create this incredible marriage ministry – and the Speed’s held nothing back.  They got real.  And raw.  And dropped some serious knowledge on them – and marriage.  Hear this amazing story.

Changing Jobs Can Change Your Life

But you need to be prepared for that kind of a decision.  That’s why we brought on Andrew Spence Spencer to share the five things to consider before making that switch.  Later, it was Phil Struble highlighting his perspective on Zebedee Sons Fishing Co.  A great hour.  Listen!

Be Busy, Not Hurried

We had author, Alan Falding, with us this afternoon to talk about his new book, “The Unhurried Leader”.  Alan broke down the value of slowing down and highlighted the fact that unhurried leaders understand the importance of certain things they DON’T do.  Slow down and listen to this incredible conversation.

What is ‘Mission Drift’?

Tony Dale with the amazing Sedera Health talked with Jim about staying on Mission…and what happens when we drift.  What does mission drift look like?  What happens when we drift?  And how can we prevent it?  Tony gave some great examples – and advice – on the topic.  Listen!

Let’s Talk About iWork4Him

On our 900th Show (!!!!), Jim and Martha chatted with iWork4Him Board of Director, Sue Wilson, as the Brangenberg’s had Sue interview THEM about, well, all sorts of stuff – their vision; God’s faithfulness; life outside of radio; what IS iWork4Him – and what it isn’t.  It was an eye-opening hour.  Tune in to today’s podcast and get the TRUE feel for iWork4Him!

Toxic Faith and Spiritual Abuse

That’s part of the subtitle of Remy Diederich’s amazing new book, ‘Broken Trust’, which the author and pastor parsed for us on today’s episode.  Remy talked why he wrote the book, detailed why toxic faith is (and what Paul had to say about it) and what spiritual abuse entails.

Get Involved with Truth at Work

A great hour of testimony on how the power of Truth at Work groups can impact lives both inside the workplace – and out.  CEO of Truth at Work, David Holly, was the centerpiece as he shared his vision and how to get involved, then members called in, too, to share how their workplace were getting flipped upside down with the power of Truth at Work.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It was Martha behind the mic for a show with Alisa Savoretti of My Hope Chest along with the Connie Smith.  Alisa’s non-profit ministry is looking for Angels to help with reconstruction for their butterflies.  Intrigued?  Give today’s podcast a listen and learn all about it!

The Real News About Jesus’ Love

Kathy Branzell with Love2020 was back with us along with new Mission America Coalition CEO, Nick Hall, for an hour on how (and why) we should get involved in the ongoing “40 Days of Love Challenge” to share an authentic touch of Jesus with our neighbors, coworkers and friends.  Kathy and Nick also shared some great, inspired testimony.  Give it a listen!

God’s Movement in Cincinnati

With Jim and Martha back at our home base (Tampa), the duo brought in a couple they met in Ohio, Sherman and Sadell Bradley, who highlighted the incredible Kingdom Work they’ve been doing in their city.  Tune in and hear how the Lord is moving in this community, and how their non-profit agency, MORTAR, is helping to start businesses in urban areas.

God and Work and Family

Another day, another guest host on the program as we were honored to have Raul and Jessica Serrano from Ignite Chiropractic fill in on a Together-on-Tuesday’s Edition to talk about how they balance their thriving business with their family’s needs along with their spiritual health.  It was enlightening, inspiring and fun!  Check it out!

Let’s Talk About Church Safety

We had special-guest host, Mark Graham with CBMC – Tampa Bay, take over for the hour to talk about a hugely important topic:  Church Safety.  Mark brought on Jim Howard from Trinity Security Allies to detail how churches can best prepare themselves for security risks.  Give today’s podcast a listen to find out if your church is prepared – and what to do if it’s not.

Connecting our Faith and Work

We got to talk with John Van Sloten about his incredible new book, “Every Job a Parable”, which takes a fresh look at connecting our faith and our work.  Tune in and learn how to take a Biblical look at your job and how it’s a parallel story to who God is – and what He is doing. [replay]

Women in Business

We were LIVE on location in Kansas City with Kathy Boxx from Unconventional Business to detail their upcoming launch of “Unconventional Business Groups for Women”.  Women in business do face different issues than men -and Kathy’s discipleship groups will address them.  Listen and hear how you can get involved in this ministry.

An Hour on Marriage

Jim and Martha opened their hearts and talked marriage on the program today.  The duo also shared about some new ministries they’ve been inspired by, shed some more light on what to expect during their upcoming Marriage Cruise (sign up with YOUR sweetie!) and gave a brief on National Marriage Week.

The Chelsea Drinkard Show

We kicked off the week with special guest host, Chelsea Drinkard, who – along with her father – gave us an hour on the power of faith and work.  Chelsea showcased some great testimonials, too, on how folks were using their faith at work from a very diverse group of employees.  It was the iWork4Him paradigm shift on full display – check it out!

Give Generously

Our first Friday show took a slightly different slant today as we had not only Ross Harrop with C12 in studio, but also David Parsley with NCF – a combined show to highlight how C12 members use NCF to plan their giving so that they can live in the generosity God has laid on their hearts.

Luke and Dave and Marriage

It was another rousing one with Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management as the financial wizards joined Jim for an hour on money and marriage.  The trio got real on how budgeting can impact marriages – and the boys even gave personal anecdotes on how they deal with the stress that can crop up.  Don’t miss this show with the boys from Belleair!

iWork4Him Gets Legal

It was David Gibbs III from the National Center for Life and Liberty with Jim today as the duo cleared up a few things for all of us regarding the legality of sharing our Faith.  So many times we think it’s illegal to share our Faith – whether we’re business owners or leaders, or someone within the ranks.  We got the legal scoop from David.  Tune in for enlightenment.