LIVE @ Aqua Plumbing

The Brangenberg’s were on location this afternoon at the Headquarters of Aqua Plumbing and Air in Sarasota to talk with owner Skip Stanton and his crew about their faith and work…and fixing your AC and Plumbing.¬† It was one of the coolest shows we’ve done ūüôā

Consider the House Church

We were jam-packed this Thursday with Felicity Dale and John White, two advocates for House Churches who brought great insight on the impact of this movement. And we also brought in some folks across the nation (and world!) who gave testimonials on how the house church has affected them and their community.¬† The wave of the future is an old wave; and it’s House Church.

Love One Another

Great stuff today from Pulpit pastor and author, Tom Nelson, about his latest work – “The Economics of Neighborly Love” – and Tom joined Jim for an hour on the power of loving your neighbor.¬† What becomes interesting about the story of the Good Samaritan is that without considering the economics of the situation, it may not have been possible…

“Real Women, Refreshing Experience, Relevant Truth”

That’s the slogan for the upcoming event, Fresh Grounded Faith, where the goal is to¬†both enrich and honor the emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman‚Äôs life through encouragement, edification and Biblical teaching.¬† Pretty cool, huh?¬† And we got to talk with Teresa Nardozzi and Jennifer Rothschild about this empowering enterprise today; check it out!

The Epitome of “Romans 12:2”

Our signature verse was on full display this afternoon as we, first, had the privilege of talking with Mike Parker about his new book, My Emmaus, which is an incredible journey on God’s movement.¬† Then, Jon and Kristen Couch from This Day Ministries talked the worldly challenges one faces when you walk by faith and not by sight.¬† Get some inspiration in today’s show!

David Maus Jr Talks Faith

The fastest one hour in Christian talk radio got revved up a bit with David Maus Jr from Maus Automotive in studio with Jim and iWork4Him Brand Ambassador, Connie Smith, to talk about faith. ¬†And cars. ¬†Is it impossible to be honest and sell cars? ¬†Of course not! ¬†Especially if you’re living out our faith at work, just as David does. ¬†Hear how in today’s podcast.

Two Men Who Work4Him

A terrific one-two punch today featuring, first, Chuck Wasson with ARCW Insurance who gave an insiders view into the insurance arena and detailed the incredible work they’re doing; then, we had the honor of highlighting the online ministry of Work Matters via David Roth. ¬†For your insurance needs, contact Chuck; to discover God’s purpose for your work, then check out Work Matters. ¬†Hear why in today’s big time podcast.

Marketplace Chaplains and FCCI

We had a special remote appearance with Jason Brown and Co as Jason phoned us from the FCCI Conference in Miami.  He brought on a few leaders to share how Marketplace Chaplains is making an impact on all ages, cultures and job descriptions.  Hear how this ministry is touching and changing lives.

We All Need Counseling

Sage words from our friends at Trinity Counseling Ministries out in California as Jim and Martha talked with Jonathan and Amanda Woods about their incredible (and affordable!) counseling ministry. ¬†Hear how they’re saving relationships – sometimes with horses and dogs! – in today’s podcast!

“Awkward is Awesome”

It was a full house with Jim this afternoon, headed by Kathy Branzell of the amazing Love2020 movement, as the duo introduced reps from the upcoming “Dare2Share” event, which focuses on challenging teenagers to live a lifestyle of prayer – care – share. ¬†Can that be awkward for teens? ¬†Yes. ¬†Can it also be awesome? No doubt about it!

LIVE from SC

Yet another stop on the iWork4Him Road Tour as Jim and Martha stopped in South Carolina to chat with Steve and Becky Lewis, along with their son, Brandon, about the incredible backstory behind ¬†their book, “God’s Got Your Number”. ¬†It’s an absolutely awesome testimony. ¬†Check it!

LIVE from the Ark Encounter

Broadcasting from the belly of the Ark, we talked with Patrick Kanewske from the Ark Encounter in Kentucky!  It was as awe-inspiring experience.  Ever want to ask Noah questions about his one hundred years building the Ark?  Well, we did!  And you HAVE to hear the answers!  Do so in this show!

Our Time at the Creation Museum

It was Jim and Martha LIVE from the Creation Museum in Kentucky! ¬†The Brangenberg’s talked with the Museum’s Curator, Bodie Hodge, who was gracious enough to take the two through an incredible tour of their facility. ¬†Hear what they learned, then plan YOUR trip there ASAP!

A Trip to Alpharetta

On the road again, it was Jim and Martha broadcasting LIVE from Benson Integrated Marketing Solution in Alpharetta (Ga) to chat with Bob and Deanna Keator for a show on faith inside the workplace – and out. ¬†Tune in for an inspired hour on workplace ministry AND Jim’s faith!

Luke and Dave and Life

Our boys from Belleaur Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, joined Jim as your host aired LIVE from a bed-and-breakfast in Georgia (hear why in the show), and the trio talked financial prep for our waning days. ¬†Are YOU prepared? ¬†Find out in today’s episode!

Connecting our Faith and Work

We got to talk with John Van Sloten about his incredible new book, “Every Job a Parable”, which takes a fresh look at connecting our faith and our work. ¬†Tune in and learn how to take a Biblical look at your job and how it’s a parallel story to who God is – and what He is doing.

Mike & Harriet are Marriage Savers

The McManus’ joined Jim and Martha for an enlightening hour on what it takes to save your marriage from derailment. ¬†Mike and Harriet broke down why it’s important to remain sex free until marriage; why getting mentored before marriage is a HUGE plus; and how they’re encouraging churches nationwide to make a commitment to strengthening marriages in their local body. ¬†This podcast it teeming with great marriage advice.

Madison Miller is Sparking the Way

When you are 20 and you have cancer ‚Äď you contemplate a lot of different things like ‚Äúwhat am I here for‚ÄĚ an “I‚Äôm young, why me?‚ÄĚ. ¬†That was the case with Madison Miller, and she shared her inspiring story of beating cancer, and how that berthed Spark the Way; a ministry focused on the plight of young adults with cancer. Find out how you can get involved!

Ross Harrop Introduces Pneuma 33

It was guest-host Friday as the C12 Group’s area chair got behind the mic to highlight a business doing Kingdom Works. ¬†Today, Ross brought on the Kramer’s to spotlight their creative digital agency, Pneuma 33. ¬†Learn all about this amazing couple and hear God’s movement in every facet of their life. ¬†Such an inspiration!