Rethink Healthcare

An eye-opening edition as Jim brought in Jamie Lagarde from the amazing Sedera Health to talk how they’re revolutionizing the healthcare industry.  Jamie shared testimonies from a CEO, an HR professional and a patient – all who are experiencing the miracle of the Church sharing in healthcare.  This truly IS the solution that will change the world of healthcare.

The Book EVERYBODY Needs to Read

Author John Crossman joined Jim to talk about his new book, “Careers Builders / Career Killers”.  John gave some great and pertinent advice on how to build your career – and how NOT to kill it.  Fantastic nuggets abound in today’s show.  Listen and turbo charge your assent to the next level in your career.

Be Inspired

We had a nice one-two punch on the program this afternoon.  First, it was CEO of the Christian Chamber of Commerce (C3TB), Clara Rose, who talked about the amazing mission of C3TB; then, Shari Ribgy – movie star from the upcoming blockbuster, Extraordinary – joined us to talk about her role in this great film and why YOU should see it!  Get inspired!

Celebrate WORK this Labor Day!

We’re a week away – are you ready?  Are you ready to celebrate the work that the Lord has given you?  To celebrate the power of workplace ministry?  We are!  All thanks to the help from our friends at Love2020, who joined us to talk more about rethinking Labor Day.  Join us!

Ratio Christi on Campus

How do our college kids learn to defend their faith in THEIR workplace…the classroom?  We all know that college campuses around the world are growing in animosity to anything non-conformist (like being a Christ Follower) and that’s where Ratio Christi comes into play – this amazing ministry is equipping college students to defend their faith!

C12 in J’ville

Jim and Martha took the show on the road to Jacksonville today for an hour with J’ville’s local C12 leader, Bob Shallow, and a host of guests to talk about C12’s influence in their business and personal lives.  It was a show about C12 and ministry in the marketplace in action.  Tune in!

IHS Global Trains4Him

It was Kristy Schmitt and three heartfelt testimonials on today’s program as we had the privilege of learning all about the incredible mission of IHS Global, who are equipping healthcare faculty to witness for Christ.  Learn how they’re using the “Saline Process” in teaching these Believers.

It’s About What’s In Your Heart

A truly inspired outing featuring the amazing Meg Wallace, who authored the piece – “The One Thing Guaranteed to End All Marriage” – which you can read on her blog – – and she joined Jim and Martha to talk about saving marriages.  Find out the one, true key to make a relationship work in today’s action-packed podcast!

Make “Work” Your Major Mission Platform

And we learned how in today’s excellent edition featuring Dr Charlie Self, who joined Jim to talk how to recognize our workplace as our mission field, and how to act accordingly.  The duo also continued our initiative in rethinking Labor Day; to use this holiday as a launching pad to thank Him for our workplace-mission field.  Reshape your thinking in today’s show!

Good Samaritans

It was Jim and Martha with a studio teeming with Good Samaritans this afternoon as the Brangenberg’s highlighted Samaritan Ministries, Samaritan’s Purse, a Gospel-sharing ride share driver, and the amazing Casey Bell of Salem Radio.  Tune in to learn how to be a part of these world-changing Kingdom ministries and hear some great testimony!

A Mission of Intentional Love

Kathy Branzell was BACK for her second time this week!  This time, she joined Jim and Martha to talk about her two books she’s rolling out.  She also got to highlight her amazing mission of intentionality called “40 Days of Love”, which Kathy envisions as being a World where “every time you turn around, you’re bumping into somebody loving somebody else”.

Finding Your Work/Life Balance

Dr Russell Clayton, author of the essential new book – “In Search of Work-Life Balance” – joined Jim to break down some lessons in his latest work, which includes some controversial chapters; but, in the end, it’s all about starting it ALL off with Him.  Learn about it in today’s show.

Empty Nestin’

Joined by a couple empty nest-ers, Steve and Kathleen Steff, the Brangenberg’s talked the transition from having and raising kids, to seeing those kids fly the coop.  It was an enlightening hour with great insight on how to make this transition a bit more seamless.  And the dueling couples has some anecdotes to share – laughs and advice abound in this show!

The Labor Day Initiative

Traditionally, it’s a day to celebrate a day off, but what if we changed the focus of this National Holiday to be a celebration of our ministry in our workplace?  That was our intent today with Kathy Branzell and Paddy McBane who joined Jim to reshape our thinking about Labor Day.

“Jesus is the Ultimate Mulligan”

Great words from our phenomenal guest and retired PGA Tour Pro, Wally Armstrong, who joined Jim, along with local CBMC Chair, Mark Graham, for a chat on ministry on the golf course.  It was a great hour filled with laughs, testimony, heartfelt conversation and some pretty neat golf tips 🙂

First Priority is Making a Difference

Jennifer Atkinson and Amber Johansen from the amazing mission, First Priority, talked how their organization is providing resources and training to First Priority student-led campus groups in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. Training for students is provided through local church youth groups – and they’re making a HUGE difference.

Pastors Have Needs, Too

Big ones – and many of them.  They have tough jobs, dealing with all of our complaining and then, of course, they have to deal with their human frailty.  They sin and struggle with everyday issues just like us.  And when they have problems, where can they turn?  To “Care for Pastors”.  Learn all about it in today’s impassioned and enlightening podcast.

MTL Magazine Day!

Another MASSIVE show featuring Mr Christmas himself, Kirk Blank, with the amazing MTL Magazine as Kirk invited Jim and Martha to the worldwide HQ of MTL to broadcast AND dole out a TON of freebies!  They also talked about MTL’s latest edition, which features the hilarious Chonda Pierce, and the comedy queen even stopped by for a visit!

A C12 Group Testimony

It was Ross Harrop and Jim on August’s first Friday as the duo brought in C12 member, Simon Lee, to talk about the impact C12 has had on his businesses and management style; and, in turn, the type of impact his organizations are having on his community.  C12 is making a difference.  Hear how in today’s powerful hour of witness.