Pizza and Chicken

What do these two have in common?  Well, when you own eight (8) pizza restaurants in Iowa AND Illinois, you find out VERY quickly.  Check out today’s podcast to learn how Brandon Pratt and Sarah Brangenberg (yup, the Branegenberg’s daughter!) run a family restaurant business for Him.

“Crazy Like Foxes”

Homeless and broke; single mom of two and left to fend for herself – these amazing stories of redemption are the focus of today’s podcast featuring Bob Williamson and Jamie Vrinios, authors of the book – Crazy Like Foxes.  Hear the story of these two amazing business people who God rescued!

Sam Eaton & Recklessly Alive Ministries

We had a great conversation with Sam Eaton about an article he wrote – 59 Percent of Millennials Raised In a Church Have Dropped Out – and Sam broke down his thoughts in this insightful piece.  Hear where his head’s out – and how the Church can get the head’s and heart’s of Millennials – in today’s show.