The Jim and Bob Show

Two talk radio show hosts in one great hour as Jim brought on Bob Lambert, host of Faith Marketplace out of Chicago, to talk about God’s movement in the Windy City.  It was a powerful 60 minutes as Bob shared how the Lord is moving in the hearts and minds of Christ followers in the workplace.  Tune in for some truly inspired testimony.

The Kingdom Works of CBMC

The Christian Business Men’s Connection is the oldest faith and work organization in the US of A.  CBMC was started 87 years ago with the goal of disciplining Christ Followers to be equipped in taking their faith to work.  And we heard how via Mark Whitacre and Bill McAvinney.  Check it!

Tony Dale and Friends

So many Christ Followers give simple lip service to Jesus with their core values or organizational mission statement, but do they actually put it into action in their day-to-day?  Tony Dale with Sedera Health most definitely does, and we heard all about it in today’s podcast, which features Mr Dale PLUS some folks who compliment his work.  Listen!

Keys to a Faith-Based Organization

Ten of them, in fact, via Dr Jim Harris.  Dr Harris joined Jim for an informative hour on how to intentionally incorporate our faith into EVERYTHING that we do!  And the Doctor shared his pointers in creating, and growing, your faith and your work.  Check it out!

Bring Some Laughter to Your Marriage

It was Jim and Martha with Youtube sensations, Kristin and Danny Adams, for a chat with the dynamic (and hilarious) duo about laughter and marriage.  Should these go hand and hand?  Yes!  But more often than not, we forget to laugh.  Learn how to break that mold, and learn a ton about this amazing couple, in today’s inspired program.

Stop Moaning on Mondays!

Are you a Monday Morning atheist?  Or have you made the Monday Morning Switch??  It’s important that we adopt a lifestyle of “Thank God it’s Monday”; why?  Because our work is worship!  Learn all about making this essential switch in today’s show with Doug Spada and WorkLife!

God’s Movement in Pasco

It was James Sutherlin with Renew Pasco along with Sherri Paules representing Healthcare National Marketing (plus Jim, Martha AND Connie – full house!) for a fun and fast-moving hour on the amazing things God is doing in Pasco Co (Fl) and for their business.  Great witnesses and testimonies – get some encouragement in today’s show!

All About ARCW

We had a great conversation with Chuck Wasson, the owner of new show sponsor, ARCW Insurance. Chuck spoke from his heart about his company, his employees, their at-work chaplains, and gave an insiders looks at the workings of his business – all with Him at the center.  Check it out!

Learn About These Two Christian Chambers

It was a full house this afternoon with reps from the Christian Chamber of Commerce AND the Central Florida Christian Chamber (plus some special guests) all chiming in on the history, Kingdom Work and community impact these great folks are involved in.  See if it’s a great fit for involving you and/or your business in one of these awesome organizations!

A Different Type of Healthcare

It’s called Samaritan Ministries and it’s saving folks a TON in their healthcare costs.  It really is a better way to control premiums and doctor care, and we learned all about this amazing healthcare ministry with Anthony Hopp.  Tune in and change your healthcare paradigm!

Thursday’s Double Dose

Jim was jam-packed this afternoon with Teresa Devine of 24/7 Purpose (plus two great testimonials) AND Dr Paul White.  Teresa talked her incredible mission and how it’s changing lives, while Dr White shared about his new book, “The Vibrant Workplace”.  Two great guests – one great show.  Give it a listen!

Hiring and Firing

Jim was joined by Rick Boxx of the Integrity Resource Center and the duo talked running an unconventional business, including how you hire and fire employees.  The “Unconventional Business” author gave some great insight on how to be the best in your field, unconventionally, and why this tact may be the best avenue for you to take your business to the next level.

Jim and Martha Talk Marriage

And TONS of other stuff, too, as the Brangenberg’s had a wide-ranging conversation on this Together-On-Tuesday’s Edition that touched on myriad topics:  marriage; “hope, restored”; new ministries that have touched them; recommending reading; and LOTS more.  Check it out!

Skip Stanton Works4Him

We dove deep today into the faith walk of the owner of Aqua Plumbing and Air and heard how Skip’s journey with Christ has “changed his paradigm”.  We also got a look at how he came to be within his profession, what makes him a great boss (with a special guest chiming in) and his work with C12.  It was a powerful hour of discovery and witness.  Check it!

Last Stop – Duluth, Ga

The iWork4Him Road Tour wrapped up in Georgia today as Jim and Martha held their broadcast LIVE from Blueprint Digital with owner Nathan Taitt along with local C12 chair, Laure Hoffman.  Hear how Laure and Nathan are making a kingdom impact and changing the world!

Why We LOVE the National Christian Foundation

We were LIVE at the national headquarters of the National Christian Foundation (NCF) in Alpharetta, Ga with their new CEO, Chris Holdorf, and we got to hear his vision for helping Christ followers to be great stewards of the wealth they’ve been entrusted.  Hear why NCF is a favorite ministries of ours in today’s podcast!