Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader

We wrapped up the week with author, Hans Finzel, about his new book on becoming a great leader.  Hans’ book sheds some great light on how you can take your leaderships skills to the next level, which you’ll hear all about in today’s podcast, PLUS Jim’s favorite part of the book (hint: “L”).

Your Business as a Mission

Living with intentionality is a key if you are going to be a Christ follower.  So how about combining your business with a mission?  That was the focus this afternoon as Jim talked with Tony Dale of Sedera Health about Business as Mission, what that exactly means – and its impact.

Dean Niewolny is Trading Up

The CEO of Halftime, Dean Niewolny, popped in to talk about his new book, “Trade Up”.  Jim and Dean had a relaxed conversation about the movement of God in Dean’s life as he walked away from the corner office of a high rise in Chicago to pursue a deeper relationship with Him.

Married and Working Together

Life isn’t easy – ESPECIALLY for entrepreneurial married couples.  But there’s hope!  And that’s what David and Jill Johnson brought for their guest-hosting stint as they shared their unique perspective on marriage, their relationship with Jesus and how they keep it all strong while running a thriving business.

Bridging the Generational Gap

We kicked off the week with guest host, Chelsea Drinkard, behind the mic as she brought in Stevie Morgan from Cater Me Fit to talk about bridging the gap between millennials and baby-boomers.  Is there hope to bridge this divide?  Yes!  Here how in today’s insightful (and fun!) podcast.

Killing Wonder Woman

Ever get that “Wonder Woman” feeling?  Like, Wonder Woman can do ANYTHING, right?  She’s got a cool shield, those sweet gold bracelets, the gold rope; but, in real life, can Wonder Woman really stand up to the pressures of life?  We found out with author, TJ Wilson, as she broke down her incredible new book, “Killing Wonder Woman”.

Make Your Luncheons Unconventional

Unconventional is out of the ordinary and against the grain.  And Rick Boxx wrote the book on it!  He joined us today to detail the “Unconventional Business Luncheons” that he’s holding all over the Midwest – and they’re making a HUGE impact.  Get the scoop (and see if you can host one in your town) in today’s podcast!

Be a Transformational Leader

Ford Taylor with Transformational Leadership joined us today for a deep dive into his incredibly effective program, TL on Demand, and he talked with Jim about the merits of becoming a transformational leader in our respective communities, and why that’s so important.

Marriage Manuals

Marriage is tough!  Don’t you wish there was a manual that told us how to do it right?  It’d be pretty neat if there were books with lists for us to follow on getting this marriage thing right, right?  Well, there are!  They’re called “Lists to Love By”, and we broke them down with the authors of these amazing books, the Merrill’s, in today’s show.

Chaplains in the Workplace

Is it legal for you to have a chaplain on your job site?  Can’t we get in trouble for that??  That was our focus this afternoon as we invited Jeanette Robert with Marketplace Chaplains for a fascinating conversation about having a chaplain on work sites from a human resource perspective.

Halftime Testimonials

The Halftime Way takes one from Success to Significance, and that’s what we heard about today as Jim and Martha invited Rhonda Kehlbeck from the Halftime Institute to highlight her Halftime story as well as those of two other amazing women, Wende and Diane.  Tune in and hear how the Halftime Way has transformed these dynamic women.

Learn About the Five Love Languages

It was another “Together-on-Tuesday” on a WEDNESDAY as Jim and Martha continued their remotes from Harvey Cedars, NJ today and they invited two great couples to talk about gaining a renewed hope in loving your spouse effectively by learning their love languages.

An Awesome Summer Ministry

It was Brian and Angela Sacket from Harvey Cedars Bible Camp with Jim and Martha as the Brangenberg’s continued their LIVE broadcasts from New Jersey today to highlight the ministry of Harvey Cedars Bible Camp, which is currently focused on families and the Five Love Languages.

A Renewed Focus on Evangelism

We had Kathy Branzell and Chris Vennetti from Love2020 on with Jim and Martha to talk about the upcoming “Amplify Conference”, which is sponsored by Mission America and the Billy Graham Foundation.  Kathy and Chris spoke Truth about what this Conference will bring to the masses.  Tune in and feel the LOVE in today’s podcast!

Bringing Faith Outside the Church Walls

We closed out the week with a bang as we had the pleasure of bringing in Barry Meguiar, president of Meguiar’s Inc Care Care Products AND founder of Revival Outside the Walls, which seeks to bring purpose and excitement into the daily lives of every follower of Jesus Christ, but outside the walls of the traditional church!

Are You Ready for “This Day”?

Jim and Martha were joined today with fellow radio talk show host, Jon Couch, from This Day Ministries, and the trio chopped it up for an hour of great conversation about how God wants to intersect in our life THIS DAY.  Get insight and hope – and some laughs – in today’s podcast!

The Awe of God and Your Work

We were joined by author Paul David Tripp to talk about his amazing book, “Awe”, and how the awesomeness of God should impact our work (and everything about us).  It was an inspired conversation with great insight from Mr Tripp whose words will really resonate.  Give it a listen!

A Guide to Ministering with Your Spouse

Did you ever consider how hard it is to be married and involved in ministry together?  We tackled this question with help from Aarron and Cristine Pina of Seasons of Life Ministries as Jim and Martha talked with the Pina’s about how to stay married and minister together.

MTL Magazine with Mr Christmas

We had our very special “MTL Magazine Day” broadcast at the intentional HQ of MTL today with Kirk Blank and it was jam packed with giveaways, plus a peak into their latest offering, which features Steven Curtis Chapman.  Hear about their latest issue, and get in on the fun that Jim and Martha had with Mr Christmas, in today’s podcast!