The Book on Business

We spent a great hour with Christy Wright from the Dave Ramsey Organization and author of the book, Business Boutique.  With Jim and Martha in studio, the trio broke down some fun and informative stuff from Christy’s latest, and brought to light how you can do what you love – NOW!  Give it a listen for some helpful nuggets on business.

Lloyd’s Halftime Journey

Today, we talked with with Lloyd Rheeb, author and primary spokesperson for The Halftime Institute, about how the Lord intersected in his life and led him on a journey from pursing success, to finding significance in his work.  It’s a moving and inspired testimony.  Give it a listen and find out how YOU, too, can go on this halftime journey.

Dr Benjamin Quinn Works4Him

What does it mean to be a Christ follower “Every Waking Hour”?  Dr Quinn knows – and he wrote a book on it!  That was our topic today as Jim and Martha had a great, wide-ranging conversation with Dr Quinn about his new book and what it means to connect our faith to everything we do.

What is a “Joseph Calling”?

For seven years, Os Hillman went through an incredibly tough time.  He lost his job, his wife, his family – everything he valued.  God showed him the upside of adversity, and Os has written a book about the Joseph Calling on his life.  Get that incredible story, and learn all about the Joseph Calling, in today’s podcast.

Are Smaller Churches Better Churches?

We broke it down with Felicity Dale and John White as the duo talked with Jim about the benefits of small groups and small house churches.  Small groups can be transformational, but there’s also room for big churches, too!  Get the big scoop on small groups and churches in today’s podcast.


Read Your Bible

It was Jim and Martha for a show on the power of reading the Bible.  We’ve been told for years that, as Christ followers, we are supposed to read the Bible.  But why?  Does it really make a difference?  Short answer:  YES.  Get the ins and outs of “WHY” in today’s podcast.

Do You Know About “That Day”?

We went out-of-the-box this afternoon with Aarron Pina of Season of Life Ministries as he gave us a sneak peak into his “That Day” presentation.  Aaron, along with a handful of characters, gave Jim a taste of what this presentation is all about.  Check it out – you’ll be inspired by the story and amazed by its demonstration.

Business for His Glory

We closed out the workweek with Donna Clute from New Life Solutions and a show centered around the premise of Wayne Grudem’s book, “Business for the Glory of God”.  Can be business be done for God’s Glory?  It is morally neutral?  Get those answers in our great conversation in today’s podcast.

Joy vs Happiness

We had a great and insightful conversation with Jeff Spadafora from the Halftime Institute about his book, The Joy Model, and heard about the master plan for building joy in our lives.  And what is joy, anyway?  Should our lives be defined by it?  Find out in today’s podcast.

Let’s Talk Stocks

It was the boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, taking the lead for a show on stocks and bonds and when to invest – and when not to.  And with the stock markets up so high, can we still make money?  Find out, and get some GREAT advice, in today’s podcast.

Be a Good Neighbor

Author of “Friends in Deed”, Don Hawkins, joined Jim and Martha for an hour on being a good neighbor.  Why is it important?  What does it look like?  The trio broke it down by examining Don’s book and taking a good look at the “good Samaritan”.  Listen in and find out why being a good friend might really be your highest calling.

Leadership in the Bible

What does the Bible say about leadership?  Is there a story in every Book that we can relate to leadership?  Sure is!  And that’s the focus of Brent Garrison’s book, “Leadership by The Book”, which Jim and Brent detailed in today’s episode.  Give it a listen and hear what the Bible has to say about leadership – then take those tools and elevate how you lead!

Abe Brown Ministries

We took a look at the plight of the ex-offender in today’s program and how best to integrate these folks back into the workforce without being pigeonholed into low paying jobs with no future.  Robert Blount. president of Abe Brown Ministries and Director of Ready 4 Work, is leading the charge that assists ex-offenders with re-entry into the community, workforce and towards leading a productive life.

Lee Strobel Makes the Case for Christ

We had a great hour with Lee Strobel, whose book – The Case for Christ – has been made into a movie and was just released, nationwide, April 7 (2017).  Lee dove deep into the makings of the book and movie, and his story from atheism to a Believer is truly inspiring.  Give today’s podcast a listen and hear how he built his Faith – and check out this book AND movie. [replay]

Youth Ministry vs Youth IN Ministry

We went in-depth with Tim Eldred of Endeavor Ministries (along with Kathy Branzell and Love2020) for a conversation about equipping and training the youth in ministry.  It was an hour of paradigm-shifting ideas – but one that could truly bring great change to how we look at the youth in our ministry.

Jesus Saves

We had a very powerful conversation with Mike Goeke about his gay life being rescued by Jesus.  Is was a conversation centered around how to love a friend, neighbor or co-worker who is proclaiming their homosexuality – and how to show them Jesus and give them a chance to hear the Truth.

Music That is Saving Lives

Hip hop star from Virginia, Nigel “Legin” Anderson, talks the inspiration behind the Safe House Project, which seeks to be a safe haven for youth to flee when they find themselves in dire and dangerous situations.  The proceeds of their latest album, Safe House, will be used to help this dream become a reality.  With special guests in tow, Legin and his crew talked about the Safe House, their music, and how Jesus leads all that they do.

Luke and Dave and Race Cars

It’s always a blast when the boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, join us on-air, and today was no different.  The dynamic duo joined Jim for a talk on the importance of having a financial pit crew in you corner to guide your financial decisions.  Get some great advice and hear a really fun conversation in today’s podcast.