Jim and Mark Talk Trump

We closed out April’s slate of programming with the host of Investing for Success Radio and president of Nepsis Capital Management, Mark Pearson, for a conversation about President Trump’s first 100 days.  How has Trump’s time TRULY impacted our faith?  Our workplaces?  Our economy?  Get the real scoop from today’s candid and open conversation.

Rethinking Healthcare

Great stuff today with Tony Dale of Sereda Health, who enlightened us on the true state of healthcare, and what we can do about it.  We learned that there ARE alternative out there – we just have to seek them.  The knowledge he imparted is important.  Learn the “real deal” with healthcare in today’s show.  And learn how to make a change.

MTL Magazine Day!

Action-packed this afternoon with Mr Christmas himself, Kirk Blank, as we talked about the latest offering from MTL Magazine (featuring Juliana Zobrist!) and also gave away A TON of goodies, courtesy of MTL.  Hear all about this awesome publication, which does truly bring More To Life.

Stop and Smell the Roses

A candid conversation on a Together-on-Tuesday’s Edition as Jim and Martha talked about the busyness in our lives that can cause tension and strife in our relationships and work life.  Are YOU too busy?  Find out, and get some great insight on how to be less busy (and why), in today’s show.

A Practical Guide To Bringing Your Faith to Work

David Kim with the Center for Faith and Work joined us for an in depth discussion on how we can effectively manifest the iWork4Him mission in our workplaces.  Jim, Martha and David delved deep into what the Bible says about our work, why its important, and how we can use that as inspiration in bringing Light to our cubicles and coworkers.

Dr Serrano’s Got Your Back

We wrapped up the workweek with a fun and informative show featuring Dr Raul Serrano and Ignite Chiropractic.  Dr Serrano talked about God’s perspective on healthy living, and you HAVE to hear how he’s using his faith to bless ministries with the profits of his business.

Closing the Sunday-Monday Gap

We had Luke Bobo with Made To Flourish on to talk about helping our pastors bring more to light the faith and work movement.  As detailed in today’s program, scripture says that our jobs are important; as such, when we attend Church on Sunday, we should be ready to treat our Monday cubicle as a mission field.  Learn how in today’s episode.

Learn to Apologize

We received a great lesson today from Ford Taylor about the power and essence of apologizing and forgiveness when it comes to becoming a transformational leader.  Giving an apology can be difficult, but its result in resolving conflict is important.  Hear why, and all about the 6-step Apology, in today’s podcast with Ford and TL on Demand.

“In-Home Support When You Need It”

Being a caregiver for loved ones, family and friends can be a stressful situation.  Luckily, Home Care Now Tampa Bay have the resources and know-how to guide folks through this overwhelming and, at times, exhausting situation.  And in today’s program, we got a first-hand account of how Home Care Now operates, and what they can offer you in this time of need.

Are Your Monday’s Awesome Yet?

The 6th and final installment of our Monday Revolution Series with Doug Spada and WorkLife.  Today, we talked empowerment and how to look at your work (and your Monday’s) with a sense of purpose.  Work is GOOD!  So kick off the workweek, and everyday, with the idea that our work is a spiritual act of worship.  Listen and make the Monday Switch today 🙂



Sharing Jesus to Kids Through Books

Our Good Friday program featured Hank and Dr Mary Manz Simon in highlighting Mary’s children’s books that help parents’ introduce the Love of Christ to their tykes!  Her books are impacting kids around their world and, along with husband Hank, this dynamic duo are doing world-changing Good Works.

Be Intentional With Your Influence

We had an inspired conversation with Os Hillman about the Change Agent Network, which teaches how to use our spheres of influence to impact those around us.  It’s about encouragement and being a Light to those we come in contact with to change the environment that surrounds us – and, in turn, changing the World.



Prayer Changes Things

Big things.  Small things.  Literally EVERYTHING.  And that’s the bottom line for the nationwide National Day of Prayer that occurs the first Thursday of May – and you need to be there.  Hear how this strategic and intentional form of prayer is making a massive difference.

Rekindle the Love

Our Ladies Day Edition was full of the “L”-word this afternoon as both of the outstanding female authors we featured talked about Love; Sharon Jaynes explored women bringing back the Love and romance to their men, while Letitia Tuk shared why personal retreats with God can help us refocus and feel the Love and direction from Him.

Keeping Your Work Connected to God

The Monday Revolution rolled on as Part V of our six-part series continued today as Doug Spada with WorkLife was back to tell us more about how to make Monday’s AWESOME.  Our work is a spiritual act of worship because work is GOOD – and we learned about recognizing this spiritual connection, and nurturing that connection, in today’s show.

The Ministry of C12

We had the pleasure of highlighting two area C12 ministries from outside our home base operation here in sunny Florida as we talked with C12 Group chair members from Rhode Island AND Texas – with each bringing on a local member from their area to talk how C12 is making an impact in their respective businesses.

Financial Planning with Luke and Dave

Our boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, were back with us during Master’s Week to talk about the importance of having a financial caddie in your corner.  Hear how these advising gurus can help you win the Big Tourney called Retirement.

Modeling Excellence

It was another hour with Rick Boxx and the Integrity Resource Center as Jim and Martha talked with the author about the chapter on Excellence on his book, Unconventional Business.  We learned why excellence is key to today’s workplaces, that attitude changes EVERYTHING, and why Rick has Nehemiah woven throughout his excellent book.

Make a GIVING Impact

Jim and Martha got an insider’s look at two great giving ministries, 100 Shares Tampa Bay & The National Christian Foundation, and how their giving is making a Kingdom impact.  Their giving (with YOUR help!) is changing the world.  Get the details on these great organizations, and consider helping them out to have a helping hand in their ministries!