The Tale of Tales That Teach

High school buddy from the frozen tundra, Ron Mark, joined Jim and Martha to talk about his passion – storytelling.  Ron’s creativity was on full display today as he talked about his art.  He also opened up on how his Faith journey and his ministry, Tales That Teach, where he’ll look to travel the Nation telling the Truth in story form.

Q Place Conversations Answer the BIG Questions

We had the National Church Partnership Director of Q Place, Jeff Klein, on-air to detail their mission of making the “God Conversation” personal and inviting.  It starts with three Christians and a question.  It ends with a self-discovery of the Truth through scripture.  Get the nuts and bolts of this Truth-bringing movement in today’s podcast.

Threads of Encouragement

Christian Professionals Worldwide, one of the myriad groups on the giant (and powerfully useful) social networking tool known as LinkedIn, boasts over 59 thousand members.  Their mission is simple:  to offer encouragement from, and for, brothers and sisters in Christ.  Hear how they’re bringing global inspiration (and consider joining to bring inspirations to other Believers!) in today’s podcast.



Lee Strobel Makes the Case for Christ

We had a great hour with Lee Strobel, whose book – The Case for Christ – has been made into a movie being released, nationwide, April 7 (2017).  Lee dove deep into the makings of the book and movie, and his story from atheism to a Believer is truly inspiring.  Give today’s podcast a listen and hear how he built his Faith – and check out this book AND movie.

Celebrate Mondays!

We continued our Monday Revolution Series with Doug Spada and WorkLife (and a special guest) on making the Monday Switch.  Today, we focused on the idea that our work is our worship.  We got some real-world examples of this idea in action, truly highlighting the fact that our faith SHOULD be impacting out work.  Get in the “No-Moan-Monday-Zone” in today’s podcast!

Judy Hulsey is Investing in Lives

A great hour as Jim and Martha invited the Allgen Financial Adviser to speak from her heart about how she came to Christ and how she’s bringing her Faith to work!  The trio dug deep into her journey, and you HAVE to hear how Judy’s trip to watch Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic play ball had a profound effect on her.

Bringing Living Water to the Dominican Republic

We had Martin Newby with Love Serves International in studio to detail the amazing work they’ve been doing in the Dominican Republic.  We also got an inside look at how The National Christian Foundation operates and how they’re helping build the Kingdom.  Two great organizations with a common cause – tune in, learn some, and see how you can help!

Love2020 and The Orality Sphere

Mark Snowden describes Orality as not only a story told orally, but also in how it’s told.  It’s memorable and meaningful and one that connects.  It’s a great tool we can use to have a conversation about Jesus.  Using this tool, Mark is making real connections and saving souls.  Hear how in today’s podcast.  (special shout-out to Kathy Branzell for the introduction!)



A Broken Home Doesn’t Need to Break You

Author, speaker, and step-parenting expert, Laura Petherbridge, joined Jim and Martha for a powerful hour on a tough topic:  how to parent between homes.  Laura was honest, open and real, and her story is one that will resonate not only with anyone affected from a “broken home”, but also by anyone yearning for hope and redemption.



Work Does NOT Have to be a Four-Letter Word

We’re learning how to kick off the workweek righteously by bringing our Sunday Sermon to our Monday morning.  And on this second part of our six-week series, Doug Spada with WorkLife talked the ground-breaking revelation he had that inspired this Revolution, and how to make your work more meaningful.  Break from your MOAN-day, and make it GREAT.

iWork4Him in Action

A super-sized Friday edition as Jim and Martha highlighted two local businesses keeping Him at the center.  First, it was the founders of the new publishing company, Now SC Press, to talk their mission, vision and values.  Then, Bill Wolf with Midway Services opened up on his faith walk and how he’s led by our Lord.  Two GREAT companies working for Him.

Bringing Jesus to Your Nine-to-Five

Marketplace Chaplains CEO, Doug Fagerstrom, along with marketplace Chaplain, Glenn Pav, talked with Jim about how they’re saving souls in the employment arena.  Hear how they’re not only serving others in the cubicle, but also positively effecting all kinds of aspects in the workplace.



What We Can Learn from “Elliot”

And Stacy’s mom.  These being just two of the many anecdotal characters in Ron Brumbarger’s book, “You’re Always Being Interviewed”, who Jim interviewed on today’s show!  Ron broke down what it means to have “relational capital” and how most of our life, we’re being interviewed – which is how the world works.  Hear how in today’s program. [replay]

God IS in the Workplace

And that’s the premise of Will Morris’ great book, “Where is God at Work?” – a book we, obviously, LOVE – but it’s also one that speaks to every kind of workplace.  In it, Will looks to connect our Monday-Friday with out Faith, and he spoke with Jim today on the key points in the book.

The Monday Revolution Starts HERE

We kicked off the first of our six-week series this afternoon with Doug Spada and WorkLife!  Over the course of these shows, we’ll break down how to break out of the mundane Monday doldrums and kick the week of right!  Give God 6 Mondays and see what happens.  Give Part I a listen.

Autumn Lindsey Takes on Vogue Magazine

You’ve probably seen Autumn’s video response to Vogue Magazine’s article about buying friends an abortion gift.  Her scathing video take-down is powerful, and we dug deep into her impassioned response.  You HAVE to hear the backstory on this authentic take from this incredible young woman.

“The Urgency of Being Patient”

Author Bill Peel joined us to talk about RG Letourneau and the higher learning center that bears his name, Letourneau University, which houses the Center for Faith and Work.  Bill detailed this amazing man’s life and legacy, and shed light on the faith and work movement.

Stop Compartmentalizing Your Faith!

Friend of the show, Rick Boxx with The Integrity Resource Center, stopped by for a program on the importance of keeping our priorities straight; personal, business and faith-related.  Rick gave some awesome, real-life examples on the power of keeping Christ first, and relayed what can happen when our priorities are not properly aligned.

LeeAnn Jefferies NEVER Lost Her Faith

Former professional model, LeeAnn Jefferies, suffered from Bipolar Disorder and thought not only that her career was over, but her life.  Through her Faith and His grace, her mind went from chaos, evil and sin to being rescued by our Lord.  Her book, written with the help of the amazing Eva Marie Everson, details this incredible journey.  Hear her redemption story, and about this debilitating disorder, in today’s show.