A Bridge Between Business and Church

Kyle Jackson with Next Level Church (Fl) joined Jim and Martha do discuss the upcoming event, Advance One Day, which seeks to reach out to the business community for an all day training extravaganza with Him at the center.  Hear how this event is bringing business leaders and workers to be better at EVERYTHING, because, as Kyle put it, “as business advances, so does the community.”

Let’s Talk About Retirement

Authors Rick Hicks and Hans Finzel joined us to talk about the process of making a personal encore plan and the idea of  “ELDERLESCENCE”.  With Martha in studio, the Brangenberg’s highlighted the book that Rick and Hans penned called “Launch Your Encore”, and the quartet went deep on what it means to be great later in life.  Tune in for some worthwhile wisdom.

The Incredible Story of Bill Pollard

The former CEO of Service Master joined Jim to talk about the amazing movement that God has made in his life, sharing some awesome anecdotes from his business and personal life.  They also talked about Bill’s new book, The Tides of Life.  Some inspiring stuff in today’s show.

A College with a Biblical Mindset

Three students and a professor walk into the iWork4Him studios… Nope, it’s not the setup for a punchline, but rather the beginnings of a really engaging and insightful conversation about Trinity College in Florida!  With the studio packed, Jim was able to learn so much about Trinity and how they’re teaching, and the students are learning, with Him at the center.  Find out why this might be the place for YOU to get your degree 🙂

Molding Millennial Leaders

An eye-opening conversation, and a wide-ranging one, with the folks from Initiative Network and their 72 program, which seeks to change the perception of the Millennial Generation by shaping leaders in that Generation to shine Truth across the Nation.  They’re “pushing back the darkness in our culture” – hear how in today’s podcast!

Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

Author and speaker, Dr Paul White, detailed what a toxic workplace looks like, and how it could compromise your physical and mental health.  You’ll also learn about toxic leaders, get some valuable lessons on when it might be time to leave a toxic place, and hear the Brangenberg’s talk honestly about their past experiences with toxicity in the cubicle.

Local Ministries, Global Visions

A great one-two punch to kick off the week with Jane Morse-Swett and Women with Purpose PLUS Cavita Dat and The Gospel Exchange – both of these amazing women shared from their hearts for an hour on how they got to lead their respective ministries, and how they’re shaping the World.

NCF are Helping Thousands with Billions

Chris Holdorf and Bob Collins with The National Christian Foundation joined Jim for 60 minutes of eye-popping information on how NCF are using the generous giving of many in a well-thought out and strategic manner to have the greatest impact.  Who can help?  ANYONE.  How are they helping us help others?  Listen and find out – and GIVE 🙂


“Journey of Generosity”

The nationwide goal of the Mission Increase Foundation is helping charities and non-profits from coast-to-coast gain the funding and help they need while also helping those charities transform their communities.  They train.  They teach.  They’re doing great work for the Kingdom.

Prayer Changes EVERYTHING

Cindy Marks and Kathy Branzell from Love2020 joined us to talk how they’re building the Kingdom, one soul at a time, by bringing everyone together to share the Love and Message of Jesus to EVERYONE in the US by the year 2020.  Cindy shared how she met the mayor, set a time for prayer with him, what she prayed for, and the amazing results!

Prayer and Glimpses of God

Estha Trouw and Mom’s in Prayer International are changing the world by working towards covering EVERY school they can with prayer (and they’ve a great start).  John Perodin and Michelle Cox have written devotionals for men and women to kick start their faith.  Hear these inspiring stories in today’s podcast, then get to prayin’ and readin’ 🙂

From Salsa to Salvation

An incredible story from an amazing couple who talked about the power of being receptive to Him when He speaks to us, and what can happen when we are led by Faith and let Him direct us.  And now, the Eckhouse’s are using their story, along with His guidance, to inspire many others.


We Are Built to Flourish

A ton of talent in studio with Andy Crouch and Case Thorp, both doing HUGE things for the Kingdom, and they stopped by for an hour about building faith through vulnerability, and what it means to truly flourish.  Get fed via this podcast – one you’ll likely listen to more than once.

“Sharpening Iron with Iron”

Founder of Arete Executive Women of Influence, Diane Ogle, stopped by to detail the power of her organization and how Arete is shaping the world by giving women encouragement in their faith as they lead and become excellent in the workplace .  Her story is powerful, he ministry is moving, and what she is doing for the Kingdom is making a massive difference.



Make a Ministry Plan for Your Business

Rick Boxx with Integrity Resource Center was back with us to talk more about his book, Unconventional Business.  Rick and Jim talked unconventional wisdom to create Unconventional Business and how this advice is not just for business leaders, but for ANYBODY in ANY workplace.

Get Out of God’s Way!

Author Melissa Weathersby joined Jim and Martha for an in depth discussion on Melissa’s latest book, “Are You Arresting Your Blessing?”, which focuses on the five keys to letting Him move more freely and powerfully in your life.  Hear how this “closet author” was led to create this book – a book Jim’s calls one that will “punch in you the face.”

Ministry in the Marketplace

As he does the first Friday of every month, Ross Harrop with C12 Tampa Bay took guest hosting duties to highlight a local business doing Kingdom Work.  Today, Ross featured Geoffrey Rogers with the US Institute Against Human Trafficking.  Hear how Geoffrey’s organization is using their Three Pillars of Outreach to combat this worldwide epidemic locally.

Stop Procrastinating!

But how?  Find out with some great advice via the boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, in this high-spirited episode on keeping your head out of the ground and, instead, keeping your eyes and heart on Him.  (They threw in a bit of financial advice, too).

Building Houses, Building the Kingdom

Rick and Holly Betenbough with Betenbough Homes (Tx) were highlighted today and, boy, did they share from their hearts.  They’re working for Him by showing His Love through EVERYTHING they do, top to bottom.  Hear about their beginnings to how they interact with with their staff and customers (AMAZINGLY), and why they chose to follow Him in ALL they do in our program that shows the iWork4Him mission statement in action.