Be Spiritually Intentional

Terence Chatmon joined us this afternoon to talk about his new book, “Do Your Children Believe?”, which focuses on how to create a plan in teaching your kids about Jesus.  Terence opened up on his journey in creating the book, and gave some great advice on being intentional with our Faith.

MTL Magazine Day!

Mr Christmas himself, Kirk Blank with MLT Magazine, popped in for an hour on breaking down their latest edition, which features a terrific article by Kirk (and TONS of other great stuff, too), AND we gave away all sorts of sweet schwag, courtesy of MTL!  Learn more about the mission of this amazing magazine, and how to subscribe, in today’s MASSIVE show.


This is the Essence of iWork4Him

Two great testimonies about how the mission of iWork4Him is being implemented in the workplace and beyond.  First, Victor Boll told his tale on how he was driven to lead a then-stranger to Christ.  Then, Christeen Rico joined the second half to talk how she’s praying intentionally and using her Faith to save souls.

Megan Alexander Gets Real About Her Faith

Jim and Martha had the pleasure of spending time with the National Correspondent for Inside Edition and special correspondent for CBS’ Thursday Night Football, and Megan opened up about her Faith walk and how Jesus guides her both in her field, and off camera.

The Initiative Network is Impacting a Generation

Grant Skelton has some great thoughts on how best to bring the Love of Jesus to his generation, Millennials.  His organization, The Initiative Network, is a response to the idea that his Generation is narcissistic and doesn’t care about Jesus.  Hear how this network is helping young people across the Nation channel their passion for the Word.

Are You Too Busy?

Time moves fast, which can cause us to miss precious moments with the folks we love.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Listen as Jim and Martha give great advice on how to make sure we don’t let time slip away so that we can spend great moments with our loved ones.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

We were joined by Paul White, who co-wrote the amazing book – 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace – and he shed light on how showing appreciation to coworkers and employees can work wonders in boosting team morale, creating more diligent and caring workers, and even decreasing turnover.

The iWork4Him Inauguration Day Special

A yuuuuuuuuge conversation about Presidents; current and past.  Jim and Martha talked what traits a great President should have, what can be learned from former Presidents, and how our past Presidents leaned on their faith.  TONS of great advice to help our freshly sworn in Leader.

Become a Professional Counselor

Trinity College invaded our studio with Professor, Leslie Rewald, and future graduate, Samantha Phillips, to talk about the College’s curriculum.  Who’s a nice fit for the program, and how the curriculum looks, are just a couple of questions answered in today’s show.  Tune in to hear how Trinity is training with a Biblical bent and making a HUGE difference. is Saving Souls

Sean Dunn with joined us to talk how his ministry,, is bringing the Word to folks across the nation via radio and television advertisements, billboards and print ads.  Through this campaign, Sean is spreading the Love and making a REAL difference.

Marriage is Worth It

National Marriage Week is coming up February 7-14, and we had their Executive Director, Sheila Weber, pop by to detail not only this week long celebration of matrimony, but also shed light on the truly phenomenal benefits of being married, like longevity, financial prosperity, and even positive health benefits.  Marriage really is more than just “I Do”.

Love2020 is Changing Lives

We had Kathy Branzell back on the program to talk more about their awesome ministry that we love so much – Love2020 – and she gave some great examples on how we can bring Jesus into our workplace, and to those around us.  Special guest, John Ramstead (a former Navy Fighter Pilot!!), joined later to share his incredible testimony.  It was a powerful hour on spreading the Love.  Give it a listen!

C12’s Ministry in the Marketplace

Ross Harrop with the guest hosting duties this afternoon and a highlight on a local ministry doing Good Works.  Today’s ministry?  None other than C12 Tampa Bay!  Featuring Scott and Terry Hitchcock, local stewards of the ministry, today’s show spoke on how the Hitchcock’s came to C12, and how this ministry is changing the Bay, and the US.

Finding Out What Customers Think

Networking guru herself, Michelle Grunberg, joined Jim and Martha to share how her outfit, iConnctu, is bringing authentic feedback from customers to those who served them.  It’s a fascinating process that results in real, authentic data so businesses can thrive.  And it’s for employees, too!  Hear how she’s making a huge difference in today’s podcast.

Become a Transformational Leader

Ford Taylor joined Jim for a powerful hour on the traits of a leader – and, yes, everyone is a leader!  Ford’s programs, Transformational Leadership (TL) and TL on Demand, help to shape those looking to make the next leap in their leadership skills to truly become a leader who transforms.  Give today’s show a listen and make an impact on those around you!

From Broken to Blended

A super insightful conversation today with Steve and Samara Ashley, a blended family, with Gaining Ground Ministries.  They have a ministry that strives to make broken households into blended ones.  It was a conversation on faith, love, perseverance, and, above all, Him.  Tune in and hear an inspiring story from a family who’ve been through a TON, and made it!

A Conversation About Customer Service

What does Customer Service have to do with Jesus?  A lot!  And the Brangenberg’s break down how the Art of offering sound Customer Service is inherent in being a heartfelt Christ-follower.  With Biblical examples and anecdotes, Jim and Martha paint a great picture of how the Art of Customer Service can be used to bring folks to Jesus.  Pretty cool, huh?

Helping Churches Meet the Need

Jim Morgan is doing great stuff to make Good Works a reality by connecting churches to community needs.  For free!  Learn how in the show today, plus hear from some special guests who chimed in to relay their really cool success stories on how Meet the Need was instrumental in their ministry’s success.  Tune in and Meet the Need!

Are You a Good Steward?

The boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke and Dave, back in studio with Jim, and the trio brought it – as they always do.  Today’s focus was a huge discussion on defining stewardship and what, exactly, being a good steward looks like.   A ginormous question, and even bigger answers, in today’s podcast.

Stop Being Conventional!

A great hour with Rick Boxx of the Integrity Resource Center, and Rick’s got some GREAT ideas for business and life.  Hear him detail the incredible merits of a biblical model for business (you’ll be amazed!), and the Nehemiah seven step business plan.  Learn how to halt convention, and be much better for it, in today’s episode 🙂