2016 – A Year in Review

On our final Radio Roundtable of the year, Jim and Martha spent the hour looking back on the year that was.  And it was a pretty incredible year!  They talked about the amazing things they learned from our incredible guests over 2016 – and what’s in store for 2017.  Tune in and take a trip down memory lane in today’s last program of the year 🙂

Jim and Martha are Chasing the Lion

A powerful hour on Mark Batterson’s book, Chasing the Lion, that served as the focus of today’s program as Jim and Martha broke down how they were each effected by the book’s message, which is one of following dreams.  Tune in and hear how they were inspired to move on their massive dreams.

Getting Prepared for Phase II

We were once again joined by the boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke and Dave, for a fun-filled and honest hour about planning for retirement.  We also took a few caller questions, ranging from queries on the Dow, to giving ample time in building a retirement nest egg.

Life with Kids; and Then, Not

Jim and Martha were joined in studio today by mentors and longtime friends, Dick and Karen LeBrandt, for an hour on managing the many transitional phases that need traversing with the seemingly myriad stages that accompany our kids.  Inside the conversation, too, are nuggets of interest for folks of all walks of life; kids or not.  Tune in and get some great insight, regardless the stage life finds you in 🙂

Three Students, Three Stories

A continuation of last Friday’s show [on 12.23.16] with a trio of students from Trinity College, and the conversation rolled on – touching on school life, plus some neat details about each students respective goings-on and post-graduate plans; all painting a picture of a very well put together Institution that is preparing great people for Good Works.

Trinity College is Schooling Future Leaders

We had three different takes from students involved in Trinity College of Florida’s Quest program, which is designed to meet the needs of adults students.  Looking for your degree?  You can do it!  All while you continue working. Get inspired for a life-changing journey by hearing these really neat stories from some very driven folks.

Business Wisdom From the Youth

The Nehemiah Project and their YBE (Young Biblical Entrepreneurs) Program is on FIRE for Him, and we had the honor of having the Director of the program, Nathan Shaw, as well as 13 year old graduate, Jaydon Austin, in studio to talk about the course and how it’s developing young minds to bring Jesus to work and life.

Generosity Changes EVERYTHING

John Cortines with Generous Giving joined us this afternoon to shed light on how the act of being generous, big or small, creates change across the board.  John also opened up on his inspiration and faith.  Hear what this Harvard graduate had to say about the power of generosity.

A Triumphant Return From Pain and Suffering

Karen Mertes shared her harrowing story of a horrible car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.  Did she quit?  Absolutely not.  It made her stronger, and her ministry, Fulfill Your Destiny, was born from her experience.  An absolutely inspiring story.  Tune in and be moved.

BGW Services are Church Builders

BGW Services joined us to talk how they’re rethinking the Church landscape, one building at a time, by re-purposing those buildings for the Kingdom.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Hear how Eric and Dan are getting out of the box and doing MASSIVE things.

Run, Terry, Run!

And he just kept on running.  From St Paul to Atlanta.  In 75 days.  And he wasn’t even an avid runner!  Like, at all!  But why did he do it?  Find out the incredible inspiration, and hear the absolutely AMAZING story, behind Terry Hitchcock’s journey in today’s podcast.

How to Have a Dialogue with Him

Pam Wolf, co-creator of the life-altering study, Identity and Destiny, joined Jim to delve deeper in their amazing work (which you can get for only TWENTY BUCKS at their website) and talk how to converse with God, daily, through Spiritual Disciplines.  Tune in and be moved!

Become More Employable

Mounds of sage advice from the Career Wisdom Coach, Patricia Edwards, who sat with Jim for 60 minutes of powerhouse info on becoming the most eligible candidate; do’s and don’ts, where to look and how to act during interviews, why we’d look for jobs, and why we maybe should not.  Be a step above the rest with the nuggets in today’s podcast.

Compassionate Counseling

Great stuff this afternoon with Josh and Christy Waulk with Baylight Counseling.  The Waulk’s gave real-world examples and advice for handing our hurting coworkers and employees, plus some phenomenal insight on spotting, and managing with care, those in our workplace who are in a place of hurt and heartache.

Looking at Life Biblically

We got an inside look at the Seminary program at Bethel Seminary this afternoon with a in-depth conversation about the in’s and out’s of their curriculum and what they look to bring their students.  We also learned about their awesome new initiative, “Work With A Purpose”, which aims to bring what we learn on Sunday with us into the workweek.  So great!

Two Great Men, Two Great Stories

On a jam-packed Radio Roundtable, Jim invited Nigel “Legin” Anderson, Gospel Rap star, to share how he’s using his art in bringing Christ to the masses.  Then, Coulter Boyle with BridgePoint Church (FL) popped in to talk about their “Build-A-Bed” program.  Great stuff from these two gents.

Called to be Remarkable

We invited Randy Ross back to the show to talk more about his fantastic mission, Create Remarkable, and how they’re building up organizations to build more for the Kingdom.  A special guest chimed in to talk how the mission has changed him, and how he, too, is Creating Remarkable.

Love2020 Flips the Script

The tables were (mostly) turned on today’s program as Jim invited Kathy Branzell with the amazing mission, Love2020, so ask Jim some hard hitting questions to get some insight on his love for Love2020.  We also got to learn more about Kathy’s operation and how they’re bringing the Kingdom to the masses.  Tune in for a fun-filled episode!

Another Marriage Lie DEBUNKED

Jim and Martha invited author, Rhonda Stoppe, for an hour dedicated to shedding Truth on the lie that our happiness would increase if only our spouse would change.  Wrong!  Get the Truth, and hear Rhonda’s authentic message and story, in today’s podcast episode.

The Single Life

An insightful conversation this afternoon with Claudia Cantrell, author of ‘Sacred Love’, and she opened up with Jim about what we can learn through searching for the one, true Love – that from Jesus.  Her anecdotes are powerful.  Hear her honest discussion about finding Christ in today’s show.