Relationships Matter

Jeff Ruby with Red Rock Leadership joined Jim for an hour on the power of positive relationships.  Jeff brought insight to why these relationships are so important, some tools in building this positivity (and some things to avoid), and how we can use these relationships to build the Kingdom.

MTL Magazine: Christmas Ed.

On a fun-filled and free-wheeling Together-on-Tuesday’s edition, Jim and Martha invited Kirk Blank with MTL Magazine to talk all about the magazine’s latest issue, the Christmas Edition.  It was fantastic!  They gave away a TON of free stuff on air, compliments of MTL, and shed light on the incredible stories and columns in their latest, which all bring More To Life.  Give it a listen and subscribe to MTL today!

Trinity College Teaches for The Kingdom

Jim invited the President of the College, Mark O’Farrell, along with their campus Chaplain to talk about the incredible Kingdom Works taking place within their scholastic walls.  Each shared how they’re preparing students with an “iWork4Him” mindset, and talked about why their work is so important.  You’ll also hear the cool history of the College, and why most any listener of the iWork4Him program would be a great fit for attendance.

Our Black Friday Special!

Jim and Martha invite the Johnson’s, David and Jill, back for their second consecutive stint in the guest spotlight, and today the two couples have a bit of fun talking about past Black Friday purchases and how much dust those purchases are currently collecting.  Ultimately, it was a discussion on spending and debt-management, how we can manage our finances in a Biblical manner, and how debt can affect our marriages.



When Work is a Family Affair

On a special Thanksgiving Edition, Jim and Martha invite David and Jill Johnson, from Grow The Dream, in studio to talk about the merits and perils of working along side your spouse.  Both couples bring their unique perspective to the table and draw out the awesomeness, and frustration, of doing work with the one you wed.  Is it a good idea?  Usually.  Find out how to make  it work in today’s family-centric episode.

The Facts on Retirement

We invited our great buds from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, for a deep conversation on the myths and facts on retirement.  Is retirement Biblical? What steps need to be taken for a successful retirement?  These answers, and others, are explored; plus, the trio talk thanks giving and share from their hearts about the holiday.

How to Have a Spiritual Conversation

We had the honor of having Jeff and Pam Klein on the line with us this afternoon to talk the nine arts of spiritual conversation.  The Klein’s talked about their incredible ministry, Q Place [], and shed light on their collective and individual walks with Christ, how to talk with others about the Truth, and what it looks and feels like to have a truly spiritual chat with others about the Word.

Don’t Mind the Gap, Bridge It

A fun hour this afternoon as Jim invited his brother from another mother, Pastor Karol Warren of Hebron Family Life Center, for a discussion on bridging the cultural gap between the white and black church, and why this gap needs attention.  Jim shared about his recent Hebron (hint:  it was awesome), and Pastor Warren talked how the body of Christ can work together to become a more powerful force.  Check out the podcast for the show, and learn more about Hebron via their site at – or stop in and visit them for service!  Their address is below:

Hebron Family Life Center – 13507 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33613

Build Your Church UP

Going to Church on Sunday’s is great, but if God is going to use us to transform our Work Life, then we have to get in the saddle and out of the pew.   Larry Peabody’s latest book, Curing Sunday Spectatoritis, is about this transformation, and he joined Jim to talk how to get off the sidelines and get involved.   Folk’s who’ve been moved and inspired by Larry’s book joined the conversation, too, and their stories will spark you to be a Church participant.

Making a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Uber-talented musicians, Dave Bennett and Robert Rawlins, joined Jim in studio this afternoon to talk about the amazing musical gift that the Lord has blessed each of them with, and also about how they’re using that gift to please Him.  Each man’s story is inspired and moving.  Plus, you can catch both gentlemen at this weekend’s Suncoast Jazz Classic!  Check out today’s podcast and get your groove on  🙂

Bringing Love2020 to the Workplace

Ford Taylor with the wonderful outfit, Love2020, was back with us again to talk more about their inspired mission to bring an authentic Touch of Jesus to the masses, and today’s discussion focused on bringing that Touch to the workplace.  Check out today’s podcast to learn more and find out what it really means to bring the mantra:  “prayer, care, share and discipleship”, into your workplace – and beyond.

Shepherd’s Village Offers Hope

Today’s program featured a trio of women from the incredible mission known as “Shepherd’s Village”, who offer affordable housing for struggling single parent families seeking an opportunity to build a healthy, stable family environment as they journey from crisis to self sustainability.  Their stories are awe-inspiring, and they could use your help.  Get inspired by these ladies in today’s podcast, and chip in!

Fears, Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Jim invited Tom and Pam Wolf of the life-changing study, Identity and Destiny, for an essential hour on the debilitating power of fear.  What vehicles can fear use to get us off track?  How can we combat and overcome?  Ultimately, Jesus is the answer – but the Wolf’s spoke in real world terms on how we can power through and be who God made us to be.

Jon Brigner Wants You to Follow the Box

On a rousing Radio Roundtable, Jim invited Mr Brigner with The Samaritan’s Purse to talk about their incredible mission, Operation Christmas Child, which involves packing show boxes with goods and presents for donating around the globe. Then, Paige Murrell called in to talk more about her project, The Story Sketcher.  Learn all about these incredible goings-on in today’s podcast, and get involved!

Jim and Ross Ask Questions

Great questions, in fact, as Jim and Ross Harrop interviewed Bob Tiede about his book, Great Leaders Ask Questions.  The trio discussed what sorts of questions a leader should be asking, why this discourse is important, and what inspired Bob to delve into this idea.  Tune in to find out the kinds of questions you need to be asking to become a great leader.

The Nehemiah Project and the “E” Community

Patrice Tsague of the Nehemiah Project Ministries joined Jim to talk about the roll out of their brand new initiative, the “E” Community, a comprehensive and robust online membership platform designed for the Biblical Entrepreneur to learn, grow and thrive.

Why Smaller Could be Bigger. And Better.

That’s the compelling and convincing argument Tony and Felicity Dale contend in their latest book, Small is Big.  The Felicity’s join both Jim and Martha today for a rousing and inspired discussion on why the Big Church mentality could be hurting the Kingdom, and how a Small Church mentality could help.  It’s Big Church vs Small Church in today’s program.  Tune in to find out who wins. [replay]

A Biblical Look at Voting

We were honored to have David Johnson from Grow the Dream take over guest-hosting duties this afternoon, and David brought an hour of great insight on how The Scriptures portray that act of voting.  With special guest, Rod Thompson, David’s time in the hot seat was rife with wit, humor and honesty on how the Word talks about voting.

C12’s Kingdom Corner

As he does on the first Friday of every month, Ross Harrop from the C12 Group took the reins and sat in the hot seat to highlight a local business doing Kingdom Works.  Today, the local C12 chairman highlighted Chuck Wasson with Wasson Bay Insurance and how Jesus has impacted Chuck’s  life and how his faith is infiltrating everything about his insurance agency.  An inspired story from a faithful man in today’s podcast

It’s Time to be Money Smart

Jim and Martha had a great conversation with Rachel Cruze (Dave Ramsey’s daughter!) about the new book she’s penned called “Love Your Life, Not Theirs”.  It’s a book about managing your money, and she talked about the premise of her book, that “comparison steals your paycheck”, and how to break that habit.  Later, Jim and Martha broke down the ideas in the book and gave real-world examples on how to be money smart.