“Love is a Verb”

Such a great slogan from our friends at Love2020, and they joined the program this afternoon to break down their incredible mission of touching the world, both inside the workplace and out, with an authentic touch of Christ by the year 2020.  Some local business leaders chimed in, too, and shared why they’re a part of the movement.  Give the podcast a listen and learn how you can hop on board and spread the Love.

Do Email the Right Way

It’s Jim and Martha on today’s Radio Roundtable for a chat on email.  When, and when not, to answer or send.  Considering our plugged-in 24/7 reality, it’s a complicated subject.  Find out the do’s and don’ts of email in our ever connected world in today’s informative program.

Unplug and Slow Down

Jim and Martha break down the specifics of the book, The Tyranny of the Urgent; the premise of which is that our society needs to step off the hamster wheel and reconnect.  You’ll hear how this prolonged sense of urgency can be a deterrent to growth, and get some real world examples on how to simply break away and take some time off.  Tune in to find out how to tune out.

Luke and Dave and Life Insurance

The financial gurus from show sponsor, Belleair Wealth Management, tackle guest hosting duties this afternoon for a show on the most interesting topic in the world:  Life Insurance!  Luke and Dave found a way to make this topic interesting and engaging, as only they can, and dropped a ton of useful knowledge on this important topic.



Does Forgiveness Need to be Earned?

Nope.  But why not?  For the Biblical answer, check out today’s podcast with Jim and Martha as they tackle, and debunk, marriage lie #9.  You’ll  get helpful tips and tools on giving and receiving forgiveness, learn why it’s so important to be receptive to giving and receiving, and gain a fuller understanding on why we need to forgive.

Mission ONE are Doing Good Works

And they could use your help!  Paul Clayton with the operation, Mission ONE, joined Jim for an hour of powerful testimony.  Paul touched on the amazing work his organization is involved with overseas on the mission field, and how you can get involved.  To hear the accomplishments of Mission ONE was incredible; let’s see if we can help out their worthy cause.

Giving is Great!

David Parsley with the National Christian Foundation (NCF) closed out the week with us for an hour on the NCF’s upcoming event, The Plan to Give Conference.  Jim and David talked the merits of blessing others with our financial gifts, whats sorts of monies are laying dormant among us (and how we can change that), and how giving can be so much better than receiving.

A Media Blitz to Save Souls

Sean Dunn is on mission to save souls in the Tampa Bay area.  And he’s using the power and reach of the media to accomplish his inspired goal, but he needs your help.  Sean’s vision is to present the powerful Love of Jesus through billboards, print and radio ads, and alternative media.  They just need a few more bucks, and the roll-out will begin.  Listen to the podcast to learn more and get involved!  Plus, a special guest calls in during the latter half of the show that you’re not gonna want to miss.

The Importance of YOUR Vote

Chris Connelly, the RNC National Director of Faith Engagement joined Jim for an eye-opening conversation on the Evangelical vote.  Chris broke down why Believers need to make it to the polls, why they sometime do not, and how we can make a change in our local and national political climate.  Then, Bill Bunkley hopped in studio for the remainder of the show to talk with Jim about the election, the debate, and why voting is so important.

Dr Mary Reads a Book

A couple of books, in fact – her books!  Dr Mary Manz Simon joined Jim and Martha for a fun and interactive program focused on Mary’s amazing children’s books, which help show the Love of Jesus to kids and grandkids.  She opened up about her faith, her inspiration, the power of her books, and she and the Brangenberg’s even had a reading session.  Check it out!

Bringing Your Sunday Sermon to Work

Jeff Pelletier understands the importance of bringing Jesus to the workweek and to the workplace. Hiis ministry, God’s Work in Progress, is focused on equipping the Christ follower for just that task – taking Jesus with us from Sunday to Monday through Friday.  His conversation with Jim this afternoon centered around Jeff’s work, the importance of his mission, and how you, too, can bring Jesus with you to the cubicle.

The Power of Accountability

Jeff Ruby of Red Rock Leadership know a TON about leadership training and development, and he opened up with Jim today on the power, need and influence of expert accountability in both leaders and workers.  The discussion highlighted the pros of successful accountability, the cons of its absence, and real world examples of accountability in action.

Jim and Martha Recap Nehemiah Week

With the help of two special guests, the Brangenberg’s discuss their time at the recently concluded conference by Nehemiah Ministries, Nehemiah Week.  Each tell how the conference is helping Biblical entrepreneurs forge into the employment arena, equipped for success.  Then, Patrice Tsague and Nathan Shaw checked in to give their takes, and talk about what Nehemiah Ministries has lined up for future events and missions.

Be an Alpha for Christ

John Wentz and Rebecca Dorn with Alpha USA joined Jim today to talk about how their program is equipping Believers to talk Truth with those around them.  Their outfit sets up a series of session that explore the Faith so that we can have a deeper understanding of our Belief, and then spread this Truth whenever we are able.  Alpha USA is also in the workplace, and their work in the cubicle mirrors our mission statement.  Here how they’re making a difference in the podcast.

Identity and Destiny for Kids

It’s never too early to start finding your God-given sweet spot, and that’s why Libby Hodge created Identity and Destiny for Amazing Kids; the workbook based off of Tom and Pam Wolf’s groundbreaking, life-changing study, Identity and Destiny.  Both the Wolf’s and Libby joined Jim for an hour on the power of the kid-version of the workbook, and how truly life-affirming this study can be, especially in the hands of kids.

Bringing the Message Beyond Church Walls

Leaders from the organization, Faith Tampa Bay, joined Jim for a powerful hour on the purpose of their mission:  to present the Truth to the community through working within the area to do Good Works.  And while Faith Tampa Bay is only working locally, their message is transcendent and represents what each of us can do to bring Jesus to our neighbors, friends and coworkers.

Ross Harrop and Ministry in the Marketplace

The first Friday of the month features Ross Harrop, our area C12 chairman, and his highlighting local businesses and how they bring Jesus into their workplace.  Today, Ross brought on Gulf Beach Weddings, whose amazing wedding work prove that a business can be beautiful both inside and out.  Hear how they are bringing the Love of Jesus to their employees and customers.

Danny Rohrdanz Wants to Flip the List

Danny Rohrdanz helms the amazing ministry, Jobs For Life, which works to equip the local Church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work, and he joined Jim for an hour of his testimony, the sharing of the mission of his ministry, and the incredible, feel-good and blessed testimony of one going through the Jobs For Life process.  It was a fun and humbling 60 minutes.

Do Business God’s Way

Rick Boxx with Integrity Resource Center just released his latest book, Unconventional Business, which focuses on ways to grow your business according to God, and Rick joined Jim for an insightful hour on growing a business bathed in Truth.  His latest work is the needed handbook for ANY business person, and his time with Jim today proved why.  Now, get to business and listen 🙂

Every Man A Warrior Ministries

Today’s Together-on-Tuesday’s (sans the vacationing Martha) focused on guys and husbands.  Specifically, how men should treat their wives and children according to Scripture.  Every Man A Warrior Ministries is focused to teach just that, and Lonnie Berger, President of the ministry, joined Jim for an insightful and powerful hour on how men should treat their family, and why.