The Eccles’ are Unstoppable Christians

On a special edition of the Radio Roundtable, Jim and Martha invite Ron and Johanna Eccles to highlight their incredible ministry, Unstoppable Christian.  The Eccles open up over a fun, transparent hour where Ron and Johanna talk about their upbringing and Jesus walks, how they met, and how they came to form their Unstoppable Christian ministry and what it’s all about.  It was a spirit-filled, engaging and enlightened 60 minutes.  Check it out!

The Amazing Testimony of Gil Byrd

Coming from a storied career in the ranks of the NFL, from playing to coaching to being an executive, Gil Byrd has an absolutely awe-inspiring story, and one that resonates.  Gil joins Jim this afternoon for a transparent, honest and real hour on the power of the Holy Spirit.  And Gil presents the idea the we all need a Timothy, a Barnabas and a Paul in our life.  Find out his reasoning and be inspired by his testimony in today’s episode.

BJ Hall is Building Champions

With Dave Kruis called away for the birth of yet another grandchild (congrats, Dave!), Luke Andrews taps buddy BJ Hall to join Jim in highlighting BJ’s ministry, Team Florida Football, which focuses on making a difference in young people’s lives; specifically, to showcase the talent of high school footballers while also preparing them for collegiate-level athletics both physically and mentally.  Later, Luke touched on market info and investing opportunities and tips.

I Know EVERYTHING About My Spouse (Right?)

Jim and Martha continue their crusade of marriage myth debunked this Tuesday as they destroy the oft thought idea that we know our spouse perfectly.  And in this hour, the Brangenberg’s bring Truth to this lie and parse it all within the Word by breaking down why we’d feel this way about our spouse, why it’s wrong, how we can grow with our significant other, and what, ultimately, is the purpose of this union called marriage.

The Election and its Meaning for Religious Freedom

Brad Dacus with the Pacific Justice Institute [] joins Jim for an extremely important hour on the upcoming election and how each candidate’s presidency would shape our lives for the years to come.  It was a conversation centered around Religious Freedom with Jim and Brad sussing out the issues, while Brad gave some great examples of the real battles that the Pacific Justice Institute is involved in today.  Essential listening, this one.  Listen!

Breaking Down the Election with a President

David Gibbs III, President of the National Council for Life and Liberty, popped in studio this afternoon for a wide-ranging conversation on the upcoming election.  Jim and David discussed the key points of each candidate’s platform and how their respective candidacies would look if elected, and the value of voting.  It was an informative, impassioned hour on the importance, and implications, of your vote on this election.  Tune in and get informed!

Tom Nelson Works4Him

Made to Flourish and Gospel Shaped Work are two amazing projects that embody the mission statement of our radio ministry.  And Tom joins Jim to break down how each is shaping Churches, households and individuals to become agents of Truth wherever they are.  Tom also talks about his book, Work Matters; its meaning, inspiration, and how it came to be.  In short, Tom Nelson is a beacon for what iWork4Him is all about.

iWork4Him on Steroids

Ford Taylor has a vision.  A big massive huge ginormous love-filled mission.  Ford wants to save the souls of 156 million people with an authentic touch of Jesus by the year 2020.  Huge, right?  And so awesome!  Ford breaks down his mission, called Love2020, from where it sprung to how it’ll be implemented and why this mission is so dear to his heart.  All that, and how you can be a part of this amazing mission, which Jim calls “iWork4Him on Steroids”,  in today’s program.

Do Opposites Attract, or Annoy?

Jim and Martha debunk yet another marriage myth today, as they slay the idea that our spouses should be exactly like us.  Opposites attract, right?  Or do they annoy…?  Find out what the Bible says about this, plus how this affects our work life, and hear some great stories and anecdotes in today’s fun-filled podcast.

Greg and Os are Kingdom Building

On a jam-packed Monday Edition, Jim first invited Greg Leith from “Convene”; a ministry whose mission is to equip and build up Christian CEO’s and business owners to become high-impact leaders and, above all, honor Him.  Greg broke down how Convene is impacting businesses, large and small, on a daily basis.  Then, Os Hillman checked in to talk how God uses adversity, and to detail his upcoming “Joseph Calling” conference.  Lots of good listening in today’s podcast.  Check it!

April Whitt Opens Up

Jim invites English major, English teacher, mom and author, April Whitt, in studio to talk about her book series, The Romeo Riley Series; a series featuring heroes with special needs.  April talks about the inspiration behind Romeo and all the other characters she created, plus she sheds light on the process that led her to write these amazing books.  April’s passion for her work shines throughout the interview, and her message will resonate.  Give it a listen

Finding Your Passion for Work

A busy show this afternoon as Jim invited Tom Wolf to share more about the ground-breaking study both Him and his wife, Pam, created to help you find your God-given sweet spot:  Identity and Destiny.  Today’s discussion focused on how their study can help you find your true work-passion, and Jim and Tom broke down some great questions that will help lead you to work that you’re truly passionate about.

Nehemiah Week 2016 is Going to be HUGE

And it’s almost upon us!  The event kicks off September 26 through October 2 in Orlando: a week-long event about Kingdom Building through globalization and trade via Biblical entrepreneurship.  Patrice Tsague joined us this afternoon to detail each day of the event, how you can be a part of this massive Nehemiah extravaganza, and why you should consider being a Biblical entrepreneur.

Why Smaller Could be Bigger. And Better.

That’s the compelling and convincing argument Tony and Felicity Dale contend in their latest book, Small is Big.  The Felicity’s join both Jim and Martha today for a rousing and inspired discussion on why the Big Church mentality could be hurting the Kingdom, and how a Small Church mentality could help.  It’s Big Church vs Small Church in today’s program.  Tune in to find out who wins.

Management Tips on Coffee Cups

Joining the show this afternoon is Larry Miller, Operations Manager for the mighty FedEx.  Larry’s a lifelong friend of Jim, and he opens up about his faith and how he uses the Truth to guide his management style.  Larry, self-proclaimed as a non-natural leader, is always learning and reading how to become a better manager, and he relays some excellent managerial anecdotes.  You’ll also hear how his writing on coffee cups became an inspirational book for his daughter.  Listen!

The Story of CBWC

Chelsea Drinkard, Bay area representative with the Christian Business Women’s Connection [CBWC], joins both Jim and Martha for a fast moving Friday edition all about the CBWC.  Chelsea’s faith journey, first of all, is super inspiring, and she then shares how she came to be a part of CBWC, what they’ve accomplished during her tenure, why the exist, and gives myriad great reasons why you NEED to be involved.  Tune in and get connected!

Francis is a Strong and Courageous Woman

Strong and Courageous Magazine [SCM] is designed to influence the modern day woman from a Christian perspective.  The founder and owner of SCW, Francis Fernandez, joined us to talk all about the incredible ministry their print provides.  SCW is written to encourage, strengthen, bring resolve, and draw courage to her walk in life, and Francis’ time with us exemplified that mission.

Ken Ham is Defending Our Faith

Ken is doing ridiculously awesome things for the Kingdom; the Creation Museum, his website, The Ark Encounter (which you’ll hear about in today’s podcast), his Creation debate with Bill Nye – all just the tip of the iceberg for Mr. Ham.  He’s a busy dude.  And he Joins Jim today for a show discussing Creation v Evolution.  It’s a massive topic that Ken and Jim break down in laymen’s terms.  Later, a couple of very special guests join the conversation to share their thoughts on Mr Ham and his amazing, inspired work.  This show is HUGE.  Check it.

This Lie is Insidious

Yet another marriage myth debunked by Jim and Martha on this Together-on-Tuesday Edition, and today’s program blasts apart the idea that our spouse should accept us just the way we are.  It was an eye-opening discussion with some great nuggets for  EVERYONE, not just those in a relationship. Also, a local pastor checks in to talk about the successes of his church, BridgePoint, and detail their upcoming Reach 16 Event, which intends to share the leadership and growth lessons they’ve learned from their burgeoning ministry.

Get A Job. For Life.

An awesome two-for on today’s program as Jim highlights the amazing ministry of Jobs For Life, which is helping equip the Christ-follower for the workplace through training and teaching focused on identity, character and community.  Plus, a special guest talks about his work in bringing the Truth to places where It is not often scene or felt. [replay]