Different Strokes for Different Folks

Jim and Martha begin a discussion dissecting the ideas in Haydn Shaw’s book, Sticking Points, which focuses on how different generations view work and employment, and how each generations view shapes how they work.  Today, the Brangenberg’s outline and define the four (and, now, five) different generational workers and their respective optics of employment, and why each generation would view work the way they do.

Your Spouse, Your Best Friend

On a special edition of Together-on-Tuesdays, Taiwan and Shnai Simmons slide into the hot seats to talk about the importance of friendship in your marriage.  And not the need to have friends outside of your marriage, which is important, but the value of being a friend, a best friend, to your spouse.  The Simmons’ break down the how’s, why’s and Biblical references concerning being your spouse’s best friend.  It was a real treat having these two best friends have a ton of fun on the radio.  Listen!

Let’s Get Spiritual

Great friends and show sponsors, Tom and Pam Wolf, are back in studio to talk more about their ground-breaking, life-altering, God-centered study, Identity and Destiny.  This study, which costs just $20 and only takes eight weeks, will show you who God made you to be, who He can use, and with what spiritual gifts He blessed you; and that’s the focus of today’s program:  spiritual gifts.  What are they?  How do we acquire them, and why?  These answers, and more on the Wolf’s amazing workbook, reside in this podcast.  Check it!

All About C3TB

Laurie Hill, founder and CEO of the great Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay, stopped by for an informative chat with Jim on the beginnings of the Chamber and all they incredible work they’ve accomplished across the Bay area.  Laurie gives some powerful testimony on the lives the Chamber has transformed.  She also talks future plan for C3TB and why you should become a member.

The Wonderful World of Medicare

Luke and Dave (and not Randy) from Belleair Wealth Management are back for guest hosting duties this afternoon, and they’ve brought with them special guest, Tom Godfrey from Health Markets, to talk about the most exciting topic on the planet:  Medicare!  Ok, fine, maybe it’s not the most compelling show topic ever, BUT!  If anybody can make Medicare exciting and fun, it’s the boys from Belleair.  And the trio give great info on the schematics of Medicare, dole out some life and health insurance nuggets, and have a ton of fun on the way.  Have a listen!

Behind the Scenes with HIM at the Forefront

Terence Chatmon, President and CEO of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International [FCCI], joins Jim this afternoon to talk about how his organization is teaching and molding Christian business leaders to lead with a Biblical worldview.  And it’s not just a business mindset; it’s also personal and spiritual.  Plus, FCCI has a conference coming up in Sarasota where you’ll learn a TON as an attendant –  at least 27 takeaways, per the president.  Tune in and find out how FCCI is changing the face, and mindset, of business.

“It’s Your Fault”. “No, It’s YOUR Fault”

This Together-on-Tuesday edition finds Jim and Martha debunking yet another marriage and relationship myth – that our relationship problems and pitfalls are the fault of our significant other.  Using real world examples, and even some personal ones, the Brangenberg’s give solutions to solving this idea that it’s not us, it’s them.  Transparency abounds, plus some helpful Biblical tips, and even a discussion on Adam and Eve, all within today’s podcast.  Listen!

The Blankenship’s are Building Great Things

On paper, Jane and Dean Blankenship wouldn’t be the most perfect match.  Thankfully, our Heavenly Father doesn’t work solely on paper, and so His presence, along with Jane’s and Dean’s constant prayer and God-driven assistance, ultimately brought the two together.  Their business, too, is present due to His presence, and now the duo are using their contracting business to further the Kingdom; one contract, one employee, one conversation at a time.  Listen to their truly remarkable, redemptive, raw and real story in today’s podcast.

Be Remarkable and Do Remarkable Work

Dr Randy Ross is starting a movement to make people remarkable.  His lays out his plan in today’s podcast and it involves maximizing results through value creation, which sounds kinda complicated but Dr Ross draws it up in easy to understand, passionate rhetoric.  His story is displayed in the episode, and you’re sure to be inspired by his drive to make you, and everyone, Remarkable.  Check it out!

Building Companies One Person at a Time

Jeff Ruby of Red Rocks Leadership stops by the studio for a great conversation about motivation in business and keeping your team on task and a part of the mission.  It’s a transcendent message for anyone who is leading or being led, or both.  Jeff shares how to spot a team lacking in motivation and reasons why this would arise, and some inspired and effective ways to combat this force.  Make your team, any team, motivated and on task with the ideas from today’s show.

Cheri Cowell Writes4Him

Author, publisher and business mentor, Cheri Cowell, joins Jim in studio this afternoon to share her triumphant journey that led her to the great life she enjoys today.  It wasn’t always easy, but through the help of our Heavenly Father, Cheri broke through trials and tribulations to become an accomplished author and publisher, and mentor for Christian non-profits.  As she says it, God’s a “rag-picker”, and made her into “white linen”.  Hear all about it in today’s podcast.

Sometimes, Fighting IS the Answer

A rousing Together-On-Tuesday’s pits the Brangenbergs vs the DeArmond’s.  Ok, not really…but!  The topic swirls around conflict resolution in our relationships, and the DeArmond’s, Ron and Deb, advocate the idea that we should fight through the issues that crop up with our significant other because, simply, they’re worth fighting for.  It’s laid out in their book, Don’t Go To Bed Angry, and they break down effective communication techniques, along with Biblical wisdom, in today’s program.

The Importance of Core Values

All the way from Las Vegas is Dr Steve Steff; author and corporate chaplaincy and development leader and head of Transforming Leadership, joins the program today to talk about a couple of his books that draw out and define the idea of corporate and individual core values.   What are they?  Why are they important? And can they change?  Get these answers in today’s program, plus hear how every decision, business and personal, are shaped by these uber important values.

Ross and Jim and The Holy Spirit

Longtime show sponsor and great friend of the program, Ross Harrop with The C12 Group – Tampa Bay, is back in studio with Jim this afternoon to talk about the absolutely awesome power of The Holy Spirit; a topic inspired by their small-group studying of the book, Our Unfair Advantage by Dr Jim Harris.  Jim and Ross relay how the Spirit has moved them both inside the work arena and out, and made things seemingly impossible into the attainable.  Hear their stories and be inspired to seek Him in all that you do.

You Get Knocked Down, But You Get Up Again

The uber-talented team from the Grow The Dream podcast bring their talents to the Tampa Bay studios this afternoon as they continue a great slate of guest hosting this week for the vacationing Brangenberg’s.  And today they breakdown the idea of fortitude; its power and what it means, how to gain strength through it, and how it can mold you.

Never Too Early To Think LTC

Anecdotes abound in a spirited program with the boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke and Dave (and not Randy), to bring levity to some topics that may not lend themselves to such:  Long-Term Care (LTC) and Life Insurance.  The Belleair lads mix it up, as is their wont, and lay down the pros , cons, and alternatives of LTC.  Tune in!  You’ll laugh (probably).  You’ll cry (probably not).  You’ll learn (most definitely).

The Shock’s Are Built To Last

Together-on-Tuesday’s goes on even with the vacationing Brangenberg’s out for the week, and guest hosting duties today are handled expertly via the married Shock’s; Dan and Sara.  Their work with CBMC is detailed here; but, as a married couple who works together, they also delve into how they navigate the many perils that crop up for those married couples who are also employed together.

Be More Than Just Generally Generous

It’s Guest Host Week as the Brangenberg’s take a much needed recess, and to kick off five straight days of guest-hosting goodness are the folks from Wealth Planning and Design, Mark Clark and Joni Rametta.   Both Certified Kingdom Advisers, Joni and Mark talk about generosity; specifically, their unique take on this habit, and their upcoming conference centered around that idea, which features author John Cortines

Created To Do Good Works

Founder and publisher of Tampa Bay’s own TwoTen Magazine, Richard Hayes, is in studio with Jim and Martha this Friday afternoon to talk about Richard’s preeminent marketplace ministry publication.  Steeped in and inspired by Ephesians 2:10, the magazine is unmatched in its steadfast mission of lifting up those doing great Kingdom work.  Hear all about it, and how they do it without a staff, in today’s program.

This Time, It’s Personal

Always appointment listening when the Wolf’s are on the program, and today is no different as Tom and Pam Wolf join Jim in studio to talk more about their life-changing study, Identity and Destiny; a workbook that will help you find out who God created you to be, and what to do.  Personal core values is the topic of today’s discussion, and they bring on two (2) licensed facilitators of the study to help explore this idea.